Wednesday, February 01, 2006

File Folders with Identity Crises

` Well, I just spent a really long time going through my hard drive. I was about to delete a bunch of folders containing files about different vertebrate clades when I realized how much I liked the names of them.
` Unfortunately, they are no longer in my previous 'phylogenetic arrangement', so I present them to you in alphabetical order:

` An Unlikely Bunch (Elephants, hyraxes and sea cows.)
` Ancient Coelurosaurs (The 'feathered dinosaurs'.)
` And the Stranger Models (Those coelurosaurs known as 'birds'.)
` Beasts of the Field (Perissodactyls - Horses, rhinos, tapirs.)
` Carnivores and Kin (Cats, weasels, walruses, and their relatives, the creodonts.)
` Cetaceans and Relations (Dolphins, giraffes, hippos, pigs.)
` Chainsaws and Chimeras (Chondricthyes - sharks, skates and rays.)
` Crocodills and Gavalins (Take a guess.)
` Cynodonts such as Milk-Sweaters (Early mammals and their relatives.)
` Death Ray-Finned Fish (Salmon, tuna, pike.)
` Early Anapsids and Their Kids (Lumbering reptillian beasts related to turtles.)
` Flying monkeys! (Primates, bats, shrews, hedgehogs.)
` Gingrich and Friends (Newts, salamanders.)
` Gleary O'Twitchybuns (Glires - Rabbits, rodents.)
` Iguanoducks (Ornithopods - i.e. Iguanodon and Hadrosaurus.)
` It's Raining Jumping, Squishy Things (Rainids - frogs/toads.)
` Landlubbers and Lungfish (Early terrestrial vertebrates and lobe-finned fish.)
` Lazy, Toothless and Armored (Xenarthra - Sloths, Anteaters, Glyptodonts.)
` Lizard Foot Forms (Sauropodomorphs - long-necked dinosaurs.)
` Lizard-Looking Louts (The lizard-like marine reptiles.)
` Lowlife Bird Hippies (Primitive bird hipped dinosaurs such as Lesothosaurus.)
` Marginalized Heads (Pachycephalosaurs and Ceratopsians.)
` Mars-Soup-Eels (Wallabies, koalas, sugar gliders, Thylacosmilus, etc.)
` More Roast Beast-Feet! (Less birdlike Theropod dinosaurs.)
` Other Arcing-Sores (Archosaurs besides the ones already covered.)
` Piles of Reptiles (Not entirely sure what this one is supposed to be....)
` Placorhyncs and other Arches (Placodonts and relatives?)
` Primitive Synapsids (Ophiacodon, Placerias, and other 'mammalian' reptiles.)
` Sandworms (Caecilians - you know, those worm-looking amphibians?)
` Sphen! (Sphenodonts - The tuatara and its extinct relatives.)
` Spineless Hags and other Jawless Wonders (such as lampreys.)
` Squaws and Their Mates (Squamates - Lizards and Snakes.)
` The Three Ts (Turtles, terrapins, tortoises.)
` There are Other Fish in the Sea (Bizarre ancient fish such as Dunkleosteus.)
` Three Holes in One! (Monotremes - Platypus, echidnas, and their relatives.)
` Thyreophoric Tanks (Ankylosaurs and stegosaurs.)
` Wyverns (Pterosaurs-in-general.)

` Yes, those are the types of names I come up for file folders. For real. Really. Just thought you might be amused by them before I dump them out!


monado said...

It's clear that you have fun with words. I'd never be half so clever.

Galtron said...

Utterly inscrutable!

S E E Quine said...

` I suppose that would be useful if I were a journalist: Witty article titles that don't make one groan are highly regarded.

cassie d said...

i like lazy, toothless and armored and Spineless hags and other jawless wonders!

S E E Quine said...

` Come to think of it... me too. I think it's funny to make animals sound a certain way simply by using only part of an accurate description.

Aaron said...

Which one am I Spoony?

S E E Quine said...

` I think 'Gleary O'Twitchybuns' would be a cute nickname....

heather said...

Haha Aaron...Spoony called you a rodent :D

Anonymous said...
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