Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I'm back! Also; Harry Potter cover art!

` Three days ago, just after my last post, Phil and EdgeWalker moved my computer and piano into our bedroom - and a couple of bookshelves out! Oh, so wonderful! It's like... my own bedroom office!
` EdgeWalker also has one, now that my comp is cleared out of his room. He even has his own desk, thanks to a guy who was moving out of B Building - he ironically was helped by Jontrello Pontrello lug his belongings down the stairs, as the elevator had given out.

` I'm not sure, but I think that was also the guy who was forced to move out due to not being able to shut his dog up. (The one that used to really annoy me, which I've mentioned before...)
` A-ny-how... today is the first day that we changed the position of the wireless router, so I now have the internet in here! Whee!

` And what else did I do today? I walked a bunch - all the way up to the crazy house, in fact. After crazy lessons, I had lunch at a cafe, deposited a check from EdgeWalker, returned Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince to the library, picked up a couple neato coffee-table books about elephants, and lugged those and a safe we'd gotten in the mail up to the apartment. Whew!
` Man, that Half Blood Prince is such a good book! It's at least as good as The Prisoner of Azkaban, (though sadder, but not as depressing as The Order of the Phoenix), and it explains a great deal about what's really been going on all this time in books 1 through 5. Lotsa detail, and as usual, I found it hard to put it down.

` It's kinda sad to think that the next book will be the last... Hey, that's right! I've got those images on hand... yes, I just love book illustrations all of a sudden. They're so... illustrative. I think I finally understand them, now that I can use pictures to help me visualize things I've never seen before. Really, I've had a tough time picturing things in my head for practically my whole life, although now, at age twenty-three, I'm finally learning to use my imagination.
` Doesn't that sound odd? That also makes this the first Harry Potter book in which I could picture what's happening! At least a little bit. The other ones? Well, let me tell you, I don't know exactly what was going through my mind, but it wasn't pictures. I was what I call 'mind's eye blind'.
` Amazingly constant stress does that to me - stress I've had until about now. You see, I had grown up without learning to use pictures to fuel my imagination! You might not think so because I'm such an artist - and you'd have evidence of that if EdgeWalker would please take some pictures of my artwork... I think he has to buy a flash first (his was stolen).

` Anyhow, these are the pictures of cover art I just happen to have on my computer... you see, until this year, I didn't know that the covers of Harry Potter books were entirely different in Britain (and possibly other countries), even though I've seen ones in other languages sold in other countries have the same cover art as the American editions! Weird.
` In fact, as you can see, the first book even has two different English titles, depending on what country it's sold in. I didn't know before, but originally, the Sorceror's Stone was called the Philosopher's Stone.
` I also really didn't care for the artwork by the American edition's artist, Mary GrandPre (especially that unicorn), though in the later books, it thankfully evolves from goofy to more awesome and realistic (even though everyone's eyes are drawn too high).
` The other Harry Potter cover is... well, British looking! As it should be!
` I'd also like to see the page illustrations - they're probably less weird than Mary GrandPre's. I really thought that a lot of her illustrations were... um... clumsy-looking, and a couple times I couldn't even tell what they were supposed to be at first!

` And even better than finding this out, I also discovered that there are two different editions of each British book! These are all Year 5...

` U.S., U.K., and U.K. adult!

` I like the adult editions's covers even better. They're so pretty! They're meant to look like; 'this means business!' Well, how else could an adult get away with reading this kind of thing in public?
` And now my curiosity's piqued... I've found Year 6's various covers on the internet...

` See, the American version's cover shows Harry and Prof. Dumbledore looking over Something That Isn't Very Palatable, and on the back is Ron, Hermione and apparently Ginny, and the Dark Mark of unspeakable evil and whatnot over the castle, signifying that someone's been killed by A Really Evil Person.
` Yes, a Really Evil Person. It may be Voldemort - I mean, He Who Must Not Be Named! - or it may be one of his Death Eaters. I won't spoil it for you.

` Here are the British covers of the same book (which of course have the original British spellings, as well as a few other variations).
` The regular edition shows Dumbledore with Harry, warding off some Really Scary Things with a kind of fire-lasso.
` The adult edition cover depicts the old book which used to belong to the mysterious Half-Blood Prince.

