Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My second-ever full-time job, beginning to end!

The weeks have been hurtling by, yet I've barely written anything of it! I'm going to continue where I left off at the last post, and hopefully catch up soon -- just as sure as Rusty loves Vada!

may 107 Rusty luvvz Vada

Speaking of which, I haven't seen him today. I wonder if Vada has finally gotten up the nerve to mail him to Abu Dhabi?

May 18, 2011:

I've been getting so many things done with my limited daily routine, until I started working on Monday. Now it's Wednesday, and I haven't gotten much done despite my strict regimen:

Today, right after I got up, I went to the gym, right after that I went to work, where I walked around in the lovely sunny day and accomplished nothing for the company.

may 106 My dorky too-big Clear NRG  shirt

Right after that it was time for karate, right after karate I had a snack and went outside, stirred up soil and steer manure, waited for Lucas to finish mowing a section of lawn and pulled the hose over, watered it and planted peas and beans, then I washed some dishes -- they are really piling up on the counter, along with garbage, now that I have a job and am not around all day to clean up after everyone.

may 120 This is what happens when I'm not home to clean the kitchen all day

Having just finished that, it's 9:17 and time for massaging Lucas' cramping muscles before bed and I wake up and do it all over again, except for the planting peas and beans part.

Luckily, I still have Lucas, along with my giant kitten who comes inside all dirty and leaves a pile of debris on the couch! It's actually kind of cute!

may 111 Lucas holding a very dirty Rusty

May 19, 2011:

Today after work, Lucas has been working on his golf swing. Not bad!

may 122 Lucas' golf swing

Here's Lucas' butt, after just having mooned me while picking up the balls, and Vada is over to the side in order to watch the balls fly at a safe distance.

may 123 Vada checking out Lucas' pants coming down

May 20, 2011:

Today, after I did my note-cataloging and workout, I called Lucas and he said he GOT THE SILVERTIPS TO SIGN UP FOR ADVERTISING! You know what this means? Thousands of dollars -- and royalties! Wheeeee-ha!

Then, I paid our internet with my mom's credit card, and called her to tell her that I did so, and that we're racking up money and want to pay her back for all the money she's given us. It's sad, but true.

It was another sunny day canvassing, I got TWO leads! W00t! I came down to Seattle with Anthony, Lucas came too, went to our boss Nigel's house [name added later, for safety purposes], which had three huge monitors for his water-cooled computer, a creek with ducks and fish, and he even had a cool bathroom sink, which looked like a punchbowl.
` Nigel wasn't so pleasant though, and was obviously drunk and on coke, and especially was pissed off that Lucas told him he had karate four days a week, even though Lucas had told him this before. He kept saying, "Don't interrupt me!" even though he was interrupting Lucas!

Then, there was a knock at the door and he told this other canvasser with a tree removal company, that he was a renter. He must not think much of canvassers, despite the fact that his OWN canvassers (us) are what get his company some sales.
` (Correction, he IS a renter; he just lied to US that he owned his home. What a tangled web we weave!)
` It was getting very heated between those two, and Lucas sent me out to wait in the car. When he came back to the car, he said that if it weren't for the fact that he actually brought Anthony back to this company to come work for him, as canvassing manager, that he would just stop working for this assh----!

Then, we went to the bank to deposit our checks and Lucas went back to Everett for more business, and after work, I signed a check over to Anthony, who bought me a car wash, and then we vacuumed the interior.
` I was going to wipe off my dash, but Lucas sent me on some errands, and as soon as I got back it was karate class, with Michael, Alex and Troy, went great in the Comedy Dojo, then I wiped off my dash and called my mom to tell her I got my first two leads, then went to the Seven Eleven for ice cream and beer.

may 134 Ferry on the pink water

May 21, 2011:

Today's been as busy as usual. It's only 8:15, so I have some book cataloging cards to write until 9, when it'll be time to start drinking and watch some really neat videos and eat ice cream. Really takes the edge off!

Sunset over Rusty!

may 149 Sun setting over Rusty

May 30 -- Memorial Day:


may 167 Rusty digs Lucas' rhythm

Nate and Rebekah were the first to show up, with their son Charlie!

may 169 Charlie melee!

They also brought the Best. Chili. Ever. It had cashews and stuff in it, too!

may 171 Best chili evar!

Then Anthony and his kids and girlfriend showed up, and they brought their little kid-jeep, and all three kids had a ball with it!

may 180 Anthony jumps on the back

Then, Nate and Lucas started sparring and somehow Lucas moved to get out of the way and his nose got broken! I'm not sure how it happened, but at least one camera-phone shows how!

may 183 Hooray for video phones!

