Monday, May 04, 2009


WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! The place is much nicer and even the view is! AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!
` Not only were we screwed by our landlady so royally... the house was condemned because she refused to finish remodeling it, tried to pin the blame on us and told everyone that we were violent drug dealers who were tearing up her house. Some kind of insurance scam. Recall that we had to get a restraining order on the woman!
` Then we go over to these people's rental house and it's AMAZING! Like this one but with a view of the islands and Olympic Mountains instead of the valley and the Rocky mountains, and with sound insulation and oh yeah, EVERYTHING IN IT IS JUST FINE! NO CODE VIOLATIONS! WHOOOOO! And it's nice! We even have a REAL BATHROOM in the master bedroom instead of a bunch of junk!
` Despite the fact that we have two cats and only one of the five of us currently is employed, and some of us have bad credit, WE'RE MOVING IN TOMORROW! HOLY SHIT!!!!!

I'll have to tell my Philosophy of Religion professor. You know, like maybe there IS a God or something.

Oh, also I know I haven't put any photos up in for ever, I did post fifty of April's best photos on Facebook. The cover of the 'Photo Album' is actually Lou Ryan in his Hellraiser Pinhead Simon prosthetics, which is worth seeing in itself.

That reminds me, keep your eye out for 'Crypticon Idol' on YouTube!


Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Congratulations, darlin'! I hope the move is smooth.

G-Man said...

Your house moving anniversary day is Cinco de Mayo?


Kingcover said...

Niceeeeeeee work Spoony. You go girl. Waitttt, come back!!! Looking forward to some pics of the new place. Is it unsettling to your cats with all of the moving around or are they coping with it quite well? :-)

S E E Quine said...


OMG, IT IS, G-man! We can call it Cinco de Move-o! THANKS! We'll celebrate it every year!

There shall be pics eventually, Gareth, and as for my cats... well, I'm going to move them as soon as I'm done online!

Daisy said...

The new place sounds great, Sarah! I hope the move went smoothly. :)

Anonymous said...

How far is it? I'm picturing it as just down the block and across the street, so you can just walk everything over.

S E E Quine said...

Pant... pant... JUST got done moving all my stuff in and am at someone's house using the internet to check my email.
` It's a few miles from the other place, all the way in Mukilteo, having a view on the other side of the hill, of the sea rather than the Snohomish valley.
` It's somewhat similar to the one side of the view I had when I first started blogging.

Unfortunately, though we were going to have FiOS when we moved in, Lou Ryan is getting our old crappy Comcast internet service back, though hopefully this time faster. Than a snail.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Congratulations on completing the move!

I like the idea of a view of the sea.

Mona Albano said...

That sounds great.

I looked up Gray Wolf Hall on the Google Maps and found a mashup of Things to Do in Everett.

S E E Quine said...

Phew! Actually, I thought I had everything moved in finally last time I commented, but when I woke up the next morning and started 'blocking' where everything should go and planning my day, etc, Lou Ryan told me that *gasp!* there were still a few odds and ends to get before our court date with Crazy Landlady!

So we went back to the C.L. house, rounded up the odds and ends in my car, and more things in the U-Haul, before going to the hearing.
` The first thing her lawyer said was that we hadn't paid rent in the past two months (REALITY: She'd sent our rent checks back to us, unopened!) and demanded that we pay up.
` However, since the whole reason we were in court had nothing to do with that, but rather, she was bringing us there to make us leave her condemned rental house, the whole case was thrown out because we had long since moved out and had by now removed all our stuff.
` Except for the garden, which Lou Ryan finished transplanting after that.
` You know what was cool? Our neighbor K., the only one partying at the Screw C.L. Barbecue also showed up as a witness! How cool is that?
` She also made us soup and sandwiches while we were packing up.
` Anyway, after the case was thrown out, Lou made a deal with C.L.'s lawyer: Since we had been paying rent on a condemnable house anyway, we didn't owe C.L. any more money!

Now it's time for us to get money out of her, and her lawyer can't help her there!

Anyway, now I'm at school, checking my email and stopping by to write this comment.
` I should technically be in class, but since the teacher divided us students into four groups to philosophize with separately at different times starting at 1:30, I can be here and not miss anything because I'm in the fourth group who has to wait all the way until 3:00! Yes, I'm being made to wait 1 1/2 hours to begin class today! So, why not jump on the internet real quick?
` Which reminds me, we're getting our OWN crappy cable internet (instead of FiOS) on Wednesday, so, I hope to catch up with you then.

Well, it's finally time for class! Ciao!

angel said...

I am so glad you've found a nice place- can't wait for pics!