Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Writing at the library

` I have about fifteen minutes to do this. Now, what should I write first? Well, it is true - my car is now in my own personal possession. I can drive it myself! Whenever I want!

` What else? Hmm. I was just checking my backed-up Yahoo account. I found some neat biological discoveries on the web from that. My fun science stuff!
` First of all, in Scientific American, Dr. Matthew Harris discovered that birds can grow crocodile-like teeth all by themselves. This mutation has not been seen before because it usually results in death. This observation was taken on a dead embryo.
` In the past, scientists had to add mouse genes to chickens, and that resulted in them growing molars. But now, we know that they can grow teeth themselves - through this mutation known as 'talpid' - they usually just die from it.
` Harris has also engineered a virus that mimics the mutation that can cause chickens to temporarily grow teeth.

` Also, a 164 million year-old mammal fossil called Castorocauda lutrasimilis was quite large, considering that it lived in the Jurassic Period! Indeed - it probably weighed about a pound!
` The name Castorocauda means 'beaver tail' and lutrasimilis - I think - means 'similar to an otter'. Accordingly, it had a beaver-like tail and an otter-like body. Also, seal-like teeth.

` Well, the computer's telling me it's about to kick me off. See how much I suck when I don't have time to write?


Laura said...

LOL!!! I'm glad you get to read about your new science findings. After all, you named your blog after science... and funky kids. BTW, what is a wackmobile? Is it slang for crappy car?

Galtron said...

Actually I think this post explains it pretty well....

S E E Quine said...

` You are right, sir! Wackmobiles are people who are so gullible and/or paranoid that they become a source of entertainment!

` On the other hand, Spurious Brainchildren describe those pieces of my own creative work that have been born out of wedlock.
` I can't say I've ever tried to deceive anyone with my writing, artwork, etc. so far, though my occasional lack of creativity tends to result in bastardizations of some kind or another.

monado said...

I read somewhere that birds have the genes to produce teeth but the genes are expressed only in the presence of bone—and there's no bone in a normal birds' beak!

I hope you have more time to write in the near future.

S E E Quine said...

` That reminds me... I recall reading something about these scientists who added some kind of biological material to birds' beaks to make teeth grow.
` Bone, perhaps?

Anonymous said...
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