Wednesday, August 10, 2011

July fireworks and other cool photos!

Catching up with my photo journaly-life. Poor Rusty is still gone. I miss the poor baby! Myerrrr!

jun-jul 150 Mrawr, welcome to the kitteh club!

I suspect Vada had something to do with it. Just look at her expression when she's around my precious Giant Kitten!

jun-jul 158 Rusty caught the scrap of paper!

I don't have any text entries just yet, but there are some stunning photos. For example, this is a view from one of my neighbor's yards:

jun-jul 160 Sailboat past the beach chairs

A little farther back...

jun-jul 161 Made it to the end of the driveway!

Sunset through our window:

jun-jul 174 The sunset making two "UFOs"

July 3, 2011:

I hate being sick, and have even gone back to being unable to get out of bed for a while. In other news, at the job I just had to quit, there's been a new Joel, bigger than the former Joel, but not fatter, and considerably darker -- asphalt-like instead of pasty.
` He's a really good canvasser, except now he's been accidentally fired and re-hired through a series of coincidences, which I may not be able to explain clearly.

Try to bear with me: It looked like his fiance had signed up from him, but it was actually because Miguel had signed her the day before Joel had gotten hired, and she'd forgotten to cancel.
` Lucas thought he would have to fire Miguel, but it turns out that even though Miguel had since been to her house, he didn't recognize her from when he'd signed her up, that's why he didn't know about it, and OMG it's so confusing! I'm'a throw up!
` Or is that the vodka?

This is just the weirdest story of the past few weeks that I can think of. There are other, similar things that have been going on, but I don't remember because I've been extremely sick and on some days, bedridden. Now it seems I'm slowly recovering.

BEE! In male kiwi blossom:

jun-jul 183 Bee about to land on kiwi

I went to the bank and then Value Village yesterday morning and got some shorts for Lucas and a toaster... and got pulled over on the way back for having tabs 2 days expired.
` I went home and purchased them, having just deposited a bunch of money in the account, but won't have a chance to pick them up until Tuesday because Fireworks Crazy Day is on Monday.

I need something to counteract this impaired state of mind. And I hear meat-pounding. For barbecue, that is, LOL! I sure would like to help Lucas with his meat-pounding. Sigh. But Bob is also here -- he supplied the meat!

Our garden supplied the veggies!

jun-jul 197 Another shot, this time with more contrast

It's after dinner -- THIS! (That's Bob's crotch, BTW.)

jun-jul 204 Oh yeah, cookout food!

And now, they're blues jammin'. Here's the moon at this time:

jun-jul 216 Crescent moon

Also, just over to my right was some Pre-Crazy Day fireworks:

jun-jul 222 Fireworks and ferry again

July 4, 2011:

Fireworks Crazy Day, down by the ferry terminal!

jun-jul 235 Ferry going away

Lucas and I started out sitting by the floaty dock, which was bucking on the waves, and people were having fun riding it. Whee!

jun-jul 239 People gathered on dock

Most of the fireworks are hard to see in my pictures unless you look at the original version on my Flickr site, but here's a flare that's easy to see at blogging scale:

jun-jul 242 Ferry and red flare

Also, you can see some larger fireworks on the land here:

jun-jul 246 Ferry psasing in front of fireworks

I zoomed in on them:

jun-jul 259 Clearer distant fireworks

It was around that time that the park ranger kicked us out, so we stopped by Ivar's checked out the fireworks from there, and went back up the hill. Oddly, we could hear them on our way up the hill, but not at our house.

I don't have any more text entries until July 17th, when I went camping, but I do have PLENTY MOAR PICTUREZ!

Male kiwi blossoms:

jun-jul 261 So many male kiwi blossoms

Neighbors' cat Mr. Yoboshi:

jun-jul 265 Yoboshi does the driveway sprawl

Vada, attacking the fierce grass:

jun-jul 289 Rawr, I eat you, grass!

Here she is near the RoofGarden, saying, "Where won't hoomans bring their leaf blowers?"

jun-jul 291 O hai, just watchin teh naybor

Rusty playing with me, on a chair:

jun-jul 295 My fluffy lion!!

All stretched out!

jun-jul 296 Rusty bent backwards

Crow chasing a golden eagle:

jun-jul 298 Out, out damn eagle!

Get out, vile raptor!

jun-jul 299 Eagle getting the hell away

Female kiwi blossoms:

jun-jul 306 Female kiwi flowers 4

Have you noticed? Rusty just loves to bend over backwards:

jun-jul 309 Rusty bending over backwards

The Abraham Lincoln passing through our neighborhood:

jun-jul 323 Closeup of aircraft carrier

An extremely low-light photo of Rusty on the RoofGarden with the moon in the background:

jun-jul 326 It's Moonlit Rusty

It was so dark I actually used my flash for once. Does that look better, or worse?

jun-jul 331 Rusty caught in flash

Best giant kitten ever!

jun-jul 335 Looking up at Rusty

The plum tree: Rusty's secret ladder to the RoofGarden!

jun-jul 348 Rusty's roof hideout

My hand is so tasty!

jun-jul 360 Yummy hand!

Not that I didn't get any pictures of Vada during this time -- it's just that Rusty is cuter! Here he's drinking out of the gutter:

jun-jul 373 Biggest drink ever!

Vada on the fence and Rusty on the roof:

jun-jul 378 Rusty still stares at her

Rusty says, "Let's play!" and jumps onto the fence:

jun-jul 381 Rusty jumps!

Vada says, "NO!"

jun-jul 382 Get over to your side of the fence!

Vada escapes from Rusty:

jun-jul 387 Vada jumps to the roof!

Can I watch sunset with you, Vada?

jun-jul 400 Closeup of Vada and Rusty

Rusty about to pounce on Vada:

jun-jul 406 He makes ready to strike

Where did she go? (Her ear is visible...)

jun-jul 408 Where did Vada go?

"O hai, Vada! Wat you doin' up here?"

jun-jul 414 What's that over there?

Vada gets ready to push Rusty off:

jun-jul 416 Oh, what are you doing here?

"Why she do dat to me?"

jun-jul 422 Rusty patiently waits for Vada

Vada sez: "Rusty, you fail!"

jun-jul 424 Chimney Cat Sweeps Herself!

These RoofCat pictures took place just before my camping trip -- that will be in the next post!

To see moar of these photos, ones I didn't have room for, go here! It's neat-o.


Daisy said...

Great pictures! I love the sunsets...and the flowers...and the cats!! haha!

So I've lost track. Is Rusty still missing? Or is he found again? He is a very pretty cat.

S E E Quine said...

He's still missing. I was out looking for him earlier at the stray cat feeding station near my house, his suspected refuge. My poor ki'kat.

There's plenny more pics from where that came from ;)

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