Sunday, October 16, 2005

I love my Science and I laugh at my Wackmobiles...

` Ah, I just love it when science triumphs over inaccurate ideas. It seems today that the effectiveness of Viagra has stopped a lot of Chinese men from taking traditional medicine for their erectile dysfunction, according to a Nature News article.
` This may bode well for the trade of some animal parts. As for the rest of the animals' parts, being used for other things... well...

` Stop licking my hands, feline terror! I daresay you're widely considered an aphrodesiac and a cure for cancer in another country!

When Viagra first emerged as a powerful drug in the world of pharmaceuticals, many speculated that it might help to protect certain animals. In 2002, William von Hippel, a psychologist from the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, and his brother Frank von Hippel, a biologist from the University of Alaska in Anchorage, reported that the trade in both seal penises and reindeer velvet had gone down1.

` The idea is, the more Western Medicine is introduced, the more animals will be safe from being chopped up and used for pointless remedies in the long run. There is now evidence that Viagra may be among them... slowly, now...

` Hooray! I wonder if Kent Hovid hates Viagra, too? If he does, he may also secretly use it! Okay, I just have to calm down... deep breaths...

` Ha haaaa! Darn it! It's just that... he's so easy to make fun of! Just for the hell of it, though, I think I'll post more Kent Hovind quotes - not only does he not understand many, many basic scientific facts and principles about physics, biology, etc. (as I thoroughly demonstrated at the end of my last post), but he's also into the whole 'killing people' thing as punishment for all kinds of things...
` This is so rich! Like chocolate. Only funnier.

You see, people don't understand capital punishment is a great deterrent. Especially if it is public and you take your kids down and you watch someone get stoned [.....] and your kid says, "Daddy, what did they do?." "Oh, he was a bad person. He did this, this, this." You're going to impress on that little kid - he's never going to do that.

The threat of stoning if someone is not a virgin, I mean, if girls had that today they would be much less likely to be promiscuous. How many problems are caused in our society simply because of the immorality we have?

Hovind: If I was God I would have killed everybody
Assistant: Several times
Hovind: Several times (laughter) a long time ago. I wouldn't put up with them, man. You, (gun shot) you're out of here. So you guys can be very thankful I'm not God. I'm very thankful I'm not God

` Clearly, that's partly because this self-righteous, paranoid nutjob fears everyone who is not exactly like him...

I told you about the Philippines - the Muslims - they had an insurrection a hundred years ago. Some Muslims were attacking, you know, people over there, yeah. And so they captured 50 of these guys - the American general did - and he tied them all up to poles. Right in front of 'em he slaughtered a couple of pigs and dipped all the bullets into the pig blood and shot 49 of them with bullets dipped in pig blood. [.....] [According to Muslims] if you taste a pig or touch a pig or if you eat pig meat, man, you're damned forever, you have no chance of going to Heaven. So they dipped their bullets in pig blood - shot all these guys - dumped them in a hole and poured the pigs guts all over the top of them. And then let the 50th guy go. And we never had any trouble out of the Muslims there. [laughter]

...... for those who say, "God is cruel by killing the infants of Sodom and Gomorrah," let's follow this through now. Suppose that God knows that city [sic] is full of diseases - including the children - because of their just horrible practices with all sorts of things they were doing. Incest and homosexuality and things filled that society with diseases. God's people are going to move into this area. God says, "I want you to kill the whole population for their own good and for your good so this disease is wiped out off the Earth." Then the guy is a smart god to command the execution. It's like me pulling weeds out of my flower garden.

` And if it were up to him, as we know, he'd just weed everybody out!
` On top of this, he's also loves to subscribe to the silliest little notions...

Listener's letter: [.....] Do you think it feasible UFO sightings could be demons? This could be an explanation for the Rapture. Ergo, it would be easy for them to deceive the public.

Hovind: Yes, Kay, I think you are right on target. I think that may be one of the reasons why there's so much hype about UFO's. It's psychological conditioning for when the Rapture takes place.

` UFOs? Demons? If you think that is weird, don't stop reading now!

