Friday, November 27, 2009

Yeee haaa! I can BLOG again, with MY NEW LAPTOP!

I just bought a SWEET Toshiba laptop at Office Depot today, with a $40 wireless scanner-printer! Technically, I used my mom's credit card, so that's her gift to me... but it was only $465, down from like $700. It sure beats HAVING NO COMPUTER!

NOW I'LL BE ABLE TO GET BACK TO BLOGGING WORLD, EASY! No more excuses! Everything is literally at my fingertips! I'll be able to check my email, upload photos, all kinds of things! (I'm almost afraid to see my inbox....)

Daily internet habit? I'll have no problem acquiring it - I have four blogs and two websites that sorely need content!


Daisy said...

Hurray! How cool is that! :D You can take that with you anywhere. I just have a desktop, so all my computer stuff is done in one place. Glad to hear you are back online.

S E E Quine said...

Whoo! Happy! Thanks, Daisy! Yes, I'm catching up with my emails now! (Blogs are next!)

I love having a laptop! If I get disturbed, I can just pick it up and leave instead of being stuck in one room! Plus, being able to move to different places makes being on the computer less monotonous!

angel said...

OMG... to go without... absolute TORTURE! Worse than Chinese water torture!

S E E Quine said...

Yes! It is! It was even worse in the noisy Crazy Landlady House, which was never quiet enough for me to catch my thoughts, and I just read that constant background noise effectively gives a person some what of a frontal lobotomy, anyway I similarly had limited computer access there! Wow that was a long sentence, but oh my god it was CRAZY! I almost killed myself it was so fucking crazy! Seriously! I'd go running, screaming into the night sometimes!

So, at least in this house, it hasn't been as bad as that.