Monday, December 24, 2007

Nathan Lee and Lou Ryan's New Movie Trailer - plus, awesome (though unrelated) photos!

` Even if you've never visited my blog before, wouldn't you like to see some really cool stuff? (Just smile and nod.) Well, you're in luck today! First off, I have the trailer for that film that Rockstar Superhero Lou Ryan has been working on with Nathan Lee. (Lou plays the bald hit man seen at 0:30.) Behold, The Ripple Effect!
` Is that not feckin' amazing?!? (Remember the trailer because I have an interesting story about it further down....)

` Onto more mundane topics, as I have been saving up (= selfishly hoarding) the kitten photos just for a section on my website (entitled Cattain's Log), I thought it's about time I keep you up to date:
` Since they were tiny fuzzballs, Violet (the Earth name for Cattain Niyu) has eventually learned to enjoy climbing telephone poles during our walks in the park.

` Vada (Lieutenant Myeer) is generally content to watch due to Violet's neuroses, which stem from no longer being a Zarrship Cattain.
` As for today, this was the documented criminal activity I observed after coming home from a little shopping trip with Rockstar Superhero Lou Ryan:

` That green stuff I had swept up was the dreaded scourge that originally caused them to crash-land on this planet. That's right; catnip! My little aliens had punctured the bag and dragged it all over the floor, spreading insanity-inducing fumes all over the place!
` Both of them were randomly bouncing off the walls, and after enough of this Violet (who apparently can't hold her 'nip) eventually hit the windowsill by chance and bounded over to the roof!

` After going out the other window and hurling in the crazed feline - tossing her from the window to the mattress - I eventually restored order. After the catnip was cleaned up, things gradually went back to normal - well, normal for them, anyway.

` Say hello to SinkCat, everyone! SinkCat likes sinks!

` Besides crazy 'kittehs', what else has been photographically documented? Glad you asked. (Just play along.) Today was also the day we had all our presents under the Disconnected Furnace Tree - most of them are visible here:

` This evening - that'd be Christmas Eve - Lou Ryan, I and our neighbor B-Dizzle opened some of our presents. I was so excited - I got socks!!

` Think I'm kidding? For the past month I've only had one pair of socks before tonight, and boy do they stink!
` Even more excitingly, B-Dizzle got an equally essential air mattress (seeing as he's needed a bed since he's moved in) and then pulled out a most blobby and squishy present which Lou had wrapped and stuck in his stocking just prior to this photo.

` That's right... a bag of goldfish! But why? Why goldfish?

` This is easily answered after a trip downstairs into B-Dizzle's apartment: The fish were for his turtle, Stella, who immediately began snapping at them and chasing them in circles.

` We also got B-Dizzle's dog (now more or less named Li'l Mama) an entire cow leg bone - I think it was a humerus - which immediately broke into pieces and splintered all over his new carpet! Here we see Li'l Mama chewing on a chunk of bone while B-Dizzle fills up his new bed. (That's part of Lou Ryan on the left, and his former computer on the right.)

` I didn't get any better shots of Lou tonight, though about a week ago I got a really good one of him doing what he's doing behind me right now....

` He was such a fuzz-head (and he still is)! Part of the reason he's such a tired boy is because he was at the McDisgorge Drive-Thru earlier with B-Dizzle and, looking for tiny girls to be in future scenes from The Ripple Effect (so as to make the mens look bigger), he spotted just such a creature in the window.
` He brought up his being in the movie biz and she laughed. So, he gave her his card and asked if she wanted to be in one.
` Unfortunately, the girl at some point thought he had been referring to a porn - which is typical - and she was only seventeen - which was not typical. So, she must have been talking about it with somebody and then they called the police. When asked what kind of a movie Lou had proposed to her, she had said it was a porno flick!
` So about an hour later, as we were innocently and wholesomely folding laundry, a very nice officer came over and asked Lou and B-Dizzle some questions and also had them write down what had happened. Though he saw that it was obvious Lou wasn't all about porn, he explained he had to go through with the investigation or he could be sued.
` While they were undergoing their written testimonies, Violet lost a staring contest with the cop.
` About an hour after the officer left, he called Lou and told him that the girl said she hadn't actually heard the word 'porn', she had just thought that was what Lou was referring to. Well, duh! She could have mentioned that earlier. (What is it with girls getting Lou in trouble these days?)

` Well, as if I could not have possibly posted enough about poor Lou, you might recall that I have forgotten to mention the present he opened. It was a digital photo frame from his mom. Though I have not yet figured out how to load photos onto it, there were a few photos already in it.
` Oh yes. Though perhaps not as humiliating as photos of Lou while he's asleep, this is what he looked like as a tiny tyke next to his two older brothers.

` Does anyone see the resemblance between this little cutie in the 1980s....

` ...with this big cutie in 2006?

` One more - I thought I'd exploode if I didn't show this one:

` Hockey Lou with long hair! oooh! If only I could run my fingers through all of that - but alas, it is all chopped off for now.

` Well, that's certainly enough for tonight! I'll be back with a report on Christmas & New Year's. Until then, S-Quizzle Out!


Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

The trailer was interesting and, even though I couldn’t grasp a story line, the film’s probably a thriller, right?

The kittens have grown into cats! So they, too, enjoy catnip! Since I’ve yet to respond to your email, catnip is the present that awaits Alex in his Christmas stocking.

Have a merry Christmas today and a fun-filled week! As Alex would say (if he hadn’t gone back to sleep), “OK?”

S E E Quine said...

` You too, Nick!

` BTW, the movie is about a guy who wakes up on a bathroom floor, unable to remember what has happened in the recent past, and the only clues he has are very disturbing.
` ...So bring the family! ;)

Galtron said...

You were right! He does look like a girl! Aaa haa haaa! Okay, I'll behave myself now.
Hope you had a good Christmas! Peace out!

barman said...

Oh dear, the Internet connection I am using appears to be very, VERY slow so I gave up on loading the picture and just went to comment. Perhaps when I get back home...

Anyway I just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas even thought it is almost over. I hope the jolly old elf treated you well.

S E E Quine said...

` Thanks, guys! (BTW, Barman, tell all your neighbors to get off the internet for once. It's frickin' Christmas!!)

J Morgetron said...

I'm scared to watch the trailer with the kids around. Will return when they are sleeping.


S E E Quine said...

` Good idea. (Gee, I wonder if anyone has watched it yet?)

angel said...

awesome pics girl!!! i cannot believe how the furbabies have grown, they're gawjiss!!!

S E E Quine said...

` And they're still growing! (At least they are now that I've switched back to a high-quality food. Coincidence or conspiracy?!)

Trav28 said...

Crumbs, those cats are mighty active!

S E E Quine said...

` It's all in the catnip....

Jeff Vachon said...

Hey S E E Quine! Your Youtube link no longer functions. But here I am!

S E E Quine said...

That's because this is the old version. There's actually a new version floating around here of the same thing, just with different music.

Thanks for stoppin' by!