Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Belated Half Nekkid Thursday!

` I took this picture yesterday (Thursday). It's three hot men, soaking wet and laying pipe, being watched by two young and unclothed girls in heat....
` Sounds scandalous, don't it? I'd have posted a much larger thing, but I got sidetracked after I uploaded the photos. Also, in the current news, the rap video has been finished and looks amazing. Unfortunately the rap artist told Director Nate that he loved the video, saying it was 'awesome' and 'tight'. So far, so good. But Nate reminded him that he needed to pay $300 to actually obtain the video.
` Then he called Lou (when he knew he'd be asleep) and told him that he hated the video and that people were laughing at it and complained about every aspect he possible could. Well! I'd put the video up on here to show you how amazing it is and how much it looks like something on MTV, but I doubt it will ever be up.
` See, the artist then threatened to sue Lou over not getting his money's worth ($600 total), apparently thinking that he could get out of paying for it. Well that would be fine - he could go to small claims, fail to convince the judge that there's something wrong with the video, and Lou and Nate would still have the movie to display for prestige. Finally, he worked a deal out with Nate to re-edit it (for $500, not $300), so I don't know if he'll ever bother putting the first version online.
` What's funny is that another guy who was in the video was really mad at Lou when the rap artist complained that he'd been ripped off. Then Lou showed him the video and his eyes bugged out at how great it was - it ain't no Handycam job!
` Whatever happens, you'll see something of that whenever it comes to the Lou Ryan Productions website (or YouTube).


Anonymous said...

Dawn wuz here!

S E E Quine said...

` Thanks for coming!

angel said...

aaaaawwww... they are so kyoot!!!

S E E Quine said...

` Thanks! And they're continuing to be scared by the construction to this very day - meaning they're crawling all over us constantly!