Wednesday, September 21, 2005

It finally happened...

` Yes, I think it was inevitable. Because I couldn't keep all my shower-water from seeping under the baseboard directly behind the toilet, a family of twenty-four tiny mushrooms has sprouted up from beneath it.
` Oh sure, I could have put a towel back there each time I showered, but we're constantly running short on towels. They have a tough existence with us.

` In other news, I'm finally putting another collection of home movies on DVD. Not that I expect many people will ever see it, but it's a fun thing to do. Unfortunately, one of the fonts I'd used before I'd wiped my hard drive isn't there anymore, so the program's replaced it with a much bigger font that consistently runs off the screen.
` Without even telling me or displaying the text in the fonts they were replaced with! How it could have displayed them in a missing font, I don't know... but that's what the program did.
` Frelling fonts... I'm going to have to replace all those and then compile the video once more!

` On the positive side, I have enough motivation to get everything done in my life. That's truly an excellent plus, so on the whole, everything's looking up.

` I don't have anything new that's sciency or wackmobiley, though I have several posts I haven't finished. If I don't start working on something new, I can just finish one of those...

` Until then, sunshine and napalm! I gotta get to bed!


cassie d said...

a little family of mushrooms? that reminds me of those little dancing mushrooms on least i think it was Fantasia. Or those
Weight Watchers Cards with the bad little mushroom family!

and kudos to you for having the motivation to get everything done! my motivation lies between thinking i should get things done, and then motivating myself to do it tomorrow!

ChrisWoznitza said...

Good night

Joey M. said...

You transfer home movies to DVD? Cool! I did that not long ago with a batch of videos of me from '91 to '93. I use the Canopus ADVC-300 for the analog to digital conversion. I guess if you shoot your stuff on MiniDV you don't need a converter.

S E E Quine said...

` Those poor mushrooms! Hee hee!
` Also, isn't it great to ever be motivated to do stuff? The secret is to not feel like a huge, emotional weight is crushing you to death.

` Also, Joey, you just reminded me how much I love mini DV tape. I could kiss it.