Thursday, March 15, 2007

This may be a record....

` ...for Blog Procrastination! (Mostly due to Fixing My Computer Procrastination and Being Busy With Finals, which is the opposite of procrastination.)
` I'm not the only one, though. For one thing, I made a way-cool 'Psych-Club' advertising poster (looks like the Fight Club soap logo), and still, nobody has shown up for the past four meetings! Last time, I just sat in the club room and worked on my portfolio. Wouldn't have been able to have a meeting if new people had shown up, though, because I'm not actually sure what the meetings are like!
` There's also been some other delays of late. For example, I had to re-do my math test today because the previous one mysteriously disappeared two days ago! WTF!? After that, because my portfolio presentation for RSS got bumped from yesterday to today (because I was at the end and there wasn't any time for me), I was to be first on the list today.
` However, since I showed up literally one minute late because I had been working so long on my math test (and then had to go to the bathroom really fast), I got put on the end again! I was practically pulling my hair out because I came very close to being bumped up a day once more. Not only that, but I was looking at everyone else's portfolios - which were really good - and was thinking about how all of them were full of computer printouts, colorful decorations and photos. This is significant because my entire portfolio was completely hand-written and hand-drawn on sketchbook paper, so it was entirely different from everybody else's.

` I wasn't about to wait one more day!!
` At last my turn came! I bounded up front and presented my hard month's work. My teacher's jaw dropped (the same happened with some of the others) and she had the most astonished look on her face the whole time. This is probably because I came up with some creative and emotional ways of displaying standard portfolio projects (including a graph that tells my life's story in word bubbles, a plan for my study skills in
Cornell Notes form, etc.) and included a song by Lou Ryan and on the opposite page a drawing of him with me, my long gone Katie Kitty on one side and My Mommy on the other.
` There were many near-explosions, including that of my ego. Now that this is all over, I'm finally going to have a chance to fix my computer and make a valiant return into the Bloggerverse! (Until next quarter, in which I have three classes!) This is Spoony Quite at a Student Services Kiosk, signing off!


Galtron said...

Spoony!!! I thought for sure you had suddenly run off and joined a nudist colony! Sounds like you've been busy, but come on! Who cares if all that hard work pays off? You're needed here! Just drop out of school!!

Kidding, of course!

Can you take pictures of this portfolio of yours? I want to see!
Also I hope your new math test doesn't escape your teacher's grasp!

tbsr said...

Wen uns don read to good, hows bout pitchers?

Mizzbeehive1963 said...

I miss you!!!!

Anonymous said...
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