Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Not my insomnia - the guy's psychotic!

` Yeah yeah, I know, another entry about me! And this one's another installment of 'Misery!' on SQN.

` Actually, if you've at all read my post about how much my constant sleep deprivation ruins my life, you may be vaguely interested to know that the incident where Larkin thought I was crazy and asked Phil if I was his sister probably occurred because a), the wind was blowing too hard to hear one day, and/or b), because he's a delusional, paranoid racist - not actually someone that Phil would like to hang out with anyway. He was still a good kite-flying mentor while it lasted, though... though now he just tries to outdo everybody.
` Apparently, this means I didn't ruin anything! Larkin's outburst may have more to do with the fact that he has been blemished by bigots, conspiracy theorists, and long-term marijuana use... it explains some things.

` His delusions might make you laugh... or cry.
` Much of it is probably caused by the tendancy of people who can't function without marijuana to be paranoid.

` Weed-boy said just the other day to Phil that an airplane passing overhead was dispensing toxic chemicals because the contrail looked dark. He said the same of all the weird clouds around here, too, and cited some supposedly scientific study. (This of course, would have to be a pseudoscientific study.)
` Phil explained that the dark, strangely-shaped clouds and contrails were caused by the way that light hits clouds and the way that mountains tend to gather the clouds up, etc. I don't think that had any impact.

` Larkin also told me once that the Twin Towers did not fall due to the 767s that flew into them. He said that the explosions were not hot enough to weaken the metal, and so they must have collapsed inwards due to controlled pyrotechnics set up by the government or something. It turns out that I happen to know that the Twin Towers were built with lots of aluminum, which is a metal that goes up in flames like a Roman candle.
` Phil, here, tells me that the jet fuel probably burned in excess of 2,000 degrees Kelvin, plus, having just been filled, there was a lot of it. A massive fire would cause any flammable and melty structures to burn and weaken until they caved in. They actually collapsed the way you'd expect.

` Then the kicker, he was saying to Phil about how great the 'Aryans' are, and that they invented everything, and that the 'fucking Mexicans' were taking 'good Aryan' jobs.
` Whatever else that Larkin has said, this in particular made Phil angry. He agreed that Westerners did more or less start the industrial movement, but added that the Arabs invented more modern medicine, the Ancient Egyptians did amazing feats of engineering, the Russians beat us into space, Chinese invented things such as productive combustion, the printing press, noodles and paper...
` And Larkin said: "You must hate yourself! Don't you have any racial pride?"
` Phil told him in no uncertain terms that he wasn't a 'pure Aryan': He's a noticeable fraction Native American, and other ethnicities. Then, he went on to say that Larkin's blessed Scandinavians are genetically the most similar to Australia's aborigines, and that people always seem to complain about who is rushing into the country at any given point, such as the Irish in the early 20th Century.
` Phil, like me, does not recognize 'races', only cultures and gene pools (which largely do not correspond to so-called 'races'), and so... well... he does not very well approve of the fact that Larkin is not tolerant of, say, him. Phil doesn't have to be. He just ignores him. This being intolerant of intolerance-thing (irony!) is why we went out for some beer after that happened.

` Anyway, it's almost as creepy as my dad... while Jerry probably doesn't have all these same delusions, he is much more than fully capable of this type of crap - without the marijuana.

` Before I forget - it's is also of note that Larkin been known to blow up at people!
` This one guy who made a test-video for a business videotaping stunt-flying kites he was starting (by sitting in his car and secretly taping Phil and Larkin flying their kites) really got Larkin mad.
` Phil and I were rolling our eyes at the content of the video, which largely focused on Phil's kite while he was steering it left and right, sometimes unwinding the strings by making it go in little circles, during which was inserted a 'whooshing' sound effect.
` Larkin's kite, meanwhile, had been doing all kinds of tricks, which were apparently interpreted as mistakes and the disentangling of strings, so whenever it began to axle and whatnot, he would zoom in on Phil's kite, which was not doing anything interesting except for the occasional flying-in-a-square.
` The guy gave them the DVD of the test-video, and was saying to Phil; 'Wow, man! You did all the tricks, I mean, you did everything!' (There were only, like, two tricks in the entire 13-minute video of 'stunt flying', though since then, he's learned to fly a kite and discovered that tugging at one string or the other causes the kite to steer itself in tight circles.)
` Well, Phil didn't complain much about the video, though he did advise the guy to use classical music, as you both don't get in trouble for using it, and it is a more attractive option than whatever annoying showtune/muzak-type thing he had used.
` And what was Larkin's response? Lots of vicious cursing and screaming, directly at this old man, i.e.; "Why didn't you show my kite more, you goddamn idiot!?"
` So, yeah, I guess he flips out easily...

`I don't feel so bad anymore.

` Anyway, at the moment... I CAN HEAR THUNDER! Still from a great distance, but isn't that amazing? Nice 'n breezy, too. WOW!
` Meanwhile in Ohio... there have been increasingly less blizzards and more 90-degree days and thunderstorms. How anyone can say Everett's weather is bipolar? Compared to Ohio, it's just moody.

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