Saturday, March 06, 2010

Roommate: Literally crazy, but nice about it

It's kind of funny. Andrew knows he has mental problems, like last night's Schizophrenic Wookiee Convention downstairs, and they embarrass him... unlike the mental problems of other roommates who would fight to the death before admitting anything was strange.

A big boon for me and Lucas.

Let's go from where I last left off....

mfeb 007 Purty clouds!

February 28, 2010:

Well, washing a bowl that had been used to eat out of, then used as an ash tray, I did get Andrew to turn his music down so I could be in my office after 9. He's like, "It's only 9:15." Well, luckily, we have rules. He seems to not have a regular schedule, however, and his friends were over all night last night.

Anywho, more potential roommates have been not moving in. For example, the couple with the massage business came over, we worked out a deal ($625 for the upstairs room, only $100 for the downstairs, plus $5 for each customer) and they said they'd be back the next day to put down the deposit, but they weren't and didn't answer their phones.

Well, hey, Troy is still cool. He even stopped his car and went running after a pedestrian, wondering if she needed a ride. We saw him running and wondered if his car had broken down, so we pulled into the driveway entrance next to his car and he came running back to explain what he was doing.
` He found out that she was this homeless chick who did not need a ride and had a crazy boyfriend who had tried to kill her or something.

Just yesterday out neighbor Sarah was at our door after Lucas had drastically pruned her cherry tree (now she can see the view much better!) and she was saying there were three teenage boys who were all taking, saw her, and then split up and started looking in people's cars! She called the cops. Finally, a REAL reason for someone to call the cops!

Did I ever mention that Stinky Johnny threatened to call the cops on Lucas in the Last Days of Johnny? Lucas reminded him that because of what he learned last time, it would do Johnny no good.
` Well, almost month has gone by Since Then, and Johnny has once again called Lucas and asked him if things were cool now. Uh, let's see... he still hasn't paid any of the $900 he owes Lucas, so... no. Lucas told him, "Just feeling guilty for what you've done doesn't make it better." So, Johnny began screaming, "FUCK YOU, COMMIE!" and all that.

Le Sigh.

Once more, my ears are becoming inflamed from wearing earplugs all the time. Andrew has switched from music to people playing video games and it is loud. Once again, it's as if my office, and my piano, is off-limits to me again. I have been wanting to start up composing piano again, which is best done at night because it's quiet, but I never can hear myself think at night anymore!
` The good thing is, there's not Really Loud Fishtank in the living room anymore, so that's a good place to go when I'm driven out of my office. I guess I'll have to go down for the third time....

Indeed, he has people down there, who seem to be squatting in his room. Well, anyway, got to do my math!

It's now two the next morning... the deep, floor-penetrating voices are no longer emanating from beneath my bedroom, so I'm getting to bed.
` Just thought I'd note that Troy has concocted a peanut butter, jelly, and cheese sandwich. He's had peanut butter and cheese, jelly and cheese, so why not? He says it's good, though the cheese is a bit mild for the sandwich.

March 1, 2010:

Another guy, Scott, came to look at the house. What a cute li'l innocent-lookin' guy! He's 19 and is some kind of Boeing mechanic, I forget.

mfeb 020 Mmmm... barberry flowers!

March 4, 2010:

Finally made it to my formerly-December dentist appointment. That took a while.

Scott has found another house within walking distance of Paine Field, and this other guy, Ron, who was going to come over the same day, never showed up.
` We just had this other guy over, who was looking at the downstairs room, and another one is here already looking at Stinky Johnny's formerly stinky former room!
` This guy is wearing a suit, so that's probably a good sign. Also, Violet is slurping out of the windowsill again!

Well, both of these guys say they'll be back tomorrow with money, which is great because rent is due tomorrow and we'll have enough money to pay it even if only one comes back!

Also, Lucas got a TON of food at Grocery Outlet, including tons of wild-caught salmon! Also exciting for me is the fact that I bought a $2.35 mini cheese grater/ foot file, which, unlike those heavy-duty emory boards, doesn't make callouses worse -- instead, it very quickly DESTROYS the huge callouses around my warts -- I can walk normally without tremendous pain now!

Go Speed Grater, Go!

mfeb 021 Violet wants to play!

March 5, 2010:

Both guys who said they were going to pay... you'll never guess. The one can't move in until June and the other said he found a place to stay for free. However, I got two Financial Aid checks today for some reason, and we were able to pay rent anyway!

Lucas was talking to Johnny's brother Joe today and told him about Johnny calling him back. Joe asked, "Did he start screaming at you?" Apparently, he knows Johnny all too well.

Also, Lucas has been trying to call Karen, our former old lady neighbor who's really been wanting to get into drinking and sex since she's been single, and has only been able to leave messages. Finally today he got a call back from her sister, who told him that Karen has been in a coma and has had two brain surgeries and is now recovering. Well no WONDER she didn't call back!

