Thursday, February 25, 2010

Will we get a new roommate?

I have continued to faithfully scrawl down my experiences, and to upload more photos onto Flickr. You know, with all the other crazy roommates gone, there really isn't all that much going on.

It's almost weird.

So, from where I left off, we were looking for new roommates....

jan-feb 387 Rainbow!

February 16, 2010

Yesterday, which was President's Day, I didn't have school, so I was home when Lucas showed the rental rooms (and rest of the house) to this one lady. Then, as we were leaving to see Avatar for the second time, another potential roommate, Andrew, called in.
` Today, he's already moved in, and we also just showed the other two rooms to a Boeing employee named Michael Jordan! He looks so different in person!
` Also, this morning while driving to school I saw a rainbow -- there have been a lot of them lately! It's been raining and then clearing up and then raining again a lot lately!

Later... Damn. No sooner did Andrew move in than he went out and got so incredibly drunk. Like, he can barely talk. Oh my god what the hell? And he went to drive a few minutes away to his friend's house like this (even though we tried to give him a ride) to get his beer!

jfeb 007 Kisses from Violet!

February 21:

Well, the only problem we've had with dear Andrew is him blasting his music and TV, and it's so loud in my office and bedroom, even after Lucas installed MORE sound insulation! Otherwise, we don't see too much of him.

Last night, we went to see Dan's band, Futile, which is much better than Hillary's Bush. It was Brandon the drummer's birthday, too! They rocked so hard!

jfeb 050 Dan on bass

Anyway, Lucas has been trying to get the new Lou Ryan band together, not that he regretted getting rid of Johnny.
` Phil the Drummer drove in all the way from Redmond for the first time, his drums in the back of his truck. He knew the covers that Lucas played, but once he actually heard the recordings from January 30th's show, he said, "Sorry, I don't really like the kind of rock and blues you play," and left immediately.

Uh... whaaaaat?

Passing him on the way in was Richard Scott the bass player. He did stay and was much enthusiastic, though I didn't hear much of their practicing together because Lucas sent me to the liquor store for some vodka.
` Being Sunday, the liquor store was closed, so I asked him what else he wanted. He said beer. So I went and got him some beer, though he forgot that we didn't have any money, so he had to fix that....

We have bigger problems now, though: Lucas has been slowly seizing up, and he's had so many people over to help him with his business projects, and they continue to flake out, even Michael. He's supposed to get Lucas his own domain name, and now Lucas is angry at everyone, even me, for not making a website for him -- even though I have done it, right here! It just doesn't have his domain name.

I told him I could make him a website like mine... and like the one he already has, he just needs to tell me what pictures and text he wants me to put up, and he said, "Anything!" So, I guess I'll just have to put the word ANYTHING! on it because I'm not doing it without an idea of what he specifically wants.

Having limped around all day, Lucas is now immobilized in the chair, he's so upset and in so much pain that he can't move around, much less get anything done. He's actually begun crying, for gosh sakes! I don't remember the last time he's done that!
` He was all; "Why does everyone keep being so enthusiastic to help me, then show up and don't do anything? This has happened year after year, and it's like nobody cares! Who does all the work around here? Me! Every time someone needs something, it's 'let's ask Lucas!' but who helps me? If I died, someone would say, 'we need to carry this dead body out, let's get Lucas... oh wait, the dead body IS Lucas! What do we do?"
` Meanwhile, as two hours went by, I was all trying not to sound mean when I said I needed to do my math homework before bedtime. Didn't happen.

He had also drank half of the gallon of Arizona Iced Tea I'd bought for myself, which greatly had irritated me, and I told him, "Maybe you should stop drinking all that tea, it can make your muscles tense."
` He gave me this horrified look and said, "This isn't caffeine-free?"
` I told him, "Uh, dude... it's TEA. I use it to wake up in the morning, remember?"
` He was all like, "GOD DAMMIT!"

Luckily, he's feeling a bit better, and he's walking around a bit.

February 24, 2010:

The cops came today. You'll never guess.

Troy got home from his graveyard shift at about 8 or some such, upon which he found a firecracker... and he wondered if it worked... so he set it off.
` A little while later, a cop came, looking for what had happened, said someone thought it might be Lucas shooting a B-B gun at a raccoon.

Jenny! Our neighbor! Who was terrified that somehow, at night, a B-B would somehow ricochet into her house and into one of her kid's eyes.

Anyway, the cop said it was illegal to set off fireworks, "even on the Fourth of July!", and Lucas said, "I know, I already chastised him for it."
` Then Lucas pointed out that the cops have been called over a lot -- last month, two cops actually showed up looking for Nat. Apparently, Nat's parents didn't know where he was. The cop said, "Well, as long as it's not about you, you're doing pretty good!"

Later on, this woman came over to look at the house, and she seemed nice and normal! Cool! Then a couple called up, looking for a room to rent. Lucas offered the upstairs one for $525 or whatever it is, and the downstairs one for only $100 so they can have a separate room to do their in-home massage business.

February 16, 2010:

Well, no one's called back about the house. Lucas and I have been doing a lot better, and the house is cleaner, thanks to Andrew's vacuum and our former neighbor Karen's steam cleaner!

Why, I'd say that fully half the stench is gone from Johnny's former room!

Anyway, I've been so busy with a lot of things, but I thought I'd pause and take a break in all that stuff to write this up, as well as bring my Flickr photos up to date!

jfeb 031 A tour on Everett Marina

` That's right, I've just updated my February 2010 photos! Check them out!

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