Thursday, February 02, 2006

One last look....

` Well, this is the last day I'll have Phil's computer to work with. Tonight, I sleep on a cot in my new apartment, as there is no room for a bed.

` Here's the last picture I've taken from this place - though there are still many I haven't posted. In this grainy closeup, there's some kind of cargo boat and the gigantic pavillion has been completed.

` Well, I've got to get some things in order! Be back later!


Aaron said...

What kind of view do you have from your new place, Spoony?

totalvo said...

I want to see your new view.. That is sad it is too small for a bed :(

Amber said...

I hope you can get a computer so we won't loose you for too long.

S E E Quine said...

` My new view? Some houses and the massive Merryl Lynch building a few blocks away.
` Out the back door, I have a rear view of a veterinary hospital, a QFC and the Cascades above them.
` I've taken some pictures of my as-yet-unfinished room, but there is no way to get them online.

` I'm getting a new hard drive for my computer, so hopefully that will be what I need to keep it running.
` If so, I'll get myself internet service, as it is much cheaper than going to a publice place.

Anonymous said...
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