Friday, July 15, 2005

Oh no! I'm writing about my adventures again. *Sigh*...

` The other day (after not too much kicking of my backside), we found the place where Phil and I had slid down the cliff to the beach near where the gun turrets are on Whidbey Island. (I've already written about this place...) We spent a good part of the day trying to find the stairs down... somehow we passed them and went into Cedar Grove.
` And you don't want to do that! It is a hellish realm to descend into, full of barren-looking pine trees that block out all daylight, mossy, charred stumps, fungi and spider webs galore.
` Though... when you ascend out of it, the little plants - ferns, holly, raspberries, and stinging nettles - reappear and you are then able to stray near the edge of the potentially hazardous sea-cliffs. Don't fall!

` It was stupendously boring for me, but at least it was a nice day and we saw Mount Ranier, the moon, and lots of boats, planes, and the damn clanging buoy once again.
` Oh, and then we went to the beach between the Sea of Driftwood and the Juan De Fuca Strait, where someone had construed a crude-yet-sturdy hut out of driftwood, with a giant seaweed tentacle hanging down in the middle.
` Also Edgewalker climbed onto a large driftwood branch sticking out of the ground as if it were a tree, as it was rooted quite firmly into the beach. Man, is he ever good at climbing! I was so jealous.

` The whole trip for me was... more than so-so, I suppose. Really, it's no fun unless you have friends, so it could have been much more boring.

` As for today, Jonathan had lots of fun on the phone, telling his mom (because she asked for some reason) that no, he didn't have a girlfriend here yet (he's on vacation!?) and that he was hanging out with drag queens... and look! What's that parade on the street?
` Knowing Jonathan (though I don't expect you to), I highly doubt that he'll ever have a girlfriend... But, being the way his mom is, she wasn't terribly thrilled with his sarcasm.

` Frankly, she kinda scares me... (doesn't 'believe in' the earth's roundness?!)

` Even more frightening, I also don't think she would have liked the truth - that he's been hanging out with people who are Bisexual and/or Agnostic... and... he was knitting! All at the same time! Think of that! In fact, he made Phil a hat out of Phil's scarlet and gray yarn.
` However, today, instead of eating organic junk food in the office as usual, making jokes about seamen and ferries and other sexually-alluding things, Phil drove Jonathan and I to Pike's Place Market in Seattle, where we spent about six hours or so.
` Lots of stuff happened, including one part where I got some caffeine and then started hammering away at a dulcimer and stuff. Also, I was ogling this violin which, instead of being shaped like a violin, had a tin horn to amplify the sound.
` Weird! I likee.
` Otherwise, for me it was quite dull, but that's only because I'm not interested in shopping unless I'm looking for something in particular.

` After all that, we stopped at the Fremont Troll (which was full of smashed watermelons for some reason), and we could see clearly the exposed tire of the cement-covered VW Bug it was 'dragging' under the bridge.
` Then we ate at Jai Thai and then went over to Gasworks Park (a former coal refinery) at sunset, though it was actually quite cloudy today for some reason. Jonathan said that I was no longer a 'behind virgin', after I'd gone around behind the gaswork-thingies for the first time.
` We also saw many boring seagulls, boats and sea planes, as well as a strange band and a large group of people doing some kind of Jewish thing.
` Of course, I literally mean that! The men were wearing yarmulkes and they were having some sort of service on the grass... it looked like some woman was leading it. Never saw that before, but that's actually a neat place to have religious things... if you're religious. Which I'm not, but just being outside is neat on a lot of occasions.

` Anyhow, we were there for quite a while (especially since Phil got to show off his prototype kite to some guy), and then we dropped Jonathan off at the airport at about 21:30 (or 9:30 p.m.), which is almost exactly one week after we picked him up.

The end.

` P.S. Butter Cookies says: 'Prrrr! Mah! Mrah! Mrr! Prrrrrrr! *rubs snout against my eye*
` Well at least she's not biting me...


turkishchic said...

this site is good. not much to write. i was bored so i thought to write something on your blog comments.

EdgeWalker said...

Some names have been changed to protect the "innocent?"