There was also golf involved -- here, Anthony is teaching Little Anthony how!

may 189 Anthony teaching Little Anthony to golf

Poor Lucas' nose!

may 190 Lucas' nose almost broken!

Troy, on the other hand, got drunk on cream soda and passed out on the couch -- LOL!

may 191 Troy passed out from Vanilla Cream

June 1, 2011:

Lots has been going on and I've been too busy working to write about it, especially now that the office has been moved from Mukilteo, where everyone lives except Nigel, to Seattle, near Nigel's house, so that all eleven of his employees have to drive a half hour or so just to get to work -- that's ten dollars in gas per day!
` Thus, I have time to write this in the car on the way to work! I've been literally working my ass off, plus gym and karate, so I'm skinnier than ever. Also, Lucas officially signed the Silvertips for advertising services, meaning money and royalties for us!

Miss-Know-It-All (=MKIA=Jen) has also been working as a bicycle delivery person for Zippy's Java Lounge, yet for some reason her ass has been getting bigger. She also isn't paid an hourly wage, only tips, and has apparently only made $15 in her first 6 weeks, so she can't pay rent.
` She actually wanted her smaller, retarded brother to live with her so he could pay rent! How pathetic is that? Now she's having to move out because "Oh well, I guess I just can't pay rent!" So she's a know-it-all and has a strong victim complex, so there really IS nothing you can do for her.
` As for the owner of Zippy's/dumb ugly bitch, she's committing a crime by not paying her employee, so we've notified friends who hang out there to boycott Zippy's.

In a way, I'm paying Jen's rent because I'm the one with a real job. Yesterday, I was walking in this rural neighborhood in Woodinville where I saw a couple of tame mule deer, and was later stopped by this crazy multi-lingual old lady who drove up and was picking on me for walking door-to-door because of the break-ins people have suffered in the area.
` Her husband in the passenger seat between us was kind of biting his tongue. She asked what I was selling and I said I was canvassing for a window company, and she said, "Harold, tell her about our windows!" and he said, "Shut up!" By then, Lucas was also on the scene, and guess what? We got them to sign up for a window inspection/estimate, and they'll probably buy because they have a broken window and a screwed-up sliding glass door.
` We also met a tree service canvasser on an electric bike, and Lucas stopped to do some business with him. Then we met a dog trainer who was so rude, until we started walking away, then she became friendly.
` What is it with people hating on canvassers? Are we really that scary? One lady barked like a police officer, though her window, "Step away from the front door! NOW!"

We were going to leave for home, but our one boss, Ryan, told us that even though it was okay with him for us to not come back to the office to punch out, he called to tell us, WHILE we were driving home, that Nigel was expecting us to come back and if we didn't we'd be in trouble!
` So, we drove back, to the office in Seattle, no one was there, then Nigel showed up as through he saw us through some sort of surveillance system at his house, and was waiting for us! He also got us a van -- I wonder if it's wired? By the way, Anthony is sitting behind me and I can't tell him about all this funny business with Nigel -- but I'll post it here!

So, we got home an hour and a half late, missing karate altogether, although no worries as this is the third or fourth time in a row that Alex and Michael have canceled.

OMG, right now we're pushing ahead in the carpool lane and just now passed this really obese lady texting behind the wheel of her car so fast that she was jiggling!

Now I'm in the office, Nigel is telling us how screwed up the van is, with one of the windows not rolling up all the way, and its smelling like dogs, and Anthony said, "That's a tight van!" LOL!

Hey, WAIT A MINUTE!! Nigel is PRETENDING that Lucas only had karate two days a week, not four, even though I WATCHED THEM THE OTHER DAY clearing that up, and also all the other people in the room knew all that too!
` WHOA! Nigel just said, about Lucas' dojo, "Pardon my French, but I don't give a fuck!" and everyone looked at him like 'OMG, what an asshole!'

Spent all day walking around, holding a broken umbrella at the top to keep it open, my arm lifted over my head. Thank goodness for my mad ambidextrous skillz. Barely any homeowners to talk to, mostly people with new windows it seems. Or were they?
` I asked this one old couple, "You don't have any old windows downstairs, do you?" and they said no, but then Anthony went up just after me and asked, "I thought I saw some old windows downstairs." and they said, "Oh that's right, there are!"
` Got back ALMOST in time for karate, Anthony being picked up by someone else.

