Thursday, July 14, 2005

My Blog-Tranplant Experiment is Complete!

` Update: Particularly Striking Photo added!

` "Butter Cookies!" Jonathan said just now. "I have some garlic and a crucifix for you!"
` Yes, I have my friend who I called 'Jonathan' before. He is over here on vacation. That's why it's taken so long for me to complete my SEO-to-Blogspot transplant. (It involves lots of reformatting and a small bit of editing.) I've been forced to leave my computer sometimes and do 'fun' things.
` Actually, since Everett has a distinct lack of fun things to do, Jonathan and I have been sitting in my office, eating expensive organic junk food and getting bitten by Butter Cookies, the vampire cat.
` She's been going nuts! She acts like she's been declawed or something! She even attacked EdgeWalker's arm like it was... my arm!
` And the rest of the time, she licks people.
` We're about to drive out to Whidbey Island, by the way.

` I don't suppose anyone really cares about my life much, but basically since Jonathan's been here (starting Friday), we've done... like... one really vacationy-touristy thing so far: We drove into the Cascade Mountains and took lots of pictures.
` Well, I only brought my Sony Digital Handycam. So I videotaped Jonathan with his disposable camera and EdgeWalker with his expensive digital camera taking pictures of all the mountains.

And apparently, us too!

` Yes, that's exactly what it looked like! Other than the sky having to be darkened (due to the lack of a polarizing filter), this image has not been fooled around with.
` The great thing about living in Everett is, you have all these mountains everywhere (I can see several including Baker, Pilchuck, and the Olympics from my window), and yet, in tourist season, it's pretty quiet.
` I like Cascade National Park because it looks like the Lord of the Rings location, it's the least-visited national park in the whole country, and because it's not too far away!!

` Also, I can finally announce the birth of our friends Jason and Andies' baby-of-a-thousand-nicknames, Cose Mo Baxter. (She has her father's feet, I've been told.) I've mentioned them before, when they taught us how to make sushi. And now that they're parents, the next time we get to hang out will be a much bigger deal than before!

` Well, Phil and EdgeWalker are trying to encourage me to get up (Phil is actually kicking me!). I have to leave.

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