Wednesday, December 14, 2005

A megaphone blared: "Everybody inside, step away from the windows!"

` That was the end of my nap.

` I looked up at the blue sky to see a yellow helicopter glinting in the sun. That wasn't good. I rolled over and saw down on the street no less than the bomb squad, cordoned off by police tape attached to points on either side of the office windows four floors down, just below our apartment.
` I was like; 'Oooookay. Could I be in danger up here?'
` One guy was donning bomb armor, and when he was done, he grabbed up a yellow cord and drug it off down the street. I thought to myself; 'Good, he's going that way!'
` From the corner window, I saw a bright red backpack in the street by the Co-Op, which the armored guy unzipped and inspected.

` I was like; 'Whatever.' So, to pass the time, I went to the other end of the apartment, e-mailed some people about this drama (well, it's not like you get a chance to say you're watching the bomb squad at work every day), and was checking the Keenspot forum when I heard a man yelling; "Fire in the hole! Fire in the hole! Fire in the hole!"
` I was like; 'Damn! Is it going to explode or are they detonating it?'
` There was this muffled BOOM! and I was like; 'So....' I looked out the window and saw the red bookbag in pieces on the street. I went down to the office, where I'd seen some of the bomb squad people go into, and asked what had happened.
` Apparently, there had never been any hint of a bomb at all: The bookbag was, merely, a bookbag. It was found in front of the collection office door, which is evidently what that building across the street is. So they destroyed it.

` And I thought this was going to be exciting! What a gyp!

` I guess it's better than another unannounced fire drill when I'm trying to sleep. Those things scare me senseless when I suddenly realize I'm in some random place in the building in whatever random thing I was sleeping in, having my eardrums blasted by The Atomic Cricket.

` *Sigh.* I'm going to get some lunch.


dory said...

Ah, tell me it wasn't YOUR backpac. Red isn't your color, right? ;)
Wow, what a day. If a terrorist left a bomb around here, I'd think they were lost. But, then again, they might blow up the ugly, empty house next door. ;)
Did you rescue any part of the blown to bits book bag? Souvenier?

S E E Quine said...

` Heh, thankfully it wasn't mine, though I think someone's going to have a very interesting excuse as to why they haven't turned in their homework.

` It was put in a detonation box and taken away by police, and no trace of it remains. ...I think.
` Perhaps, though, it was placed there on purpose just to screw with peoples' heads.

Aaron said...

I wonder what made the bookbag look suspicious. Was it wearing a trench coat with the collar turned up and a fedora? Maybe the bookbag looked at somebody ...ya know, funny.

Somebody's going to be pissed when they find out the cops blew up their bookbag.

S E E Quine said...

` The moral is: Don't drop anything containing your personal belongings. It will be detonated by professionals.

irish chic said...

wow what a interesting day you had.

Galtron said...

Once, I got exploded. But I"m better now.

Galtron said...

Ha ha ha ha! I like that comment you left on Cassie's blog!

'At least I can be secure in the knowledge that loitering bookbags will not go unpunished.'

S E E Quine said...

` Heh, yeah. Pesky things, aren't they?
` Also, I like the graphic photos in that article you're linked to this time.

` Hey, you know what I think is really ironic? In the last post, I'd written:

...It was da frickin' bomb!

` Anyway, thank you for bearing my prattling on - I wrote that down largely to ensure I'd remember it in the future, pathetic as that is. Bear in mind, this is about as interesting as my life normally gets....
` I could really use some robot henchmen about now....

` Well, backpacks aren't exactly robot henchmen, but the one the next day was indeed 'da bomb'.
` Meh.