Sunday, April 15, 2007

There is... another!

` Just this past month, I have actually witnessed the fact that there are apparently two of me in this world and that the Second Me goes to the University of California at Berkeley. (Frankly, I'm jealous, since my own education has been so drastically delayed.)
` On the day I met her, Second Me was at Cheshire's house, where the dog - as always - was the first to know I'd arrived....

` Oh yes, you're so superior in your senses, aren't you?

` This other Me (who didn't entirely look like myself) immediately took to conversing about us, and seemed awfully amazed that anyone else could be so similar to herself.
` There are differences, of course, such as her obvious vision defects (as evidenced by her groovy little glasses) as well as her tendency to chew on things other than herself. (...Don't ask.)

` In fact, she usually carries one chew toy or another in her purse:

` Surprisingly, I've never met anyone who had a chew toy before. Also in her purse was a very nice moonstone necklace she had bought for Cheshire....

` It's... so... shiny!

` Turns out we both also get along really well with cats. Here she is holding Tippy, the Cat Who Brings Home Inanimate Objects.

` He was waiting to be fed, along with Fang, the Cat Who Brings Home Animate Objects.

` We had been wanting to go to the YMCA, but as the floor was being repaired (which had delayed carpet installation), we wound up heading directly towards Denny's.

` First of all, on our way across the front porch I actually managed to photograph Fang and Tippy's mom, who didn't seem all that keen on running away as long as she had a full food dish.
` Incredible... a cat!

` As we approached Denny's we ran into Shiny Ears, a guy who mysteriously appeared at the table at which X-Dan, Cheshire, Nympho and I had been sitting not two weeks before. It turns out that he and Nympho have really hit it off (which I think was the object of the whole thing).

` Once seated, there was much more conversation among those who had met us there, and Second Me displayed to us her napkin-ripping skills (though not her napkin eating skills, but I won't get into that).

` As happens each night at twilight, X-Dan temporarily transformed into a Moslem woman, while his Mind Control Hat wound up leaping over to Nympho to best assist him. I think he looks good, don't you?

` Later on, the Mind Control Hat leapt onto Second Me in order to try convincing her to be artificially inseminated by X-Dan. I don't think it worked, though.

` Hmmm.... This picture must have been taken at a point in which I was ravenously hungry and still waiting for dessert. Don't worry, though; Cheshire's head survived the puncture wounds.

` Meanwhile Nympho and Second Me started pondering about the Meaning of Silver Teapots.

` This got a little heavy, so eventually we rallied a Group Hug!!!

` Also around that time, TallGuy made an appearance, turning all around him into blurriness (including my new water bottle!).

` I don't know why, but I had a look on my face that reminds me of "Weird Al" Yankovic. I tell you, the man is responsible for many things weird with quotation marks about me!

` As we were leaving, we all crowded around on the sidewalk, playing this really Silly Game that I think this strange blond girl had started. We all wound up laughing our asses off.

` I think I took this picture to remind myself of something really funny that X-Dan was saying, but it's been so long since then I can't remember what it was!

` Shortly afterward, however, bloodlust abruptly struck everyone but Cheshire and me, so we quickly fled into my car. The bloodthirsty others tried to follow, but they could barely cling to the hood as I peeled out of the parking lot.

` Nice try, guys! Shortly thereafter I called animal control, and the creatures were eventually rounded up and temporarily locked into cells for safekeeping.

` Hope you enjoyed that brief narrative, as this is all the time I have. Now I must go to bed and wake up tomorrow morning to turn in homework assignments. Joyous of joys!


Galtron said...

As good as this post is, I can tell how rushed you were with it. It's that confounded homework, wasn't it?

S E E Quine said...

` Indeed. In fact, I am about to re-do another assignment because... well, it's a long story.
` I'm just glad I get a chance to do it again the way I originally intended.
` Sometimes I am such an idiot, letting people push me around!

Crabby said...

2 yous? Oh I do hope there's another me too. If you see her, will you tell her the dog poop needs to be picked up today or Bob's gonna go ballistic? Oh, and tell her...cut the grass.

How come you aren't in the group hug pick? huh? huh?

Galtron said...

That reminds me--I almost remembered what I was going to write last time. Something about her being nociceptor.

But there's no truth to those rumors is there?

locomocos said...

Maybe you can get Second Me to do your homework -
which is why I always wanted a double.....

S E E Quine said...

` One thing I did not address, Crabby, is that I cannot touch Second Me or the very fabric of the universe could be torn apart!
` So if you ever see Second Crabby, make sure you don't touch her when you try persuading her do your bidding!

` Sadly, Second me does not even know the Good (Mad) Doctor, and I don't think she's up to doing my chores, what with living in California and being a Berkely student and all.
` Perhaps Third Me will be different....

Iris VonKornea said...

Can you and all of your clones round up all of your dirty panties and send them to me? They are my ticket out of this hellhole!

S E E Quine said...

` Wow! I never thought I could help an old woman by raiding my own laundry basket!

Anonymous said...

This is a classic Miss Quine post.

The more of you the better, I say. Let us transform the world into a sinister and surreal Miss Qune science project!


Anonymous said...

ha! that was a fun post. It reminds me of the good old days when I too used to have fun. Now I'm afraid that I'm just an old man.

S E E Quine said...

` Why don't you just come and hang out with us? We could use an old man!

Anonymous said...
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