Saturday, May 31, 2008

Vada got my message!

We strolled around the neighborhood, we put up nice posters.... Violet was quite distraught. When she wasn't out with me looking for Vada, only her foots and tail tended to be visible.

Two days ago, our neighbor was pulling out of the driveway and spotted a cat that looked and ran like her, but after 30 minutes of searching just after, Lou Ryan could not seem to find any Vadas.
` But just today, Violet heard some yowling outside our door and charged out into the hallway with me for a look - I heard it to and we both came running for the basement door! Able to get the key in only a few minutes, Lou Ryan and I went down the steps with a flashlight.
` He chased her around in circles around the stairs for a little bit, then he got me into a position to block the doorway. As Vada scuttled by on the flats of her big foots like a rabbit, she dove into some odd little crawlspace. Luckily, Lou Ryan was able to use his superpowers to tractor beam the cat into his hand!
` We put her back down on the floor once we were back inside the apartment to see if she was injured and found that indeed something was missing from Vada - her big belly! After much happiness and petting, it was right to the food dish!

Violet's been doting on her sister like mad!

"Ooooh, birdies!" she says. "I sure do love birdies! Look at those birdies!"

"Hey Violet, look at the birdies!"

Sitting on my foot, her rightful perch.

Look ma! No belleh!

For the past twenty minutes, this has pretty much been live footage for all to see....

So happy you're home, sweetie!


Daisy said...

Hooray! That is the happiest news I have heard today. Welcome home, Vada.

Monado said...

It's wonderful that you found her! I guess she crept into the basement somehow once she found the right building.

Next time, grab a bowl full of food and just rattle it a little. Or even get a string, silly as that sounds. Or sit down and let her come to you. Chasing a cat only makes it run away.

Great news! I stole a picture to echo it on my blog.

Galtron said...

Ha ha! Loooks like not even the Cattain can rouse her attention from the birdies!
You must feel so much better! And the best news is, you don't have to put the cat on a diet now!

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Wonderful! Wonderful!! Wonderful!!! I am so glad Vada has returned and it is grand to see the photos.

I wonder… no, it doesn’t do to wonder. Vada is home and that is what counts.

angel said...

i am so so stoked that vada is back!!!

S E E Quine said...

` Wow! It's like the Vada fan club in here!

Alex the Kiity Cat said...

Yes, it is like a Vada fan club and only two of bunches of kitty cats have writed notes.