Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Spoony's work is never done...


I've been known to occasionally rant about how I'm constantly being dragged away from the computer each time I get on it, but do I ever vent about daily life?

I don't recall - it's really not my thing.

Though it's 'art post day' today, I figured I'd write what was on my mind here and now, before I forget:

So, since school started, it's been the same thing every day. As soon as I return home from the gym, I'm greeted by the bubbling echo (that also keeps me awake half the night). It's the fish tank, which is sitting in what was supposed to be the main closet.
` Because our coats and jackets have no place to hang, they wind up strewn about haphazardly, while the closet walls direct the noise into the stairwell, down the hallway, and somehow also behind the closet, into the living room.
` It is so loud I usually forget what I am thinking about, other than the fact that I know I must fill the tank to the top, so I make several trips to and from the sink with a bucket. That makes it quieter, but it's still annoying.

And of course, the house is always a mess. Though I clean every inch the floor every day, debris accumulates so fast that my feet wind up with tons of stuff stuck to them mere hours later.

` Today, drywall mud and pine needles have been tracked everywhere, so that will be fun to clean up.
` First, however, I must put in my earplugs to do this job or else the fish tank is too loud for my fragile little mind to take.

Then again, I can also look down on the flooded valley and realize that I don't have nearly so many problems as the people who live down there. Only the train track is above the water!

Anyway, I haven't started with the floors yet - I'm making sure I write this all down first because I can't hold it in any longer!

Even so, the rest of the house is looking somewhat presentable despite its construction-y state.

However, when I opened the fridge door today I noticed that entire giant container of blackberry preserves I just bought, along with the entire box of oatmeal I got last night (meant to last me two weeks of before-school breakfasts) were completely missing!
` And, since since that was the last of my food budget money, I can't buy any more.

Not only that, but sixteen ounces of pancake syrup had been drunk - yes, drunk! - while the kickass pasta I had made two days ago and the 'Veggie Roast' soup I made yesterday remain untouched.

This is the mark of a sugar fiend - that would be B-Gangsta's little brother, who came over for a visit yesterday and wound up lying on the couch all night - unbeknownst to me, since I rarely enter the echo-filled living room.

` I had no idea he was even here despite the fact that I stayed up late to do homework. I only noticed him asleep on the couch just before I left for school, where he remained for some hours.
` Fortunately he's left already so I won't have to whoop his ass.

Oh, this is great, guess what? I'm being kicked out of the room again. Oh, for a laptop....

Okay, I'm back. After spending three hours sweeping and mopping the floors. I've also washed the cats' dishes, cleaned their litter box, and picked up all the clods and mats of cat hairs out of the furniture, which are three special tasks reserved just for me.
` Lou Ryan, however, is happy to feed the cats, he just doesn't want to clean up after them, nor close the semi-moist food bag when he's done. I swear he makes sure that the bag is spread open as wide as possible, which my nose is first to alert me of, so I must seal the bag at least once every day.
` I've spoken with Lou about this, and his reply was; "Well, the cats don't care if their food is stale, so why should I bother?"
` Some cats do and some cats don't, but it's still disgusting because it adds to the smell in the kitchen.

He also has this mentality about never washing the cats' dishes. I'm serious. He's willing to buy and feed them can after can of wet food but won't take the time to wash out the dried, crusted remnants. Ever.
` So there's been many a time I've had to scrub weeks worth of various kinds of canned cat food crumbs out of the dish, which by the way can be a breeding ground for salmonella and other potentially harmful bacteria.
` He's the same way with washing the living mass of slime that accumulates in the cats' water bowl. I used to ask, "Have you washed it out in the past three days?" and he would protest and even try to stop me from picking up the dish so I could do it myself.
` His reasoning; "The cats don't care if their bowls are dirty, they don't know the difference."
` If he did agree to do it anyway, he would even groan if I made him wash them in the kitchen sink, with the dish soap and special Cat Dish Sponge, rather than go into the bathroom (with no sponge) and use my No-Singes Spoony's Hair Off shampoo as soap.

That is, until he used up my No-Singe shampoo, no matter how many times I told him to stop washing his hands with it.

