Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Where was I again?

Remember all those photo posts I was putting up on my website? Though I'm constructing some especially exciting and dazzling recent ones... well, I'm a bit behind. Apparently, this is the last one I completed:

May 04, 2008 - back in the days of the ghetto apartment

B-Dizzle is just breathtaking sometimes in the way he picks up chicks at a moment's notice. Today, which was bright and sunny, I got to observe his amazing magnetism.
` After a visit to the local fruit stand, we were driving away with our copious amounts of local produce and he noticed this hot girl in the passenger seat of the next car.

I don't have a picture of her, but if she was a piece of fruit, she would be this luscious! Maybe.

giant strawberry B-Dizzle wound up flirting with her from the backseat, obtaining her phone number - even though she had to hand-sign some of it - and immediately he called her to find out that yes, she thinks he's hot and bonus, she and her friend go to his workplace all the time!

We later cruised down to the bank, though instead of parking in the bank's parking lot (which necessitates our exiting in the opposite direction of where we needed to go next), Lou parked in the nearby lot of the Pepsi Church.

That would be the one with the giant Pepsi Advertisements hanging across the outside walls. (Don't they remember that incident with the money that Jesus had a while back?)

After Lou and I came out of the bank, B-Dizzle was pacing around nearby, having been scared away from the car.
` B-Dizzle? Scared?
` He told us that this lady had parked her car one space away and had basically began chewing him out (because of where Lou had parked), and she simply wouldn't shut up about it!

What a crab!
` I should have threatened to throw her into the seafood pasta I was preparing to make later....

yummypasta ...However, I didn't get the chance. As we approached, the woman was still sitting in the driver's seat with the door open and her legs on the empty parking space between the cars.
` Immediately she began complaining to Lou about how sometimes the parking lot was full and people had a hard time parking at the sales and other profit-bringing events to the Pepsi Church.

So, Lou decided to be somewhat mean and said; "Thanks for showing me the graciousness I've come to expect from Christians."

Suddenly, her face froze and she griped no more.
` We piled in the car and drove off in the proper direction, waving at this woman, who was still staring blankly as if she'd just seen a pink elephant. Speeding off down the alley, we burst into laughter and chatter about how the woman's chin looked in danger of hitting the pavement.

Anyway, it really was good pasta, even without crab. Violet especially likes the fact that I used shrimp instead.

shrimpme Speaking of weird church people and shrimp, did you know that God Hates Shrimp?

Could I possibly get any more off-topic? Let's see:

I found such a cute family of aphids in botany class this month! I was just looking at some grass through the microscope and there they were; the mommy was standing guard over the babies (though, being an aphid, she was probably just barely a baby herself)!
` Sadly, though, the lot of them wound up in the garbage.

I also watched a movie called El Laberinto Del Fauno, while I was feeling down in the dumps. Big mistake - I ultimately felt like I'd been brutalized along with the characters in the movie.
` It was pretty amazing, though, as I've never seen anything like it. So, if you feel you can tolerate senseless violence of the likes which you may have never seen before, I recommend viewing this one! I especially like the 'Pale Man'.
` One curious thing, though; I don't know why
it's called Pan's Labyrinth in English because the guy wasn't Pan. He was a faun, like Mr. Tumnus, only creepy as hell. Maybe Del Toro didn't want people to think this Faun was cute... but why on Earth would he name is after the Greek god of pastures and springtime and sex?
` Or whatever he is.

At least the weather's been decent.

That's actually been handy because I've been getting Vada back in the habit of liking being walked on a leash by playing a game with her by the tree outside the window. It involves me waving a large grass plant around and up the tree while she charges after it, grabs it in her teeth and sets it at my feet.
` It was here that I learned just how fast this cat can go - and just how sharp her claws are!

On May 28, I came home after dropping B-Dizzle off at work and the cats were eagerly waiting at the door to be taken out.
` After what happened the last time I took them both out at the same time (Vada wound up stuck in a tree while Violet got tied to some tree branches) I leashed Violet first and headed out.

Calculating when Vada's fit would be at its most explosive, I headed back to let her have her turn instead.
` On my way in, I stopped at the tree to play the grass-chasing game with Violet. Suddenly, I saw something out of the corner of my eye, and I thought someone was running towards me. Then, an animal was climbing the tree in front of me, and finally, I put two and two together:

Vada had escaped and was being a TreeCat!

Even worse, she couldn't climb back down. "How the hell did you get out of the house?" I asked her, but all she said was; "Roowwwwww!" which roughly translates to; "Help!" So I went into the house to see for myself. The windows were not open very far, as usual, but wait... the door to the recording studio was wide open - and so was the window!

Well, I went back outside and - unable to do anything for her - took some amusing photos.
` On the left is one of the ChimneyStarlings, telling off my fearsome predator. (Click to get a closer look!)

starlingmadatvada Here's the bird itself - either Mr. or Mrs. European ChimneyStarling, beak open in disapproval.

nothappystarling And here's Ms. Vada, eyes cast groundwards in terror as she contemplates her options of getting down from the tree.

vadatooscared Meanwhile, Violet was going insane, desparately trying to squeeze her way out of the window.

Whoops - this photo is missing. But I'll fix that on my website...

iwillsaveyou That's probably because the birds were beginning to swoop down upon her sister, making an awfully airplane-like "Nyeeeeeeerrrrrrr!" sound.

starlingswooping Violet just couldn't handle that.

bringingdownshades Unwilling to climb back down the tree trunk, Vada attempted to find an alternative route down.

nothowyougetdown Well, whaddaya want with a cross-eyed cat? She probably saw two tree trunks, right?

Violet, at the other window by this point, did not prove to have very MacGyver-like skills.

vadagetdown However, I had a bright idea, since Violet seemed so anxious to help her sister out of danger. So, I brought her back outside where we stood under Vada, who was still crying for help.

mommyhelp I put Violet on the tree trunk and she seemed to know just what to do! She climbed right up to Vada and touched noses with her! That apparently gave Vada some kind of cat superpower, and she got up the courage to stick to the trunk and climb down!

I made sure Violet was well-rewarded for that move, and that Vada got a lecture about why it isn't a good idea to climb trees you don't know.

That was where I got stuck, and I can see why - this leads into posts that I already put online - the ones when Vada ran away - and I couldn't figure out how to relate the two. Instead of figuring it out, I just moved on to more important tasks, like homework.
` Now, however, I have more of these posts, written all the way to the present day (January 6, 2009), some of them with the right slots for the right photos and even the correct dates!

I'll have to show you next time. (If I don't, it's only because I thought some science news was more interesting.)


G-Man said...

A great Photo tour of your environs!

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

That's a sexy looking piece of fruit.

Sarah, are the "historic floods in western Washington" affecting you?

Daisy said...

Sarah, I do remember this one. I read it again just because it has been so long! :D I'm looking forward to what comes up next. I always enjoy your photos and the stories you tell about them.

That strawberry sure looks good! They are way out of season here, of course. Have a good weekend!

Ghost Dansing said...

i think i've seen this lady you're friend was flirting with...... did she look like this?

S E E Quine said...

Not even my environs anymore, G-man, that's how old it is!! Amazing, huh?

Thankfully, Nick, our current dwelling is high on a hill.

Thanks, Daisy! I'll have to resume those....

Ghost Dansing - yes, that's her! How did you know?