Also, Troy just called from the grocery store, wondering what kind of ice cream Lucas and I would prefer. What a guy!

Okay, I have to be frank about Andrew's mental deficits. He once told us to tell him if he was acting strange, in case he wasn't keeping up with his meds. Judging from the werewolf noises coming from downstairs, he apparently hasn't been.

And might I first mention, the other day his friends thought that Andrew had talked to Lucas about them renting one of the rooms, and also said that Andrew had told them that Lucas and I had moved in the same time as him, and seemed to think that Lucas and I weren't a couple.

Well, now, at 1:40 in the morning, Andrew's all having a Schizophrenic Wookiee Convention in his room. I've actually heard it before, but then it sounded more like a Klingon Orgy.
` We went downstairs and Troy was playing a Final Fantasy game in the den, a bit bewildered. Andrew was apologetic, as he usually is, saying it was just him and three drinks and five Adderols, trying to clean up his room while drowning out the stuff going on in his head without the benefit of loud music, Lucas offered to let him borrow some headphones.
` He was all making weird noises and twitching and dancing around, a clear sign that Adderol and Alcohol Don't Mix For Him.

Lucas called his parents, and they immediately picked up, despite it being two in the morning. They must have known.

That explains the loud music, let's just say.

mfeb 033 Closeup of Dreamlifter

March 6, 2010:

Troy came home from being stabbed, right as I was videotaping Violet sitting underneath a hummingbird in the kiwi bushes, and he and Lucas and I got to chatting. He was telling us about the time one of the Anime Conventions was in the same hotel as a Southern Baptist Convention, in a very amusing storytelling patter.
` The gist of it was this; an old woman, we'll call her Pearl, was on her way to her hotel room, planning on praying and going to bed, when she steps into the lobby to find... sword-wielding spiky-haired dudes... fully grown black men wearing school girl outfits... girls not wearing enough clothing, and other characters seemingly out of the Book of Revelations.
` At the same time, Troy's friend Dan was on his way down the elevator, after having put the final blood splatters on his armor, and is practicing his evillest grin in the elevator mirror.

Oh yes.

So, finally Pearl gets to the elevator door, whispers, "Hallelujah!" and it opens to reveal BIG EVIL-LOOKING DANNY BOY, who thinks to himself, 'this is my big chance!'
` He gives her the most hideous grin he can muster and says in a booming voice, "Going down? Mua ha ha ha ha ha haaaa!"

Pearl collapses and the paramedics are called.

'Twas a bit too much for her.

Anyway... That's all I have for now. Oh yeah, and don't forget -- I've uploaded some more pictures to Flickr!

If you haven't seen my artwork or new photos, considering that I can barely upload any on a blog without one's computer suffering a meltdown, here's your chance!


Daisy said...

Hi Sarah! I'm sorry to hear none of those people who have been by worked out to becoming roommates for you, but I'm glad you were able to get the rent paid anyway. You sure have had a hard time with the roommate situation. I really like the first picture here of the sky. Very nice! Hope you have a good week! :)

S E E Quine said...

Well, except for Troy. Thanks! I have plenty more on Flickr, I just can't upload them all here or there would be hundreds, and even fifty can make loading up this page difficult.

I shall do my best to have a good week! You too!

Andrew's still here, although he was arrested today for driving under the influence of something or other.

Monado said...

The story about Danny is freaking hilarious! What is it with potential room-mates? Can you ask why they left their last place? It might help expose their worldview, e.g. "Everybody's mean, everybody lies about me, everyone keeps wanting me to pay for things I broke/stole/used, no one believes me when I tell them the dictionary is wrong, they don't like it when I stop taking my meds," etc.

Like the time I was asking about a used car, "How often do you change the oil?" and the answer was, "It needs oil!?"

S E E Quine said...

Monado! Glad to see you're here! Heck, I gotta get off to you guys' blogs... I keep planning to, but I'm in such a time-crunch at the moment.

Though I did stop time yesterday to see Alice in Wonderland, All Growed Up, 3D. It got my brain working again. Curiouser and curiouser!

Anyway... I just told Troy you liked his friend Danny's story. It's true, that's the best part!

Indeed, I wouldn't mind someone like Danny as a roommate, just as long as no one hates him or anything. That is indeed quite telling.

Wow, someone didn't know that a car needed oil? That's even more pathetic than having a PC and not knowing what defragging is!
` Kinda reminds me of my roommate Jason when I was still living with Phil back in '05, who probably works not too far away from where I live right now!
` I was letting Jason borrow my car, and he never changed the oil, so when I got it back, it was sputtering quite a bit. Luckily, it kept working for quite a while... long enough for me to exchange it for my Jetta Wolfsberg!