Thursday, July 07, 2005

Hello, Blogseekers!

` I am the esteemed Blog Monkey of this website! You will bow only to me while you are here! ...Okay, enough bowing! Get up!
` I've been writing since 1986 - my first book was called The Best Book Ever, and it was about bunnies and duckies. Of course, I was only four at the time, but I figured that if I could just reel in someone with the title... well, you don't wanna know.

` Anyway, this is my first post at this blogsite, but I'll move everything else from my SEO blog over to this one so it looks like I've had it for some time. I've also colored it all pretty colors (so your eyes don't get lost), and added some pictures, things I haven't been able to do before.
` Why? Because I like you.
` Now browse the archive, darnit! Or I'll give you such a pinch!
Note: I have a shiny, new search function up top for your blog-scoping convenience!

This Post Recommended by Patchwork Willy.

` To this day, Willy seems to scream down at me from his frame hanging on the wall in my office.
` Actually, he was only yawning.

` Yes, I took that photo, back when I was sixteen. It won me a Medina County Fair 'Outstanding Acheivement' plaque. I took it over to the alpaca barn, but Willy didn't look too thrilled for me.
` It also won me my third trip to Columbus for the final round in 4-H 'Adventures With Adjustable Cameras' judging. As usual, I didn't even get an honorable mention. I keep telling myself it's because I have no honor... But it's probably because they don't like 'Hicktowns'. Today, I live in a medium-sized city one block from the Pacific Ocean. Who's a Hicktowner now?

` One more note: It is actually a color photo, but my scanner didn't agree. I was angry then, but now I've left it in Medina because I didn't know how to install the SCSI card into my new computer, and I'm sorry I ever got mad!
` I'll post more photos and drawings if I ever get another scanner.


Joey M. said...

The photo looks better without color. It adds to its creepiness.

S E E Quine said...

Thanks, man!