Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Pencil sketches of even more things!

` Note: These Sketches start here.

` Hey, all! Can you guess what this post might signify from the first image? That's right! The summer when I was seventeen, we were traveling, and Dad, like all good parents experiencing a manic episode, bought a lot of expensive luggage for us!
` In fact, this new Atlantic luggage even had locks (which you're not allowed to use anymore), and the keys had seahorse reliefs on them - hence the silvery ink print.

` The rest of the page is covered in tiny little scraggly sketches that, at first glance, appear to be random scribbling. Can you guess what type of place I was at when I drew them?

` Yes, these are merely random sketches of people, smudged and very low-contrast. In fact, the lady in the wheelchair said the drawing looked just like her.

` Two dimensional?
` Mneh. As for the picture to the right, it simply says; 'cute Japanese guy'.
` You probably can't read it, but the words in the left-hand picture say 'TO TERMINAL BAGGAGE CLAIM'.
` So yes, I was at the airport. I talked to a lot of people, for example Irma, whose portrait I won't show because, though it is better than a scraggly little doodle, it was so bad a dinosaur had to eat it.
` And when I say 'dinosaur'.... (Hey, looks kinda like Incisivosaurus!)
` My little sketchbook also says here that one young girl I was talking to had an older brother who was an animator, which I thought was cool. She asked me how do you color in people's lips without making them completely black. I said; 'Just don't press down so hard.'
` Yep, that's all it says. Riveting.
` Ah, I remember when I was that age and just discovering the wonders of shades of gray.

` Gotta love gray.

` Well, what else? We got on our plane, which took off. I tried to draw the ground, as well as a foggy Lake Erie. Emphasis on try. So, here that is... along with my big toe.

` I tried to redeem myself, though, as you can see.... Also, I spilled Snapple on the page due to turbulence. Gar!
` As I continued to draw rabbitsaurs and clouds and circular crops ('I can see the irrigation bars going around them!!!'), I turned to find the last thing on earth I'd expect to see flying....

` Penguin power!!!

` Yes, there was a bird wrangler on my flight with a penguin that had recently been born at Sea World in Cleveland. Since by that point the park was about to be torn down, the animals were being moved to other marine parks. I think the clutch on our plane was on its way to California's Sea World.
` I made note of how chenille-like its baby feathers were - 'so fuzzy it's slimy!' I must say, it was the most interesting thing I'd ever seen on a plane, being as plane rides are exceedingly dull.
` I hope the bird's current icebox isn't too cramped for it....

` Besides downy little penguins, there wasn't much going on and I became desperate: Here you can see a fidgety, young girl, air blowers, my Snapple, and yes, a drawing of my drawing. 'Cause it was there.

` Evidently, that day was 26 June, 1999. But where would I sleep that night? Where was I going to? I guess that'll be a mystery for you until tomorrow.

` If that makes you feel disappointed, knock it off! There are a lot of other things to see on the internet. For exmaple, Galtron, I appreciate that last link of yours: Has anyone ever wanted to 'Office Space' someone? That's just wrong. And yet, even Phil was giggling. Give it a listen!

` Note: This post was prepared in advance, during a bout of insomnia.


Dory said...

Would you believe I was checking out the names of the seven dwarfs this am, and googled it.......YOUR site came up.....Really! I guess sometime in March you did a Betty Crocker Dwarf name thing????
Anyway, tanx......Heh, heh. ( know all Santa's reindeers names, too. ) Dat be a fact! Eat your hearts out......;)

S E E Quine said...

` Where? I don't remember doing that and I can't seem to find it.

` Weird...

Galtron said...

Hee hee, that one is good!

I am also on the edge of my seat - after rabbitsaurs and flying penguins, where did you go?!