` I just wish they'd kept the British artwork for all the editions of the book! Don't you think that would be better? I mean, who is Mary GrandPre to draw entirely different artwork in 'soft geometry', when it already has perfectly decent artwork! Darn her!
` Darn her to heck!!!
` Likewise, I don't generally care for her illustrations, as most of them aren't that helpful, being all clunky and weird. While some of them have the realism the story evokes, I think that most of GrandPre's illustrations kind of 'screw it up.'
` In addition, I bet the British editions have even better page illustrations! I just don't know what they look like, or who made them. Grrrrr.

` Of course, there's plenty of other perfectly good Harry Potter Illustrations by many people, such as Sebastien Theilig. I think his Dumbledore looks more like Gandalf from the LOTR movies! Most of the other characters he's drawn, unsurprisingly (and I'm sure, coincidentally), look almost exactly like the ones from the Harry Potter movies!
` There's also a lot of 'cartoony' fan art on the web, including manga-style. *Shudder* That brings back bad Anime memories... In fact, there are all different styles and... levels... to be seen in the Harry Potter Fanart Challenge's archive pages! But I go on too much...

` Anyway I hope that from now on, my own illustrations will be able to depict the new images I am forming in my head. I haven't yet tried it out.
` Fancy that... drawings from my real, honest-to-goodness imagination - instead of copied from real life! I bet I could do it...
` And you could see, too, if Edgy ever gets another flash. I could get him one for Christmas... oh that's right. He doesn't celebrate Christmas. Well, neither do I. But I'll use that as an excuse. Gee, I wonder when his birthday is?
` Anyway, someday, I know, I'll have drawings up here. And they will be imaginitive.

` Speaking of being imaginative, I think J.K. Rowling has a
really imaginitive website! [OBVIOUS PLUG!!] The Flash version's got all kinds of objects to manipulate - which can be disorienting, though there's little games you can play with them. Joanne herself is also a very cool person, and I'm glad she's busy dispelling rumors about all sorts of things as well!

` Anyway, I gotta go.


cassie d said...


i love that UK adult cover of Order of the Phoenix!

And i completely agree - why did they go and make those silly american covers? I've never liked them either. do they think the british version isn't *fun* enough to keep the American children interrested? Like we won't pick up the book if it's picture isn't bright and fuzzy?

and i can't believe there's only going to be 1 more book as well. Any predicitions?

I guess i have a few, but i don't want to give anything away for all the people who haven't read The Half-Blood Prince first. But i tell you! I was completely suprised when you know who got you know what! And by that one character of all people!!! GEEZ!!!

I saw an interview with J.K. where she said she already had the last book written. She knew what was going to happen back when they were releasing Goblet of Fire and she still had 2 more books to write! Isn't that crazy? She also said that some main characters were going to get offed....

Which brings me to some speculations of the last book which i would love to discuss. Too bad we don't want to give anything away.....

but in case you do - i would love to get your input!

Also - did you hear on NPR (again, during the Phoenix release) that in Japan, the black market was already selling the entire series? Apparently they had hack writers whip out copies of books 4-7 and distributed them with J.K.'s name on them. They wre really poorly written, and didn't even get all the characters right. you'd think the 'hack' writers would actually READ the books before trying to rip off poor, misinformed Japanese kids.....

it reminded me of when i was at the Flea Market in high school, and i bought a copy of that movie, Friday for $3. It was just out of the theatres, so i thought i got a great deal. little did i know after inviting all my friends over after school to view it, that the movie was actually some guys 'great idea' to video tape his television while he was watching the movie. Seriously. There's even a part where the dude taping knocks the camera over, and start cussing at his homey to shut up while he's taping.
i learned my lesson on THAT one!
that was back when $3 would give me 3 gallons of gas!

oh. well anyway - i can't wait to see what happens in the conclusion of Harry Potter.

S E E Quine said...

` Might as well not spoil the book here, though anyone is free to have the book spoiled FOR them if they go to the Wikipedia articles.

` Bwaaaa haaaa! Someone taped a movie off their T.V.? Haaa! That's pretty hi-larious!

Galtron said...

Those crazy illegal goods people! First, glued-together dinosaur fossils, now false Harry Potter books... what next?

cassie d said...


You want a toe? I can get you a toe, believe me. There are ways, Dude. You don't wanna know about it, believe me.

I'll get you a toe by this afternoon--with nail polish. These fucking amateurs. They send us a toe, we're supposed to shit our-selves with fear. Jesus Christ.


S E E Quine said...

` You can have my left pinky-toe!

` No, seriously, it's just hanging off my foot, occasionally gets caught on things, and is crowding my second toe, which is twisted way around so that they overlap. It is but another testament to my bad luck.

Aaron said...

They're gonna kill that poor woman, man!