Sunday, March 05, 2006

Grin Sheepishly! You're on 'Candid Former Roommate Camera'!

` Well, I have a mere 21 Library Minutes to begin with today, for some reason. Thankfully, this post has nearly been completed yesterday evening:

` You guessed it, I have More Crappy Digital Camera photos from January! This includes some candid shots of my roommates while I was still living at the Nautica!
` Surprise!

` In my first picture, the innocent bystanderish-looking goon in the lower right-hand corner is none other than EdgeWalker... of course, the crazed-looking goon in the middle is myself, tightly gripping a none-too-pleased Butters.

` Logically, in this case, the photographer would have to be Phil, whom I had also managed to candidly photograph....

` ...And he still has those groovy salt and pepper shakers I'd bought! Oh well. This next picture must have been from the night that Phil and EdgeWalker had just put together the badly-needed, non-collapsing new chairs:

` What you may not realize is that EdgeWalker is doing his 'Gollum thing' which is a fairly useful scrambling technique which he has demonstrated in a photo on his blog from the
tip of Vesper Peak.
` In the next picture, you can also make out the glowing '72' of the Stinkin' Lincoln through the window:

` And would you know, it wasn't any ring that had corrupted EdgeWalker's mind... it was in fact his new Cursed Allen Wrench Earrings! And so, here is a Very Bad Picture of EdgeWalker shaking his head, showing off his dangling new earrings:

` Yes, he actually did that in front of me while I had a camera! What was he thinking? Those Mordor-Smelted Allen Wrenches can really screw you up, boy-howdy!
` In fact, he even dared to tangle with Butters, who had somehow managed to tint the entire room a nice, reddish hue. (That's Phil on the couch, if your monitor is too dark.)

` And then what do you suppose the Darkly Influenced One proceeded to do? He attempted to drown the evil spirits left by the Allen Wrenches of Mordor! And this time, I used a flash, so he definitely noticed me take that picture.

` Initially, I'd thought that the flash had ruined the picture, though the LCD screen tends to lie. It's a dirty bastard, that LCD screen. Shockingly, EdgeWalker next did something even crazier! Yes! He actually
tangled with Butters!

` ...Such is a celebrated pasttime that it had inspired me to complete my very first pen sketchbook drawing (besides the cover) months before:

` That cat can really move!

` Anyway, the usual whispering going on in this room is driving me up the wall - plus I have only four minutes left and I still haven't been able to log into my e-mail! - so I'd better get going.


Galtron said...

Looks like you left a life of much craziness! I assume you've found more of the same where you are now?

Denny said...

that cat looks thrilled. no really.

cassie d said...

what is he thinking messing with the powers of mordor?

and how can he drink vertically? am i just impared or something?

S E E Quine said...

` I think we all had come unhinged that night. It was pretty scary.

Anonymous said...
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