Friday, March 03, 2006

It's been a good week. For me, at least....

` A week ago today I drove to the very cold Dr. Nguyen's office (whilst my left rear tire was slowly deflating!) to have my busted tooth and one of my fillings repaired, plus one new filling.
` It was weird having novocain coursing through my nerves - my mouth went from somewhat numb to completely numb. And, because I was already so used to having a relatively numb mouth, I was able to talk almost normally. Though when it wore off, my 'inner numbness' did not wear off as I had desperately hoped.
` After my appointment - as before - icy rain was bucketing down: And this was no normal Washingtonian rain, this was more like... Ohio rain! Unfortunately, before I could go home I still had to deal with my darned flat tire!
` First thing; buy some work gloves at Fred Meyer - which was close by. Thankfully, Superhero Lou Ryan, called me at that point, already knowing that I was in trouble, and he hopped a bus to show me how to take off the flat and put on the spare. I can see why spare tires are so small - tires are just plain heavy! But, I managed to lift it into the right position and slid it on!
` Thoroughly soaked and freezing after this ordeal, the two of us went over to Les Schwab where my tire was patched for free - meanwhile we got another errand done using the spare.
` So, hey! My teeth are fixed, I bought some nice gloves and got a free tire repair! Plus, some other errands for the both of us. Also, since my one tooth isn't hurting, it looks like I won't need a root canal - which I would otherwise have to pay for with my own money!
` Whee!
` What else? I have... (checks transaction receipt) exactly $1,250.64 in my bank account as of this moment. That's the most money I've had in a year! If I'm able to maintain this much dough in my account, I may buy a new computer - or at least part of one! Then I can finally burn my crazy home videos onto DVDs and continue working on my novel!
` Also, I might just have to get the internet!

` My constant attempts to hoard money explains why I'm taking advantage of the fact that this guy left the computer after using it for only six minutes without logging out - that's 54 minutes I can get today!
` That's a really good thing, because earlier I discovered that my daily internet slot was somehow down to a mere 25 minutes and I have no idea why because I haven't used the internet at all today!
` What the #*^$? Bastards!!!
` And yesterday at Wired and Unplugged - while I was waiting for the piano tuner to calibrate/repair the piano - I didn't even have to pay for more than a half hour of internet time!
` Good deal, good deal!
` But, my money-saving schemes don't always work out so well. For example, a couple of weeks ago I bought some blueberry juice that was on clearance sale a QFC for half price. (Otherwise I wouldn't have bothered with it.) Unfortunately, as the sharp ridges on the lid cut the top layer of skin off my hand (as I lacked the proper tools to take care of it at the time), my palm actually turned red and began to bleed!
` Relentlessly, I continued to crush and twist the blueberry juice lid until it simply cracked in half, spilling half the juice all over the floor, counter, toaster oven, window and everything else in a ten-foot radius.
` So... in the end I guess I wound up paying full price for a very expensive product. Grah! I must remember not to destroy the things I wish to open!
` Amusingly, this also happened while I was attempting to unlock my old apartment's door: Phil kept insisting that I was the problem because I wasn't turning the key hard enough, so I basically continued rotating my wrist until the key twisted clean in two!
` As I was saying, I need to be gentle around those things I've invested in. Thankfully, on Monday I managed to sell an evicted person's car carrier which had been lying in the backyard. Really! I got $20 for it, which I used to pay for my hair appointment later that day.
` So, now I no longer eat my hair continually, and it cost me nothing!

` What else?

` Last night, I met three more people who appear to be promising friends. I shall call them Monkey Cat Guy, Amazingly Extroverted Top Hat Girl, and... um... The Relatively Normal One.
` Good for me!
` Also, a funny thing I found out this week: Part of the reason I'd had so much trouble contacting EdgeWalker about getting my car back was because text messaging him seems to be the most reliable way to get to him.

` Unfortunately, it turns out that my text messages were not being sent to the right number! So, one day this guy who lives in Cleveland called me, asking; "Who are you!? What do you want?! What's this about your car?!"
` I had text messaged this guy about nineteen times instead of EdgeWalker. Whoopsie!

` As for finding a job, I have already gone to WorkSource, though I haven't yet found a job I can be hired to do. Most of the stuff that looks interesting involves lots of physical labor, and damn, I'm not that muscular!

` As for my Superhero Friend, Lou Ryan... he sadly just lost his new job today, despite the fact that he was doing really well!
` Here's how it's been going for him: He was a temp at a cabinet factory - being paid only eight bucks an hour - where he wrapped about 95 things each day. Most workers there only did considerably less, but let's not get into that.... One day, however, he was pretty sick and sleep-deprived, so he decided that he couldn't come into work.
` Unfortunately, AT&T cut his phone service off several days before they said they would and he had yet to switch over to Cingular. So, he couldn't call in sick and was thus let go.
` His next job - which he was already lining up - started on the next Tuesday. He was promised a certain amount of money on which he could more easily support himself. However, after being made to wait until the following Tuesday after he was originally supposed to begin, he discovered that he was not getting the job he'd agreed to. Instead, he was made to be one of the grunts who could potentially be promoted into the position he thought he'd been going into.
` During this time, he at least worked close to where I lived, so we hung out a couple times at lunch.
` And today, he lost that job! He was doing pretty good, but apparently that is not grounds for keeping employees (as far as Lou's experience goes).
` See, he had just taken over this one woman's position, and apparently she had screwed up on something that he was now finishing. One of his co-workers - who he had been getting along with very well! - accused him for making this mistake and started yelling across the room that he must be lying!

` His supervisor took him aside and told him; 'Sorry, man! You've been doing a really great job, but your personality clashes with hers. You're out.'
` Man, that really sucks.

` Well, I have less than a minute to be online. I'd best publish this now and git goin'.


Galtron said...

Do you know what this means? ...You're doing better than a superhero!

S E E Quine said...

` Lucky me.

Monky Cat Guy said...

heh I'm monkey cat guy sweet...oohh by the way i'll be at zippys tommarow! yay... yahwhen i was comeing back from canada a drug dog thought i had drugs lol i'll have to tell you more when i see you next...

-Michael(or Monkey Cat Guy)

S E E Quine said...

` Yes, that was quite a strange story!
` It reminds me of the time in the airport on my way back from Ohio in January; I had to unpack one of my bags because the X-ray seemed to show a weapon of some kind.
` Of course, there wasn't any, and afterwards I couldn't fit everything back in! Some of my stuff had to be transplanted to another bag!

` Anyway, sorry I missed what was going on Thursday! I didn't get that message until Saturday, as you know.
` Damn anti-gmail computers....