Saturday, December 20, 2008

Riley Penaluna... he's done so much more than us.

I have a fancy shmancy plan for posting my life's trials and tribulations online. (Have I used that word enough lately?) This plan is probably already set in motion by now.

But first... a Scheduled Post! (I'm sending it to the future!)

Does anyone remember how I was in that music video in, like, the last post? Well, the wonderful and amazing Riley notified me of some really cool awesome stuff he's directed, written, etc... most of which I stumbled upon in his YouTube account.

I love these videos so much! They are precious. Really, I need to start hanging out with him more often, although the truth is that I am only worthy of playing with his wiener. I didn't just type that. Honestly, I love his creativity. Even more than his wiener.
` It makes me want to just run up and slam into him and lick the wiener juice out of his underwear! Mmm! Wiener juice!

What's gotten me so excited, you ask? The thing is, I think this is more entertaining than Saturday Night Live!
` In fact, I laughed my ass off. Twice. And I don't know where my ass actually fled to the second time, so I'm still trying to find it.
` Before my mind turns into another gutter, I present to you: Hellevator! (Just love the way Riley screams it!)

You might also check out Hercules vs The 42 Labors of Hercules. Yeah, it's really called that. I believe this is a step up for Pete, from 'Crash Crandell', because the cheesiness seems to be funnier and more refined!

Does he really wait 3,000 years... without trying to do cool stuff along the way?

And now for something completely different... Story Time with Bear and Rabbit!

And if you don't find that objectionable enough, here's a short play called Arsenic and Old Faith. All I can say is... Oh. My. Lord.

The plot thickens....

Wow. I love Riley and company. So much. And I've never met most of them. This is the closest I've ever got to attending a play by them, though once I tried to see one once:
` As Lou Ryan had greatly extended our lateness by making dinner after we were supposed to have left, eating said dinner, and then insisting that I was wrong when I pointed out where the theater was and kept driving for a few miles before turning back around, we arrived half an hour late and were turned away at the door, so it basically amounted to a three-hour drive to nowhere.
` And to think, I could have spent all that time playing with Lou Ryan's wiener.

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Galtron said...

Aw, I bet your stuff will be way better than his. When you get a product, anyway.