Sunday, July 20, 2008

Feelin' great again and full of strange and unusual surprises!

` Ah! So many things have happened in the past couple weeks! Work as a sexy waitress has been going great; I got 42 bucks in tips Friday morning, and I still get paid minimum wage (which is over 8 bucks in Washington). More interestingly, my superhero and I went hiking up Mount Pilchuck yesterday.
` In the snow! And scantily clad!
` But, unlike my movie role, I was shod in hiking boots rather than heels. I was actually pretty glad to be in the snow, since - like most days in this past month - it was sunny and hot, plus I was sweating a lot, working so hard to gain a foothold in so many other peoples' slide marks.
` Slide marks, oh yeah... that's because you can't walk down the snow, you just kind of... whoosh! On some parts we slid a hundred feet without stopping! Sounds exciting, huh?
` Oh yes, I got tons of photos of the strange landscapes we saw!! But they're not here yet. That's not to say I'm leaving you all with nothing to look at. What kind of blogger would I be? Well, I was on the phone with a friend of mine from the Great Lakes Area (over a thousand miles away from where I live) who is studying to be a math teacher.
` Well, this friend has done a cute lil' class project using Windows Movie Maker, and it involves teaching math!! It isn't supposed to be pretty; it's just, you know, something someone spends too much time making themselves all loopy just putting it together. Especially when narration came along. Lou Ryan and I thought it was both goofy and helpful....

` ...And from now on, I shall think of gallant Roman Soldiers whenever I do variable equations! Don't you all feel smarter now? I hope you have good things to say, because I put this up without permission. You know, 'cause I'm fulla surprises today!
` In itty-bitty small news, I'd like to tell you all that Vada is once again more proficient in leashdom, and she and Violet have had a few strutting competitions with a wild kitty I call Foxcat.
` There will be photos. So, I must leave to ready them.... Then later, I may take another Dr. Horrible break, as it's apparently stopping tonight at midnight!


Ghost Dansing said...

friggn' romans...... happy day when we threw off that yoke of oppression sez i'

S E E Quine said...

` Totally. Well you know, I think they had it coming.
` Makes me wonder what else is next?

Galtron said...

"This was not good."

LOL! You have very strange and wonderful friends, Spoony.