The Greek word translated "mark" literally means "etching." Computer microchips have information etched into silicon. Microchips may play an important part in the mark of the beast. One example of technology is the UPC, or bar code. IBM developed the bar code in 1972. The black and white lines stand for numbers and letters in binary code. By the way, the two skinny lines at the beginning, middle, and end of every barcode are the same as "6" in binary code: 666. Under some bar codes you may see an F or H printed sideways, which may stand for forehead and hand. As far as financial transactions, four people have called me from Arkansas and Missouri to report seeing customers at the grocery store pay for purchases by scanning their hand.

` Wow. His insanity never ceases to amaze me...

On August 6, a grand jury hears former White House intern Monica Lewinsky, reported to testify that she and President carried on a sexual affair. On August 7 two U.S. Embassies in Africa are bombed, steering the news headlines away from the Lewinsky affair. The attacks are later blamed on Osama bin Laden. Why would bin Laden time these attacks to divert attention away from the Clinton affair? This has never been explained.

` *Wheeze* I'm suffocating in laughter! If you think that's rich...

Maybe the purpose of the space program [NASA] is to prepare the world for Big Brother - the New World Order.

` He's very into this kind of thing, you see...

I have heard that the cable TV system is going to be set up where not only can you watch the TV, the TV can watch you to monitor what is in your room. Kinda like Orwell's 1984. Big Brother is watching, course in our case it will be Big Sister [Ma Bell] [.....] I'd suspect the technology is here where the TV can watch you, even if you have it shut off, your TV can watch you to see what is going on.

` And, of course, we cannot help but notice his self-righteous insanity...

I am not in trouble with the IRS; they are in trouble with me! They broke the law and I am suing them for it.

` ...Just because he won't pay his taxes.

I have been complaining for the past couple of weeks about the nude art in the Pensacola airport gift shop. The owner called me and said, "You're the only person that has complained." I said to him, "Six nude women in the shape of a skull? That's not art, that's pornography!" The man at the airport has done nothing about it. The police have done nothing about it. If people don't stand up for what is right, corruption will take over. It's always been that way.

` Oh, no! And to think so many men (and horrible, sinful lesbians!) must be getting off to... a skull-shape made up of naked-woman shapes... in public!
` Also... I just don't get what a lot of his other attitudes about sex are...

A simple trick you can do. Suppose someone is getting married and going off on their honeymoon, you can pull out the coil wire [of the car engine]. Stick a door bell wire under there, pull it back, bring the door bell wire through the fire wall, and weave it through the fabric of the seat. They get in there all excited going on their honeymoon, you know, hit the key. Bam!! Ohh, ahh. Ha, ha, ha. I can give you lots more ideas but we’ll stop there.

` This is also kind of telling about just what he thinks he is...

Among the thousands of calls, letters and emails we receive every week there is normally at lease [sic] one chiding me for the way I call names and make fun of various ideas or people in my seminar. While we do reach many thousands for the Lord we certainly do not want to do anything unscriptural or displeasing to God. Is it right to use personal attacks and name calling in my seminar? How did Jesus and the prophets handle their detractors? Even a quick search of the scriptures will show that it is not always wrong to use various tactics to get the attention of sinners, wayward saints and wicked politicians. Here are just a few of the hundreds of examples found in scripture:

` Okay, I'm pretty sure that talk like this would have gotten Hovind burned at the stake a few centuries ago.
` Hear that, Hovind? How do you like them morals? He reminds me so much of my psychotic dad! And his personal confrontationality is no exception:

By the way kids, if you go to a secular school and you ask your teacher to debate me and they won't, send me their name, what they teach, what school they teach at, and when they refused. We are keeping a list, we just started two weeks ago on our web site, of teachers who refuse to debate.

` Oh yes, he wants to just go face-to-face with everyone, which is what makes him such an annoying jerk. Alas:

If nobody’s irritated at you you’re not a good Christian.

` I think that's enough for now. *Sigh.* I promise that tonight, I'll have something with a lot of fun, paleontological stuff on it. That's always been my favorite subject!
` As it is, I need to to off to a concert at the moment. Yes, it's those Russians Hovid seems to despise so much! The Russian State Chorus, with some classical music! Later!


Galtron said...

Can't we burn Hovind at the stake anyway? He's a tax-evader!
Doesn't he know that the only two things that are certain in life are death... and taxes?
But hopefully not death taxes.
He's trying to run from the inevitable! He thinks he's immune!
Though they are coming to get him, he is right about that one.

S E E Quine said...

` Patience, dear Galtron. Though, he would probably approve of it, in some twisted way...