Thursday, July 10, 2008

As The Wheel Spins

This is another old post rewritten with photos:

Things have begun getting a little precarious, and I don't just mean the cats' new balance-beam!

newbalancebeam Just after I had come home from school, B-Dizzle got home from work and pointed out that I had a three-day notice posted on my door. Like... what? Didn't I pay the slumlord two weeks ago? And why didn't he knock on the door to tell me about it if he was just here?
` Oh, to be without woes like this little girl here! Don't slip, sweetie!
Not only do they now have easy access to the closet rod due to the mattress' recent migration, but they have this amazing ability to become occupied with Lou Ryan's roller blades... for eight hours on end! No joke!

To find out what happens with the rent, the cats' obsession with roller blades, and even more highly thrilling topics, go here:


Daisy said...

Playing on the balance beam looks like loads of good fun!

Galtron said...

Those cats are so spoiled with your crappy new 'doorframe closet' even though you're not because you have a... doorframe closet!

Ghost Dansing said...

i found a picture i thought you might like it...... picture

S E E Quine said...

` Daisy, I think they are jealous of your amazing balance beams! You daredevil you!

` Aw, hi Vada! Sorry, guys, I'm only in the mood for talking to cats, I guess.
` Vada says 'prrrrrrrrr!' She's been such a happy girl since we found her!