Monday, September 06, 2010

Post-Rick festivities -- more than I'd bargained for!

So much has happened since last time... as usual... where to start?

aug 121 Violet back in her favorite spot

August 26, 2010:

It seems as though at least two weeks have gone by in the past few days, so I figure it's a good time as any to resume writing about what's been going on again.

Things have been a lot better since, Rick Real (or Rael or whatever), the would be cat-killer roommate, was practically hauled off by the cops.
` Interestingly, the CEO and founder of Skullcandy, Rick Alden, helped us out! On Monday, he sent over these kids to clean out Rick Rael's room, and they didn't feel comfortable doing so because it was so disgusting!
` Well, if you can't hire someone else to do it, might as well do it yourself. Rick Alden himself said he'd fly over from Utah tomorrow, presumably with a biohazard suit, to do it himself!

In the meantime, we had no other plans, so... we went hiking! Troy was awesome enough to drive us to the trailhead, which is a half hour walk in the scorching sun.
` There was the community garden... which has an actual flower BED, as well as crops for the Food Bank.

aug 125 There's a 'Flower Bed!'

The trail was very nice and pleasant... and dotted with bike ramps and ladders up which to climb when you are being pursued by rabid woodland creatures!

aug 130 Ladder in case of rabid raccoons

In one spot there were just jump after jump in a row!

aug 131 Many bike jumps

We were trying to make it down to the train tracks and to the other end of Japanese Gulch, but wound up going in a circle. So, we went in again, discovered our mistake, and found the path we had taken up the hill last time -- on the fourth of July when we got lost for six hours!
` I was hoping to get some exercise with -- and photos of -- some of the more extreme-looking hillside bike ramps and other structures, which look kind of surreal and are fun to run over.

However, Lucas unfortunately managed to take a wrong step that extended to the rest of his body, and we had to find our way out into the nearest neighborhood.
` It happened to be our own neighborhood, and as we were walking down our own street, we passed the house that had burned down. At least they apparently rebuilt the garage.

aug 137 There's a lot of rebuilding to go!

Interestingly, I heard it was possibly self-arson, as the last fire in the neighborhood had been. Though the house practically had to be torn down, the valuable heirlooms and whatnot where undamaged.

The next day, Rick Alden did indeed fly in just to come over here, at exactly noon, with a police officer and the West Coast distributor of Skullcandy, just to clean all traces of Rick Rael from the house, and presumably help the guy out -- then fly back home to Utah!

aug 143 Rick Alden; he has it together!

Yes, all the giant broken TVs Rick R. had amassed -- like the one on the wall -- were thrown out.

How could such a successful entrepaneur be friends with such a loser? It turns out that they're both about 52, and they grew up together, so they've known each other since before Lucas and I were born!
` As Rick Alden became more successful, Rick Rael failed a whole bunch of times and apparently has never even gotten laid. Well, I don't blame anyone for not wanting to sleep with him. That's why he wound up a loser with a crappy car who can't even keep his room sanitary.
` Apparently, Rick Alden didn't even know how bad off his friend was, and how mentally defunct he has become.

The good news is, Rick Alden got to know Lucas a bit, got to know how compassionate and decent Lucas is, how much he's been trying to help Rick R. and how clean he keeps his house, despite what Rick R. has probably said about him.
` The other good news is, Rick Rael had a bunch of frozen chickens and ground hamburger in the fridge that they were just going to throw out, so we're taking those... and we're going to have a Rick-e-que!

In other news, since my car also works now after several months of not working, I've been trying to get tabs, which expired in June. Unfortunately, to get tabs, my car needs to pass emissions check, and in order to do that, the little doohickeys that monitor the engine's function need to come online, and despite having driven around since my car was fixed, they aren't all reset.
` In better news, I finally got my driver's license renewed just this morning, after standing in line an hour before the DMV opened. I was nearly first in line, and the rest of the line disappeared around the corner of the building.

Why did I do that?

Because, I had gone to the DMV just days before, taken a number, found that I was number 65 and that the number count was at 31, so Lucas and I went out for half an hour to get something to eat. Upon our return, the number had only moved to 33!
` According to the woman holding #64, the other DMVs in the area are closed, so ours is packed at all times! Anyway, I only had an hour's wait this time and finally renewed my license, which was $25.
` It's been suggested to me by many people that I get my driver's license renewed every time I move, but I've moved seven times since I've lived in Washington, therefore not doing so has saved me over a hundred bucks!
` And the picture... well, I'll have to show you when I get my new driver's license in the mail....

aug 185 My new driver's license...

