Saturday, March 22, 2008

Dumbest Spam IN THE WHOLE WORLD! (possibly)

` I've worked on my 'moving post' a few times today, and it will be ready tomorrow. But, since I already have a recent 'insignificant' post in draft - one that will help clear my front page of photos - I thought I'd put that one up first.
` TOMORROW I will put up one of the GREATEST POSTS MY BLOG HAS EVER SEEN! (Whoa, kind of puts me under pressure, huh?)
` But for now, I'd like you to take a look at the dumbest piece of spam I ever laid eyes upon:

What makes us Different?

1st Reason: Price

We have the lowest prices on all our medical supplies.
NOTE: Our medical supplies are all shipped directly from the manufacture and are the same supplies prescribed by your physician.
2nd Reason: Shipping

We Express Ship all our products
Our packaging is discrete
Your Privacy is guaranteed
3rd Reason: No Consultations

You will never need consultations
You will never need a physician letter
You will never have to fill out forms


` If that isn't vague and distinctly non-reassuring enough, they put this just below the web address:

Multiple Sentence Creator:
Ah amiable indeed
a good deal and had felt that I was a
look wild
In a word
that I received soon recalled me to myself
as he handled the reins
Heaven knows and been the better for it
to be sitting up there behind four horses
and I know hell die there
And hes like Rocky too said my aunt decisively
In a word
I had not yet relinquished
a good deal and had felt that I was a
I infer that poisoning is not always
The letter was reluctantly produced and as I handed it to the old lady
a good deal and had felt that I was a
distinguished eminence had glorified myself upon it
And hes like Rocky too said my aunt decisively

` No doubt about it, that's a multiple sentence creator. I mean, if you weren't sure, it says what it is!
` The attachment was of a poster that apparently says the same thing as the email. Like, after seeing that, how could anyone even think that it could possibly be a real company? And yet, sadly, there must be a lot of people who fall for it!
` That is just so sad.

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Galtron said...

That is pretty sad. I'm waiting for the moving post.......