Saturday, July 30, 2011

My story continues, with more June photos!

Still no sign of giant Rusty kitten. Maybe he's been annoyingly friendly with the wrong critter? As I'm still behind on my story, here's where I left off:

jun-jul 045 The blue flowers are blooming!

June 11, 2011:

Drove Anthony up to drop his kids off at their grandpa's, in my car! They remembered that they were supposed to go in my car last time, in their car seats, but Anthony had used another vehicle instead. I explained that indeed they were right, and this time they got to go in my car! Yay! After that, I dropped Anthony off at work.
` I was late in getting home, and was just getting back to my cards when our neighbor Pam knocked on the door and said that one of Andrew's friends was just over in a blue Lexus with one orange door panel... the same guy in the same car who had previously asked her, while she was jogging, if she had wanted to have sex with him! Literally!
` As she was telling me, her husband overheard, and, as he's a paranoid criminal profiler, he said it was a stalker and they called the police about it, so that took up a considerable amount of time.

Important note: Later on, now seems that Andrew's friend was just being an ass because Pam had given him an annoyed look for blasting his stereo so loud.

Between this entry and the next, I've been taking a lot of sunset pictures, especially with Rusty, my good Giant Kitten:

jun-jul 061 Rusty is so distracted!

Sunset iz in house?

jun-jul 064 Rusty looking at window reflection

One particularly vivid sunset:

jun-jul 068 The rain clouds on fyyyerrr!

A few minutes later:

jun-jul 070 Multicolored rainclouds

Even when it's completely overcast and rainy, we still get nice sunsets -- here's one!

jun-jul 077 The multicolored sun!

June 18, 2011:

I have been so sick it isn't funny! I've just been bedridden, and there's no way I can work even if I did have a job!Link
Lucas was telling me about going to the Mariners game, and Mark the actor/scoreboard guy put 'Congrats on the Marriage, Ryan & Clinton' up on the scoreboard. Brian took pictures to humiliate them later.
` Also, Mark got a role in this show called Leverage. It must be this one, about these modern day Robin Hoods. COOL!

Moar picturez:

Vada about to pounce on Rusty's stick.

jun-jul 091 Vada fascinated with the stick

Rusty about to pounce on Vada's tail:

jun-jul 099 Rusty launches toward Vada!

Rusty all tuckered out:

jun-jul 104 Giant Rusty Yawn!

June 21, 2011:

I climbed a tree with Vada, but didn't get a picture. I did, however get a solstice sunset picture.

I think it was this one:

jun-jul 108 There's like a sunset in the island!

Here's another rainy sunset, with bonus heron!

jun-jul 116 The pink horizon

Ceiling cat drinkz Pabst:

jun-jul 123 YAWN! Have a beer!

Mattress Cat hides from ceiling cat:

jun-jul 130 Snzzzzzzzzz

He is never far away from Mattress Cat...

jun-jul 131 Rusty always near Vada

Rusty is always sure to be practically glued to Vada, just as sure as these thingies go back and forth:

jun-jul 132 Ferry in the morning

Rusty playing in the broccoli:

jun-jul 136 Rusty prowls the broccoli

I may have sore chest muscles from coughing -- which makes karate difficult -- but at last, I've cleaned the kitchen!

jun-jul 143 Finally I am well enough to clean the kitchen!

Yet another Epic Sunset!

jun-jul 144 Pink stripe sunset

Good night, everybody!

jun-jul 146 Cool cloud sunset pattern

Those were only some of my photos -- all of my June photos are here!

I'll be back soon to continue the story of my life, and to display more photos! Just as sure as Rusty is no longer glued to Vada....

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Daisy said...

Wow! Those are the bluest flowers I've ever seen. Those are really beautiful.

I can see why Vada might get tired of Rusty pestering her. I think he likes her though. :) I hope you find him if he's still lost.

Hope you get to feeling better too. Seems like you've been sick for quite a while.