Saturday, November 22, 2008

Making my website proud!

Since I have plenty of more material for my website, and photo upload access, I thought I'd give the writing a little overhaul. You know, to make it something people can really get into! Here's the original opening paragraph of Quine Turns 26 *Part 1*:

The day before my birthday, my rock star - Lou Ryan - had driven off to Portland. In my car, no less! This is me at midnight, sick as a dog (however sick dogs must get), pretending not to care that he wasn't there to take care of me.
Thanks to my super-secret text-enhancement techniques, it now reads:
After some deliberation, I have finally decided to reveal my actual birthday... *drumroll* April 2, the day after April Fool's Day. 'Cause I ain't no fool.

The day before this birthday of mine, rock star and amazing man, Lou Ryan, had some film industry business important enough to warrant driving to Oregon - in my car, no less!
` Meanwhile at home, I lay in bed sick with aching muscles and burning sinuses, shivering in the ghetto apartment heat-leak. My faithful feline companions may have done their best to protect me from the chill, but they weren't quite big enough to do a rock star's job.

By midnight, I had had lowered myself to taking a hot shower just to keep myself and the tiny apartment warm. (Quite an effective method when one has no ventilation.)
Is that not a stunning transformation? So far I've re-done Part 1 and Part 2! I'll tell you when I get more done!


Kingcover said...

I've reread the first part again and in it I saw that you had taken a pic of the flag which flies above the Irish Pub. You asked if the 'red hand' part of it was supposed to represent "your hands will freeze off". I chuckled at that :-P
That flag represents the four historic provinces of Ireland before it was split into Northern Ireland and the Republic Of Ireland ... Ulster, Connaught, Leinster and Munster.
1. Ulster is the red hand section (the province that I live in. The majority of this province is in N.Ireland).
2. Connaught is the arm and eagle section
3. Leinster is the harp section
4. Munster is the three crowns section.

Didn't want you to go through life not knowing all of that. Ha!

Going to go read the second part of your birthday post .....

S E E Quine said...

You're so smurt! Or at least Irish. Thank you! I am that much happier!