Friday, August 14, 2009

My Work Is Done...

...Until September 21, when Fall Quarter begins (assuming my Financial Aid holds up).
` I think I did pretty well in my classes - I am actually going to write about what I learned in Logic class and it won't be long until you can view my photos from Oceanography, including our trawling excursion.

In other news, life is still hectic and insane - and Crazy Landlady is dragging things out in court as long as possible.
` The roommate we moved in to replace Piss Bottle John (the one who poured his own urine all over the house) is really cool. In fact, he's the coolest roommate ever. Seriously. Unfortunately, B-Dizzle is not, and has been scaring me with his willingness to attempt starting fights.

Also, we're still deep in multiple financial scammages, though Lou Ryan has been schmoozing with the rich folk of this town, who are offering him millions of dollars for him to make movies!
` At the same time, I threw him together a little website, complete with his demo reel - YOU WILL WATCH IT!

I'm also going to fly down to see my mommy in Georgia, which I've never done before, for a whole week! Not to mention, we're also going to spend a few days with Sam LeCoq, an inventor of all kinds of diving equipment (with Jaques Cousteau) and a hero of the French Resistance during WWII.
` Of course, we'll have to buy new tires, since the three that I drive on (besides the spare) are so smooth that my speedometer reads about 5 mph faster than what those "Your Speed" signs by the side of the road.

What I'm going to do during the break, starting today, is to post an entry on a blog per day (unless I'm incapacitated whilst traveling).
` Tomorrow will be my art post. Why not today? Because I don't like overloading myself with more than one post per day.



Daisy said...

Hi Seequine! I DID watch it! :D You did a great job with the website and with the promotional demo reel. I hope it will bring in some business and some investors.

Sorry to hear about the crazy landlady, the roommate troubles, and financial woes. I'm glad to hear your new roommate is cool at least.

I can understand what you are dealing with a little with the financial woes. I keep wondering how many more things are going to break around here and need repairs that we can't afford to fix. Oh well, life goes on.

I hope you have fun on the trip to see your mom. Visiting the diving inventor sounds way cool too!

Enjoy your break! :)

S E E Quine said...

Thanks, Daisy! Tweren't nothing; google sites make themselves. Heck, I might even get one of those if my google pages ones don't work too well.

Things seem to be going smooth for now. My largest concern coming up is how we're going to afford new tires so we can drive to Mexico:
` If all goes well, we'll have some investors for Lou Ryan Productions... and my vehicle is technically a Lou Ryan Productions vehicle... so... we might get that!

PS: I think you may be my #1 fan since I've been dealing with life outside of the bloggiverse!

G-Man said...

I like the part with you on it the best....

S E E Quine said...

Thanks! I like the parts in it with Lucas the best....