Monday, November 24, 2008

I'm not disappearing, I'm just not allowed online for a while.

It's not like I'm on the internet too much - you know how much I'm BlogNeglectful, and you may even know that I haven't been visiting other blogs.
` This is part of the reason why you
don't know how much you haven't heard about from the past few months.
` The whole 'making my website proud' thing? I didn't even get back to it.

It's just that, since I got laid off at the casino, I still am not earning any money doing anything, and I failed yet another job interview today for not lying very well.
` Let's see, I lied about my education, my experience, my contacts... basically, everything about my life... but then I couldn't keep my lies straight. My boyfriend, who was the one who had coached me about what to say, was in tears.

And remember Director Nate? He never made us any money either, but instead of finishing the projects we were working on, he decided to just pack up his things and leave - without even saying goodbye! - to go live with his parents.

So, now it's up to me - I must acquire some cash soon... or else! As a consequence, I'm being banned from so much as checking my email, which I don't even do every day, just so that I can spend more time going to job interviews and the like.

So, yeah. I'm 26 and I'm being grounded from the internet because I'm a lazy ass who would rather do housework instead of get a real job - but cleaning does not pay the bills. And I have bills I can't pay!

On top of this, just after not getting a new job, I was pulled over by a cop. "What the hell could this be about?" I thought.
` Apparently, I've been driving with expired tabs for a while. Why? Well, I got my car in November (you can verify this in my archives) so I thought my tabs would need renewing in November.
` Except in real life, they expired a couple months ago.

Oh yeah.

So, when will I be back? Who knows?

Let's just cross our fingers and hope that I don't fail tomorrow's interview! (Of course, if I don't get the job, you won't hear about it, now will you?)


Daisy said... sorry to hear what all has been going on. Good luck with your job interview and hope things start turning around for you soon.
Happy Thanksgiving to you. :)

Blackpetunia said...

You should look into being a house cleaner for other people. Then you'd get paid!

G-Man said...

In spite of everything...Happy Thanksgiving Spoony...G

S E E Quine said...

Hey guys! So glad to see you all here on my blog!
` Well, I got a job, finally! So, I have some extra happiness in my Thanksgiving to give to you....

Extra Happy Thanksgiving!

(Even leftover happiness is good!)