I really am starting to hate this job, and am starting to look older than my years! (Maybe it's all the smiling?) Thankfully, Lucas is there for me.

jun 001 All tired & droopy after work

June 2, 2011:

Another day, another morning I don't have time to clean the kitchen.

jun 005 Another morning I can't clean the kitchen

On my way to this stupid job again. Just called Express to say I'm available for work. Aren't cell phones great? Anthony is paying a traffic ticket over the phone in the backseat. Last night I put the printout for my first speeding ticket EVER under the police station door, saying I couldn't pay, needed some time.
` First door I knocked -- GOT IT! It was this lady with dreadlocks who said she had a Ph.D. in neurobiological computation -- "Right, because we need cyborgs!" I said. Unfortunately, not enough people agree, so she's poor and living in a house with windows from the 1940s, 1970s and 1990s, or something like that. She also told my boss how cool and professional I was! AWESOME!
` Got home, took karate, went to bed. Too tired to do anything else. Lucas would have welcomed some canvassing as he spent all his time either driving us or other things, such as hiring Former Roommate Joel! He starts Tuesday.

June 3, 2011:

Today, I'm carpooling with Anthony because Lucas is going to work early -- we saw each other as I was pulling out of the gym parking lot as he passed by. Got to Anthony's house, knocked on his door, he knocked back from the shower! It was like this:
Me: Knock, knock-knock-knock, knock
Him: Knock knock!
` Now I'm at the office. It's a nice office, yes, but WHY does it have to be so far away from everyone? Oh yeah, because Nigel procured it. There's a couple rooms, desks, tables, white boards, and there's also some weird New York and Empire State Building prints with some oil paint slathered onto them so that they look like fake paintings.
` We're having a meeting with Ryan, no one else is here right now. Oh, here's Bob from Dry Hump City, and he's wearing a suit! His girlfriend Sarah lives within seeing distance of this office, although she's been living over at his house.

Today I braved a fierce-looking dog, who barked and bared his teeth at me, and nothing I said to him seemed to affect his demeanor. His owner came out of the house, apologizing and saying she was too sick to talk about anything other than to explain that the dog was half-blind and completely deaf, and very protective because she was so run-down, but also that he wouldn't really bite.

Hey, lookit! A fly that looks like a wasp! Almost fooled me!

jun-jul 003 It's not a wasp!

June 4, 2011:

Watched Anthony's kids for a half hour as they went and got a means to transport them. We drew on the white board in the kids' room, and then they kept me busy trying to get a nonexistent toy car from under the fridge, keeping us all occupied until Anthony showed up.
` On the way out Little Anthony showed me how he could stomp, so I showed him how I could stomp, and then Ryan stomped, so the three of us stomped all the way down the stairs, saying, "Stomp, stomp, stomp!"

June 5, 2011:

Best meal ever! Thanks Lucas! Really makes me forget I'm sick!

jun-jul 010 Vegan sausage -- not bad!

Unfortunately, Lucas also put my cell phone through the wash. Cleanest phone ever! Now, I've been phone-less before in this job, only because I hadn't paid the phone bill, but for some reason Lucas could still call, so at least he could call me to find out what street I was on. Now what do I do?

June 6, 2011:

I'm so sick today that I couldn't go into work, so I quit. I guess this job was hard enough even when my phone worked, but without a phone, and with me vomiting and all, what else could I do? Vada knows: "PET ME!"

jun-jul 024 Vada just loves a scratch!

Also, I can keep the house clean, finally, when I'm not puking!

jun-jul 028 Without that pesky job, I can clean again!

June 8, 2011:

Today was the second day on the job for Former Roommate Joel, who had called Lucas three times about this job because, he said, he didn't want to be operating an illegal car-flipping business any more.
` This was his second day, and Lucas had told Joel not to try to buy people's cars, and within an hour, the police came up to Lucas and Bob with a scrap of paper on which Joel's name and number were written on, and asked, "Are either of you Joel? He left this on someone's car. He's not really in trouble or anything, but..."
` Lucas said, "Oh, yes he is!"
` Joel had elected to find his own way home. LOL!

Also, I got a new cell phone, and hope that no one has tried to call me about the part-time job I applied for, so I went back and checked to make sure in person.

Must... get... job... RAWR!

jun-jul 037 Shirt string! Must get it!

I think that's enough blogging for this time, but there's more interesting things to come -- I know this because it's already happened!

For more pictures, check out my Flickr account for May and June!

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Hi there! Catching up on reading your posts here today. I'm sorry to hear you have been feeling so sick. I hope you are doing better by now. Sounds like you've had a lot of ups and downs with the jobs and all.