Friday, May 23, 2008

Come home, Vada!

It's been an interesting time here at the Quine-Ryan-Dizzle household. There's a few interesting things I've written (on paper, anyway) to be put up here, though as of now the only thing I can think of is my little girl, Vada.

Lately, I've been taking Vada outside on the harness and leash and playing a game where she chases pieces of grass around and up her favorite tree. Yesterday, I came home after dropping B-Dizzle off at work and the cats were eagerly waiting at the door to be taken out.
` After what happened the last time I took them both out at the same time (Vada wound up stuck in a tree while Violet got tied to some tree branches) I leashed Violet first and headed out.
` Calculating when Vada's fit would be at its most explosive, I headed back to let her have her turn instead. On my way in, I stopped at the tree to play the grass game with Violet. Suddenly, I saw something out of the corner of my eye, and I thought someone was running towards me. Then, an animal was climbing the tree in front of me and I put two and two together:

` Vada had escaped and was being a Treecat!

` Even worse, she couldn't climb back down. "How the hell did you get out of the house?" I asked her, but all she said was; "Roowwwwww!" which roughly translates to; "Help!" So I went into the house to see for myself. The windows were not open very far, as usual, but wait... the door to the little side-room by the bathroom where B-Dizzle sleeps was wide open - and so was the window!
` He probably did not shut the door all the way.
` Well, I went back outside and - unable to do anything for her - took some amusing photos of the Chimneystarling parents as they swooped and scolded her. Then I had a bright idea - maybe Violet could help after all!
` So, I sent Violet up the tree and she climbed right up to Vada and touched her nose. Then, Vada somehow got the courage to stick to the trunk of the tree and climb back down. I was so happy - both cats got lots of love and attention for that!

` Today, after dropping B-Dizzle off at work - among other things - Lou Ryan and I went to the pet store to buy kitten food... the last bag of kitten food before graduating to cat food! (It's getting close to their first birthday!) We returned to find a concerned-looking Violet looking at us, then turning to stare at B-Dizzle's door, which was wide open revealing Vada's escape route through the window!
` What did Violet know that she couldn't tell us?
` We were gone so long that Vada could be anywhere! Indeed, none of Lou's super powers were of any use. Just after looking around for her, he left for Portland on film business.
` Violet and I remained behind, periodically going outside to look for her sister. She kept sniffing across the ground, going under parked cars and such, but didn't seem to know where to go. At the moment, I'm sitting on the couch with Violet lying beside me with her ears at odd angles, looking sad and worried.

` Violet's always been used to having her sister tagging along with everything she did, always there to groom each other, play, sleep side-by-side....

I've always made fun of Vada for being a big doof with strabismus, but I always did love her. After all, she's my precious baby, no matter what!

` Vada, I know I never taught you how to read, but if you are reading this right now, please come home! We miss you! And if you somehow wound up on the roof, please allow Galen to take you back down! We love you so much!


Mona said...

Awwwww! I am so sorry! I read about Vada's disappearance at Charles' comment box & rushed to see & had my fears confirmed here!

& although it is a sad visit to sympathize, I am wishing you a belated happy birthday ( Your last post had a never ending spam comment, so I am wishing you here!)

I hope you find Vada soon enough!

Monado said...

Any sign of her yet? Please try going out in the early morning when it's still quiet and calling for her. Listen for meows. Try again in the evening.

Put signs up! Someone may have taken her in - you want them to hear from you before they fall in love with her. Ask people to look in their garages. Good luck!

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Alex and I both hope that Vada is home by now. The furball and I are both praying in our separate ways for her return.

Galtron said...

Oh no! I always thought the duo would be together for some time! What could possess your scaredy-cat to run away? Did she have a catnip overdose?

Daisy said...

I am purring and purring for Vada to find her way safely home, and right away!

S E E Quine said...

` Thank you so much everyone! We still miss Vada, and I shall be looking for her again this evening. (Aw, I knew I should have trained Violet to go into scent-tracking mode, as she is more concerned with the neighbor's cats than anything!)

` My hypothesis is that since Vada likes the outdoors - but not leashes - she got out so she could be outside without a leash like she did the day before.
` But why would she leave? Was she jealous of Violet? Was she sick of being treated like a mentally fragile cat?
` Perhaps she didn't even intend to leave at first. Knowing her, she is so ADD that anything can distract her. Perhaps she just wandered away like The Baby, The Immigrant and The Guy on Mushrooms. No, really.
` Or, also knowing how afraid she is of things like people and cars, something could have also scared her to the point where she went further away from home than she intended.
` Either way, she probably decided that she's more content where she was and decided to stay there. I hope nothing happens to her before she decides to come back.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Just a thought I had when Alex and I wakened from out afternoon nap: when you search for Vada do you look UP? Considering her history of getting stuck in trees, she may be up high and it may not be close to home. When Alex was about 18 months, he got stuck in a tree and remained there for about 14 hours. I never would have found him except by chance I flashed my flashlight up and spotted his white coat. As Violet did with Vada, Alex was “talked down” from that tree by another (unknown) big, yellow kitty cat.

Alex and I are still praying and hoping. (Alex says, “OK”).

Monado said...

Definitely look in trees. My son's cat went across a busy street and was scared to come back. He found her about three days later in a tree on the other side, just steps from the busy street. She meowed when he called and he was able to persuade her to come down and be carried home.

Meanwhile, I think you need some window screens with the two sliding sections that adjust to any window size.

Good luck!

sandy said...

get the word out so someone can help find her. she'll get tired and hungry.Makes you wonder how they could leave a place where they are so loved. Hope I will hear she's soon back. After all all the smells are right there at your house and all the hugs as well,,

S E E Quine said...

` Thanks, everyone! Good news - while I was at the gym today, one of our neighbors told Lou Ryan that she saw Vada run into a bush near our apartment.
` So, he spent the next half hour searching for her, but found nothing. And we have been looking up trees, too, even at night with the flashlight.
` I don't get it. Why doesn't she just come home? I've been leaving the vestibule door propped open in hopes that she comes in and scratches at the door.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

I hope that wasn't a false sighting and that Vada is home soon!

S E E Quine said...

` Really! Well, just in case, I made (and Lou Ryan distributed) a lot of flyers detailing the space furball. We'll hopefully have more eyes looking out for us.

Monado said...

Good news, indeed! I hope that she finds her way home soon. I wonder if you took Violet out on the leash if she'd pick up Vada's scent or attract Vada to her?

catnapping said...

I hope Vada comes home soon. Bless you all.


S E E Quine said...

` Aha! Vada has come back!!

` Monado, you know, I did that three times a day for a while there, but was never sure if Violet had actually caught her scent.
` I bet she had, though!

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Wonderful! Wonderful!! Wonderful!!!

Alex and I celebrate Vada’s return and look forward to seeing new photos of the prodigal kitten.

angel said...

oh my goodness quine...
i am reading this after its already been fixed- but i would have been going totally bezonkers!!!

S E E Quine said...

` Tell me about it.