Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Interim: A Strange Trip - Part 2

` Here is the next post I was to put up before my computer so rudely failed on me:

` 3 March; Arrrrrrgh! I gotta move out! Not only does the path from the driveway turn into a mud hole every time it rains, but the meth-heads and coke-heads are starting to show themselves every time a thunderous ruckus rocks the house. Even the crazy guy in #3 seems normal!
` Well, I tell ya what; if any frickin' jacked-up person ever gets on my case, this is what's gonna happen to 'em.

` That's right! The guys wind up pregnant, dragged through the water in a fishing net and then mummified! This is because I have a superhero to save the day if I ever get into a jam! In fact, it wasn't long ago that he pushed a guy's stalled station wagon up a hill into the intersection near our ghetto house! (This was only because he couldn't coax anyone out of their cars to help him.)
` He was hurting for the next few days, but indeed, he was strong enough to get the job done! In fact, let's see what happens when Lou gets caught up in Arm Wrestle Mania with Gangsta B!

` Looks like B-Dizzle may be in for it....

` Oh crap!! Well, at least all the frickin' meth heads don't appear to be as strong as B-Gangsta, so I figure it's cool. Just as long as none of them have enormous guns that can shoot through floors.

` Drugs are bad, M'kay?

` I've been keeping myself busy a lot, and not just with constant homework. That's where the alternate dimension comes in, full of white, shiny stuff and....

` Nympho. Yes, she was there with me at Aunt Girl's birthday interdimensional trip, as was Lou! He went off and did his thing, meanwhile we were detained in Limbo Line until Uncoordinated Zamboni Guy made an appearance.

` He drove in crazy zigzags until he actually bumped into the sides! We thought it was such a great show we sat on this bench until he was done. From left to right is Hoarder (Enemy of the Alliance), Cheshire, Lou, and Adorable Gay Hottie, who appears to be thinking about just how difficult it really must be to steer a vehicle around on solid ice without hitting the boards. Or not.

` And then, when Uncoordinated Zamboni Guy made his exit... stampede!

` As for pictures of me, well, it's really hard because my Fab Cam is unable to take pictures in situations which require fast focusing reflexes. (That feature costs hundreds of dollars more.)

` Then, when I finally came to a rest, I managed to photograph Aunt Girl, just after being showered with snow by Lou. Good shot!

` ...Ah! Finally, a good picture of me, as I swooped around, scaring small children! Mua ha ha haaa!

` It's fun! Meanwhile, Cheshire was too timid to make much proper skating effort, though regardless she did manage to make it around the rink with Nympho several times! Then again, she may not have the leg musculature to hold her ankles in the outward-sideways-bent position necessary for skating; it can be a real challenge if you've ever been there.

` Finally, we departed from the alternate dimension and I decided to screw my healthy eating strategies by following them to Alfy's for pizza, cake and ice cream. Many strange things happened, besides a lot of discussion on World of Warcraft - for example, in this photo, Nympho was being blurry on purpose!

` It was awesome. And when the time came, Aunt Girl got a manual for the dangerous creatures she encounters on a regular basis.

` Hmmmm. I gotta get me one o' those, except about my neighborhood.... Then, Aunt Girl got something to smell all for her own!

` This was Nympho's comment here; "It's only land, but there's a lot of it!"

` And now, glory of glories, here's the cake made by Cheshire's mom (Cake Therapist)! It has Aunt Girl's real name on it, too! Take a good look while you can...

` ...before the Cake Slayer destroys its sugary perfection!

` Now that's how you cut a cake! (Especially one made by Cake Therapist!)

` Snicker-snack, snicker-snack, the vorpal blade went through and through! (Aw, but what did it ever do to anyone?) There's a helmet that goes with it, too....

` ...And, there's more where that came from!

` But now, I gotta git to bed! I'll probably write something sciencey before my next photo post, so don't you worry!


Galtron said...

What is the meaning of going back in time and giving medeival people cameras, huh!? Don't you know you'll screw up the timeline?

Good to see you've been going into other dimensions, scaring children and slaying cakes, just like any normal girl should do...
All I've been doing is riding horsies!

I was wondering, after Lou pushed the car into the intersection, did he just leave it there to block traffic? XD

Gareth said...

Ummm question time lol - why are you planing to turn the druggies into seahorses??? Can I just point out a somewhat obvious flaw in your plans my nutty scientific friend? .... have you noticed that said 'water dwelling equine creatures' long protrusions in the front of their faces?? Now consider this if you will for a nano second - drug user puts white powdery substance near hole in face (nose) and inhales rapidly. Would a longer more suctioned nose (as in the example of the 'water dwelling equine creature') not facilitate a quicker and easier route for the 'person of a drug abusing persuasion' to inhale up hole in face???
Me thinks you may have to reconsider using the primitive 'water dwelling equine creature' as an example to change the 'person of a drug abusing persuasion' in to.

And in case you may think that I am merely going to poo poo your seahorse theory and leave it at that I am going to suggest an alternative to this. May I suggest instead turning a 'person of a drug abusing persuasion' into a beautiful butterfly. That way he/she will be able to look at bright colours all day long and will get to experience hallucinogenic flight for real.

I rest my case your honour :-)

S E E Quine said...

` No, Galtron, Lou actually pushed the car around a corner until it rolled down a hill and then let it go!
` Horsies? You've been riding horsies? Do any of them talk? (Sorry, I've been reading Horse and His Boy.)

` Gareth, good point, boy, but I somehow get the idea that seahorses can't inhale. Indeed, you're right. A butterfly (which also has a long proboscis it cannot inhale with) would be better!

locomocos said...

Looks like tons of fun - and that cake looked YUMMY!!!

glad to see your internet back up!!!

were those medeival guys making cakes or helmets? Looked the same to me!

S E E Quine said...

` At last! My internet connection is working quite well - though it is 2:30 in the morning at this time....

` As I had grown impatient with days of not being able to comment on this post (or any others) I've finally replied here!

Anonymous said...
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