Thursday, February 02, 2006

Spreading the Cult of the Zebra...

` It's been a long time since I've had any real science posts... and it will be a while until I can put more up. In the meantime, you shall have to settle for whatever I see fit until I have time to really work on something.

` However, as there are still plenty more small-yet-fairly-amusing things I could post about, how's this one for you...

` The critics agree, BrianJ's "February Newsbox" is the greatest gif seen in the Zebra Girl forum since last month:

` "Ooooh. Breathtaking in all the wrong ways. " - ShardZ.

` *rubs his eyes*

*rubs his eyes some more*

*air guitar*

` - Omeg@.

"BrianJ will you be my Valentine?" - Soap..


"Thanks! *air drum solo*
[And] Soap.: Umm... no. Just... No."


"What? He isn't good enough for you?"

` Without further ado, I bring you... BrianJ's 16-color Zebra Girl Newsbox gif:

` Not too bad, eh? Well, I have a piano to move, so I'd better get going.

` Oh, and... won't you allow yourself to be sucked into The Cult? Spread the love! And the spontaneous combustion. Not so much the hate, though - that stuff tends to stain.


Galtron said...

That thing r0xx0rz! Whatever that means.
I was wondering - does anyone know how Mr. Chalk managed to do that?

Aaron said...

That Zebra Girl gif is disturbing Spoony.

S E E Quine said...

` It makes me glad I don't have acidic saliva.

Anonymous said...
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