Then, as I don't have enough money to spend on things for myself, I wasn't free to buy more (and hide it so it wouldn't be used up).
` And why was he using my shampoo instead of soap? Because he was out of Step 1 of my TriClear acne treatment, leaving me only Step 2s and Step 3s.
` That's right, he was perfectly happy to use harsh, exfoliating acne treatment that leaves skin overly scrubbed and dried so that it requires further treatment (Step 2 and Step 3) for washing his
` But why would he use other products rather than regular soap? (I was using Dawn dish soap, at least, waiting for him to buy more regular soap.)
` Because, when we are out of soap in the bathroom, he apparently thinks it is unnecessary to buy more as long as I'm still in possession of things he doesn't otherwise use, such as acne cleanser and shampoo.

So, what do you think he did after he'd used up all my special shampoo? He finally moved on to that entire bottle of moisturizing shampoo that I had originally offered to use as hand soap in the first place (since it makes my extra-dry hair appear to be burnt).
` Now that he's using that, I've finally been able to crack my last unopened box of TriClear to get my last Step 1: They're not sold separately and it's not like I can just go out and buy a separate Step 1.
` Now, after that's been used up, I'll be left with about 20 sets of Step 2 and Step 3 with no Step 1 to go with them! (Guess what happened to all the other Step 1s?!) It's too bad, really, considering how well TriClear has been working for me. I wonder what I can use as a substitute once it's gone?

Anyway, now that this is off my chest, I have another complaint to make: I'm being kicked off the computer for the second time! I'll be back later....


Okay, now it's the next day. I was too tired to come back here after a day of housework and homework, and besides, by then I'd forgotten where I was going with this.
` But see there, if anyone wonders why I don't often visit their blog or returns their emails, it's because I can only get online for so long before I'm kicked out of the room. And believe me, there's so much venting on my mind that it doesn't take very long to write any of this.

Which reminds me, this morning when B-Gangsta got up, he was pissed off that the kitchen stinks as bad as it does. Wait, isn't it my responsibility to clean the kitchen?

Why yes it is - yesterday afternoon I came home and the first thing I did was clear the garbage off the kitchen counters and put it in one of the two new garbage cans I have recently bought for the kitchen.

` Why would I buy two new garbage cans? Because the old one got put outside and is now full of rainwater and the garbage kept being deposited on the counter and the floor, despite the giant trash bags also in the kitchen for garbage-depositing purposes.
` Same situation in the bathroom; the counter and floor in there also have a smattering of used Q-tips and pieces of toilet paper full of snot, despite the fact that I have just bought another bathroom garbage can, which is about a quarter full so far (I haven't had to empty it yet).

It must be Lou Ryan. I swear, when I first moved in with him in ghetto apartment #1, his bathroom garbage can was surrounded in a a pile of used Q-tips and stuff. When I emptied the can and cleaned up the floor, he continued to throw the trash on the floor... right next to the empty garbage can!
` So, I bought a new, bigger garbage can that was as wide as the pile of garbage around the old garbage can, and... he still managed to throw garbage on the floor around the side of it!
` Same thing with the kitchen. He insisted that he could use the little plastic grocery bags from Safeway, etc., hanging them on the kitchen drawers, and didn't need a garbage can.
` After stuffing about ten of these bags, they would begin falling off the drawer, and he would continue throwing trash directly on the floor. Unable to take this, I finally bought a garbage can and made sure to empty it every day... yet he remained partial to the plastic bags!

Some things don't change much, do they?

You won't believe this, but Lou and Gangster are about to kick me off here again.

Considering all the rooms in the house, I wonder why they have to pick this one to take little breaks in, despite the fact that they are not interested in using the computer or the desk or anything else specific to this room!

In fact, why not just use one of the several rooms that nobody uses for anything? Why kick me off the computer just to sit in front of it and not use it?