Basically, my last picture made me look like a stoner, despite not being one, and this time I look more like I'm on crack. In any case, it's nice to have a valid driver's license again, now that my car works!

August 29, 2010:

Been busy lately! Saw a blimp the other day. It circled over the park, then practically flew over the house!

aug 170 I can see the passengers!

Picked up my mom at the airport! On the way, saw an actual Mini Cooper from abroad, with the steering wheel on the right (wrong) side and everything -- got a picture! It's not important enough to be on here, so it's on Flickr.
` Also, just before we saw the MiniCooper, we were almost rear-ended by a silver Jetta with two broken taillights that was swerving all over the place. I almost called it in, but forgot what number to call... argh.

August 31, 2010:

This morning, Lucas found his gas can tipped over in the bed of his pickup truck, which has no logical, ordinary explanation. Instead, it looks like another one of Rick's set-ups -- like the 'collapsing bed' trick -- and Rick had mentioned something about burning down our house!
` It looks as though Rick tried to create an 'accidental' gasoline spill that would wind up burning down the cars, firewood and eventually the house if Andrew were to smoke a cigarette outside. Luckily, Lucas' gas can is of a special type that never leaks.

Just like last year in Georgia, me and my mom went to a nice shoe store. They didn't have the shoe I wanted in my size, so we're going back tomorrow. We did, however, go on a walk to the Diamond Knot Pizza House -- Violet couldn't follow us the whole way, though.

aug 184 Taking a picture of taking a picture

Later, I went back to the doctor to treat my RickInfection, if that's what it is. I swear, the man must have put three months expired milk in my underwear, just as he did the cats' food -- it happened at the same time!
` Apparently I've also had a bladder infection as well as a yeast infection this whole time, and the doctor would have known this if she had listened to me the first time!
` The doctor I saw this time, however, did seem to take this more seriously and sent off a urine sample for further analysis.

If that wasn't enough RickEffects for one day, we then had the good bit, Rick-e-que! Michael and Alex and JT and Ananda and Morgan all showed up! Made baked potatoes, Waldorf salad, coleslaw, and cooked six cheeseburgers and three chickens!

aug 191 JT's here, too!

What all happened, I barely remember! There was much eating and much talking, that's all I know.

aug 193 Morgan and Ananda!

Oh yeah, Lucas did rock out... and Andrew did entertain us with his root beer-influenced singing.

aug 195 Lucas rockin' out.

I had to go to bed at some point, and I put in earplugs to help, but then there was this screaming about "I'm not a sinner!" But then it was over and I fell asleep.

September 01, 2010:

I woke up at 4:30 in the morning and everyone but JT was still there! Apparently, the screaming I had heard was Troy who thought that others were attacking him and trying to get him to admit to being a hypocrite to his religious beliefs. Evidently, there's some sort of conflict that runs deep, because he put that on himself, no one was trying to do that.
` By five o'clock, the sky was getting lighter, and I had some of the Kahlua pie that Alex and Michael had brought, which also complemented the strawberry-rhubarb pie that Troy had bought. Got a picture of the pie and the clock.
` Also, got pictures of the watch-with-wings hanging around Ananda's neck, which Alex had made. I call it the BoobyWatch! Not to be confused with BayWatch.

I'm not putting all these pictures on my blog because they'll overload it and people's computers will crash if they try to come here, so I have links to them at the end of this post!

Later on, long after everyone had left, me and my mom went to the shoe store -- the shoes finally came in, but didn't fit, so I got another pair anyway.
` We were going to go to the fair, but Lucas was so busy with court preparations for dealings with Rick that we didn't have time. Eventually, Lucas and my mom went to the Farmer's Market while I went to the gym.

Apparently without the benefit of sleep first, Michael came over, and wanted to apologize to Troy, but Troy wasn't there so we had a frenzied, weird conversation about other things.
` I thought it was odd that Michael didn't want to believe that Lucas -- one of the most disciplined karate instructors -- knows how martial arts works.
` While Lucas was trying to explain that you can't understand martial arts just by talking about them, you have to DO them, Michael was saying things like 'that's just your opinion' and 'Muppets are really awesome, don't you think?' Eventually, though, he did listen.

