Saturday, September 10, 2005

While I'm posting pointless electronic exchanges...

` Ah... the old greenof a few years ago, back when one of its comics was Krazy Larry. The nostalgia... *Ahem* If you haven't heard of Krazy Larry before, these low-quality images of three very different strips might help. (Ya have to click on them to get a good look, though - and I didn't realize that this first one has transparent parts!)

` Hee hee!! That one was way back from the turn of the century/milennium. And who can forget this one?

` Or this one? That's Ezekiel, Larry's conscience/roommate/general punching bag, by the way. Also, Larry is apparently a paranoid homophobe.

` He exposes his fur to chlorine? No wonder he's so green! Don'tcha just love it? Anyway... what was the point of all that, you ask?
` Well, f
ellow blogger Paul Southworth (whose comics are now Krazy Larry: Sanitarium and Ugly Hill of Blank Label Comics) is someone I have but one interaction with that I can recall. ...And I came across it the other day, when I accidentally wandered into his old, dead forum.
` You see, in here was one of his insult threads where he would tell everyone to come up with new insults on a particular topic each week. Of course, there was some opposition to this:

The Bob Talbot said:

Paul, this is a bad idea.

Paul Southworth said:

I disagree, The Bob Talbot. I think it is a SPECTACULARLY bad idea, and you know why? BECAUSE I'VE DONE IT BEFORE!
Don't you feel stupid now?

Horrible idea as it was, I decided to give it my all by slandering the elderly with the rest of them:

So sorry to hear about what happened in the war... did they ever find the wooly mammoth that blew off your foot?

Paul said of my comment:

This one is funny. Seacrest out.

` 'Kay... I guess
that's good. I think that was my only real interaction with Paul, though the point of me posting this was the fact that I thought it was funny.
` Later on, The Bob Talbot added a joke that Southworth also responded to, because it was even funnier than mine! Well, I think it was, too. See for yourself:

Your mom's butt is so big that she had a yellow dress on and some people thought she was a taxi so they climbed into her butt and hey boy howdy oh jiggity jaggity bebop a loo la there was plenty of leg room in there and also space for their luggage. The rates were also acceptable, I hear. Good luck with the taxi service.

Paul said:

Oh, BOB. If I were actually following through with this half-assed insult idea, you would win for sure.
Also, the rates are VERY acceptable, and the vehicle is 47% LESS fragrant than a normal cab.

` *Sniff.* How I miss posting in that forum. The good times... the Krazy times... The times Paul posted pictures like these.
` At least, I think these were his. Sad to say, Larry's head isn't even shaped like that anymore.
` He's kinda more ugly now, actually. *Sigh...*

` Oh, , thy green glow of years past. Its older features constantly being discarded for newer ones... In fact, you may wonder how I came across this comic.
` No? Too bad.
` You see, I was reading SSDD, and I came across this one where Norman Gates (sociopathic criminal/cyborg in the future or whatever the hell is going on I forget) is insulting this other character over the internet...
` I remember thinking to myself things like; "What's the significance of this green guy in the straight jacket?" and; "Is that an army helmet?" I finally decided that that the 'green guy' must be a cameo from some other Keenspot comic, but I had no idea which one.
` Fortunately, in those days, the home page was covered with 'spots', each of which had a picture of one of the characters from a different comic. I looked for a green one...
` Bingo.And it was 'Hey, another dark comic that's pretty good!' at first sight.

` Well, that was completely banal. I think the autumn air was what brought this on, really. That, and the fact that the past few days has been spent driving EdgeWalker to and from work (he got a job Wednesday!!!) and doing chores and stuff.
` It has fried my brain so much that I just can't seem to finish any post that's sciencey, though I was close to finishing one about a certain cult fanatic Wackmobile you might enjoy reading about just for the hell of it. Well, off to bed!

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