Sunday, January 13, 2008

End of Year Blowout Web Pages!

` ...Okay, I'll need a few more hours because I've been doing things other than sitting in front of my computer - I need sleep now, though. I even added a few photos to my Christmas Eve post and put that up there, too! (Update; I did it!)
` To reward your patience, here's an early bonus: A handful of my metric dayum-ton of photos in chronological order!

` My toilet monster costume!

` Cat walking!

` Chef B-Dizzle!

` Cat cuddling with Jeremy!

` Cat tree climbing!

` More cat walking!

` Booze of Doom!

` Sex-coated Japanese shotglasses - really coated with sex!

` Gambling!

` Filming The Lincoln Manischewitz.

` Wind!

` Cool beach clouds!

` Driving in style!

` Strange New Cat Torture Device!

` Director Nathan Lee!

` Cat ear molestation - also with Jeremy!

` Plus, the best Public Service Announcement ever!

` It just so happens that B-Dizzle found a cell phone just earlier today, and it's inspired me to write a little reminder to camera phone owners everywhere in case they should lose theirs:

Please do not use your phone to store videos your naked wrinkled self, whipping one of your equally naked co-workers bound to the wall by leather straps, lest someone who recognizes you both should pick up your phone and wonder who it belongs to.

Thank you.

` So, if you need your daily quotient of insanity I suggest reading this... but maybe on another day. (It's up now on this day!)


Galtron said...

Those are all such excellent pictures, Spoony! I'm at a loss for words! Can't wait to see the whole shebang!

The Swill Man said...

My sister bought one of those stupid "massagers". I'm just as freaked out by it as your cat is. One of these days it's going to vanish from the kitchen, where it currently is, to my room where it will live out the rest of its batteries as a masturbatory aid.

And "sex-coated" Japanese shot glasses- I assume that means they're covered with jizz?

S E E Quine said...

` Your sentiments hearten me, Galtron. Perhaps I shall have the strength within me to fulfill my mission.

` Swill Man, might I suggest keeping a small stockpile of batteries? Then it won't have to end!
` Oh, and the shot-glasses are coated with something even better; Porn Paintings!

Kingcover said...

Do you enjoy hiding in toilet bowls hoping to surprise people when you jump out at them? I think the surprise would be on you. Literally! :-P
I like the way B-Dizzle has a transparent arm. He could make a ton of money out of that in a circus act!
LOLOL at the phone video. Oh myyyy!!! :-)

p.s. I think you are giving Lou some ideas with those shot glasses.

S E E Quine said...

` Gareth, I don't know what I enjoy anymore, though waiting (in toilet bowls for tasty men to emerge from the shower) is not enough. Mmmmm. Sex.

` Actually, his arm is not transparent, it just moves really fast - I feel sorry for his dishwasher because he runs out of plates every hour!
` Indeed, you never know what you might find on the phone of someone you're familiar with. *eyes Gareth suspiciously*
` Mmm. Sex. Sex on a cup, sex everywhere!

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Thanks for sharing the photos and, I think, the public service announcement.

Alex the Cat said...

Cute kitty cats.