Friday, September 09, 2005

Has anyone ever heard of The Ghoul show?

` Just wondering. The Ghoul is this little local access show they had in Ohio, Michigan, and apparently Great Britain! It's another one of those 'The Next Ghoulardi' (movie making-fun-of) shows - although The Ghoul isn't allowed as much freedom nowadays.
` I used to watch it, so I wrote them this goofy little message - which, like the one Joe England answered the other day, took months to get through. (It's a conspiracy, I tell ya!)

` April 26, 2005...

Greetings and a maniacal 'Hiya' from the always mild and blizzard-free Possession Sound! I may be gone from your viewing area, but something continues to plague my logic centers: Why is Froggy sometimes someone in a suit, and sometimes that little stuffed animal more suited for stuffing down Denise Dufala's garbage disposal? Is it purely for the purpose of maiming and killing him, or is there something weirder going on?

S E E Quine

P.S. My psychotic cat says 'Hi'. Except it mostly consists of licking me.

` Bob, the communications director, replied most eloquently:

the answer is...
I dunno

......... that's all.

` Well, perhaps Froggy can tell us...

"Hiya, hiya, hiya! What the sickies don't know is that I have amazing size-changing powers!"

` Wow, thanks Froggy! Isn't he great, folks?

... yeah, I got nothin'.

` Until next time;
turn blue, stay sick, climb walls!


Galtron said...

Heard of The Ghoul show? No. But the Ghouldance frightens me nonetheless.

S E E Quine said...

` Bring back the hamsters!