He said, "I'm a leader, not a follower", but yet he's an apologist to darn near anything. Sure, all these different points of view are neat, but he doesn't seem troubled when people believe that J.R.R. Tolkien's tree ents are real creatures because having no clear distinction between fantasy and reality supposedly doesn't hurt people.
` He doesn't seem to realize that not being able to figure out what's real versus what's not real can be a huge disadvantage, which I witness all the time (and should write about here but don't).

September 02, 2010:

This morning, Lucas and I went to court. We stopped at the snack shop beforehand, but they didn't have my chai ready in time, after Lucas had finished his sandwich.
` The same guy who was there last time we were in court -- Andrew Mudd, who has long hair and a beard, and his own company -- and was still trying to serve a restraining order against this guy who was threatening him. Trouble was, Andrew couldn't find him to serve him!
` There was, however, nobody else there! Rick, or any representative of Rick, did not show up, after all that Lucas and Rick Alden have done to help him get the criminal charges dropped and everything!
` Well, the restraining order defaulted to us, so there was nothing left to do but go back for my chai.

Later in the morning, Lucas, Mom, Violet and I went for a walk in the ravine. Violet found a tree growing out of a nurse log! Good Violet!

aug 221 Violet shows us a tree growing out of the nurse log

Lucas also found a tasty mushroom, which was soon to be in a salad. Even later, we went to the fair! There was bunnehs and pretty pheasants...

aug 235 Male golden pheasant

...and alpacas and babeh pigs....

aug 242 Mama pig must be used to this

...and highland cattle, and dinosaurs, and goats that look like dinosaurs because they have no ears, a basillisk...

aug 266 Eek! A basilisk!

...a sasquatch, a guy on two unicycles, and... True Alaskan Racing babeh piggehs!

aug 273 Alaskan Racing Pigs take on the hurdles!

The strangest creature of all was probably Steve The Pretty Good!

aug 279 Steve the Pretty Good Sez...

He was pretty good!

Oh yeah, and later on, Michael called, wondering if we wanted to go to some seance or something. "It's right up your alley," he said. Uhhh... okay... sounds... interesting.

September 6, 2010:

I spent more time with my mom. While Lucas was doing some pruning, we went out for lunch and Michael called again wondering if we wanted to go somewhere.
` I suppose me and my mom didn't do much of any spectacular note, besides hang out, and hang out we did until she left on the third.
` Thus, I'm finally getting caught up on everything that I had been catching up on to begin with.

But what else happened between now and then? Well, we discovered was will probably be the last batch of new adult Rickflies, probably from his Rickmaggots, one of which Troy discovered just after Rick had been ousted.

Vada also had a small wound on her chest, which we amusingly treated with Neosporin. I suspect a certain squirrel may have tried to have her assassinated!
` You see, just days before I had seen her wait at the bottom of the plum tree for a squirrel to descend, which it did! Vada leapt onto the tree, the squirrel sprang to the ground, ran around the tree trunk with Vada following closely, and she almost caught it as it scrambled back up the tree!
` That cat can still corner -- when she was a baby she would run in circles on a vertical surface!

You know what? It's kind of depressing how un-fun and un-creative my posts have gotten over the past few years. Why? Because life has been so strange, and mostly stressful, that there's been plenty of crazy stuff to write about, but I've been so miserable there wasn't much point in having fun with it.
` That's because most of it hasn't been fun. Actually, the Good Doctor has something to say about this... Hopefully, now that Problem Roommate #10 is gone, I'll get my mojo going again!

Whatever mojo is.

At least my pretty pictures are still something to see...

aug 301 There's the Space Needle

Check out the rest of my August and September photos!

Hopefully, my mojo will recover....


Daisy said...

Hi Sarah. I hope with Rick out of your life that most of that stress will go away. You have been very busy again, it sounds like.

It's nice you got to spend some time with your mom. I bet she enjoyed it too.

I like your new driver's license picture. I think you look nice!

The giant tree pictures are cool. I hope you didn't get chased up those ladders by any bears or what not. HA! :-) Looks like a neat place to go hiking.

S E E Quine said...

Thanks, Daisy! Luckily, no bears chased us, although we just had a big party over here with huge explosions and I just uploaded the pictures to Flickr!