It happens literally every time I come in here. But that's okay, I suppose. I still have to finish cleaning the kitchen.
` Though I also put yesterday's dishes in the dishwasher (after picking the garbage up off them), this morning the sink was full of dirty dishes despite the fact that there was room for them in the dishwasher as well. (I may mostly have to blame Gangsta's poor loser brother for that. Can you believe he asked if he could live with us?)
` However, before I could load the dishes into the dishwasher, I had to scrape the drywall mud off of them, because apparently Lou cannot trouble himself with clearing the sink before mixing another batch of drywall mud, nor clean up after himelf.

Well, they're coming now so I'll also be back to do that post on my art blog. If I get the chance.

/end rant.


Daisy said...

Aw...Sarah. I hope writing that made you feel some better. What I really think you need to do is have a gigantic sit down talk with those that you live with. No yelling and screaming, but seriously, a talk about what you need from them and expect them to do to share in the things that need to be done there. Maybe you should read this post to them. Really, this situation sounds out of control. Leaving all of these messes behind for you to have to clean up seems very inconsiderate to me. I can understand some mess to deal with what with fixing the place up, but the garbage on the floor and counters and not washing the dishes and such is just them being lazy, and I feel they are taking advantage of your good nature. None of my business, of course, but this situation seems very unfair to you, in my opinion. You are not their mother. They ought to be able to clean up after themselves.

Having your food and toiletries taken for their use without your permission is also unfair to you.

Hope you can work out some kind of plan or rules to follow with your roommates so things get better for you there.

If it will help at all, I'll be thinking of you and here's a hug for you too.


I've been hearing about the floods in your part of the country too. I'm glad you, at least, remain safe from those and hope you can continue to do so.

Kingcover said...

Seems like the cats are more house trained than Lou is ;-)
Hopefully things will start improving for you once all the renovations are completed. At least that way you wont have to scrape concrete pieces and dry mud off the floor and dish plates. One less thing to do. And as for the Q-tips start shoving them up Lou's ..... hahahaha I'm not saying any more! Lol :-P

HAHA! Word ver - 'demical' - is that like half of a chemical??? ;-)

G-Man said...

Ah Love.....
Isn't it grand?
That was indeed a wonderful rant. What I liked most about it was it was easily understandable...:P

S E E Quine said...

Thanks, Daisy! I really did feel much better after that, though also I feel like a jerk because I should be solving my own problems, as you have suggested.
` And I have done so. I hope. ;)

I guess we're lucky that we live on a hill, far above the flooding. I took a picture of the train going by, its reflection on a farmer's field. It seems to have receded quite a bit by now.

No way, demical? That's awesome, Gareth! Yes, the cats are very well-trained, and best of all, they don't leave muddy shoe prints across the floors every day!

Ah, G-Man. Glad I could be comprehensible for you!

Daisy said...

Sarah, no need to feel like a jerk. Everybody gets overwhelmed sometimes. It helps to be able to share the frustration with someone else in order to work through it. Sharing good news makes it seem twice as wonderful, and sharing troubles makes them seem half as bad. That's what friends are for--including blogging friends. :-) I hope you have a good day today.

Mona Albano said...

how about... List all the things that need to be done, how often, and how long each takes. Present the list.. ask them to each pick 1/3 of the tasks. Rotate monthly or maybe fortnightly--any less and they'll just wait for your turn to come 'round again. Buy a toy chest for your stuff and lock it when you're not using it. Have an agreed-on grocery, etc. list that is shared. Anything extra belongs to the person who bought it. At least try.

What if you e-mailed the acne company and explained why you need a case of Step 1?

Mona Albano said...

Oh, yeah, and when they come in to take a break when you're using the computer, please say firmly and pleasantly, "I'm sorry but I'm using the computer here. Please use one of the other rooms." Smile. Go back to work.

S E E Quine said...

Daisy... maybe that's what oxytocin is for? (Sorry, just saw a Physiology of Happiness lecture today.)

Thanks, Mona! Actually, since saying what you said doesn't work - because this isn't my computer - I've solved that problem by having each of us stay out of each other's way.
` Also, I haven't been cleaning much lately. Mua ha ha ha! Now B Gangsta is the over-worked one, washing dishes. Poor Gangsta.
` Perhaps one day this house will be run like a well-oiled machine.