Monday, December 15, 2008

Someone else's music video, starring... us!

On Saturday, Lou Ryan Productions (named after my boyfriend, Lou Ryan) filmed most of the footage we need for a music video of a song by Needless Noise. We don't know what the song is actually called, so we might have to make up a title.

That's right... we filmed a music video and don't even know what the name of the song is! We might know if the band members had actually showed up for the shoot! (Even though B-Gangsta was on Craft Services, starting with blueberry pancakes....)

[ATTENTION: They were not TOLD that we were shooting the video! The explanation is here.]

At least one said he would be here on Saturday with a megaphone, an important prop, but he wasn't and we weren't able to find a megaphone anywhere in town!
` Of all the people to help us out, it was the crazy landlady... though apparently not understanding the significance of micro (small) and mega (big), she instead brought a microphone. Even though they are two very different things we got some good use out of it.

You should have seen the way B-Gangsta rode Lou Ryan down the hallway, screaming and wrapping the cord around his neck!

Of the people who did show up for the shoot were two film guys, Random and Bob, John (as Duct Tape Man), who works at my gym, Matty, our new Lou Ryan Productions team member who knows the band, and of course Lou Ryan, B-Gangsta, and me, as I'd been let go from my job.

It's now being put together by Bob at Pathetic Pictures: You can actually watch a preview/the construction of the video, though filming is incomplete (we were going to shoot some scenes out in the woods but we were stopped by the first snow of the year) so it won't be finished until we do that.


Me, as Total Bitch
Lou Ryan, as Traumatized Ex-Boyfriend
B-Gangsta, as Microphone Man (formerly Megaphone Man)
my car as Total Bitch's Car
and our house as Bitch and Traumatized's House.

I really must go (to the gym) now (and probably chat with Duct Tape Man), though I'll mention quickly that; even though the roads were icy, Lou Ryan's mother and her boyfriend did make it up here along the unsalted roads in time for a Mexican fiesta by Iron Chef Gangsta.

And, as a note to certain men... I hope you did enjoy the shower scene!


Kingcover said...

Ohhhh I'm going to go watch the short video now ....

Kingcover said...

That looks pretty darn good so far Spoony!!! Hopefully you do actually take a little more care when driving out of your driveway than the speeded up version. Little old ladies are everywhere you know :-P

Shower scenes are good. Nothing like the suggestion of nudity. Lol ;-)

G-Man said...

Sarah, I really enjoyed that vid..
BTW...You looked HOT!!!!
Not the nekkid shower scene, but all made up!!

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

So..... you are now a video star as well as a movie star!

Are you to be in more of that video? If so, let me know when more in done.


barman said...

Wow off to a great start and yes, megaphone would have been much better than microphone but you guys will prevail. I just don't know about all that makeup!

Like Nick, I would love to know when your crew has more to share of the music video.

angel said...

i like! i can't wait to see the rest- and i wanna hear the whole song!

erm... is your car okay?

angel said...

why were you let go- did you tell them you are going back to school?

g-man said...

I watched it again....
You kept that note in your bra?
I don't see how you had enough room in there....

Daisy said...

Seequine is a movie star!! :D

Galtron said...

Oh Spoony, you're so good to me. I leave a couple days on Holiday Business and look at all the goodies I get to come back to!

You guys are great! Can't wait to see the whole video! I love the black lipstick! It completely matches the dress!

Oh yeah, and stop being so hot!! Hey, now that you've left that jerk, why not come up and see me?

I'm kidding, okay?

S E E Quine said...

Aw, but Gareth, that would take all the fun out of backing out of the driveway!
` At least this time I wasn't in a coffin covered with dirt!

Thanks, Galen! The makeup mostly came from my friend Cheshire Human, back when we were doing The Rat video, as well as some stuff we found in the built-in medicine cabinet here at the house.
` Oh yes. Who knows where it's been?
` Matty's little sister actually came over to paint it on!

Alrighty then Nick and Barman! I believe there will be more of me in the video. I'll keep checking it periodically for updates - probably won't be for a while.

Angel - yes, my car is okay, and no, I didn't lose my job over any lying that I did (which is actually some sort of relief).
` I'd have gone looking for another job again here today, but both my car and Lou Ryan's truck got stuck in the snow on the street - within about twenty feet of one another!

I was surprised I could stuff it in there as well - my bra wasn't even attached at the straps, so it was all wonky.

You know, Daisy, you're kinda right... this is the most central role I've played in anything! (I'm actually supposed to be in a movie, but I have no idea when or if it'll be filmed and whether or not I'll be available.)

Galtron, so glad I can provide for you.
` Once again you are both hyperactive as well as the last one in town to get to my blog.
` Because I emailed you this morning.
` Here's your consolation prize:
` *smooch with black lipstick*
` May you never wash your visage again!