Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Cool internet-based things to see that aren't on my blog

` I know, I've been really slacking lately in the posting area, though I have an upcoming post that is almost finished. (See? I'm not completely absent!)
` Currently, I'm at school between a class and a workshop, listening to The Red Letters playing in the next room. I swear, they're so good I think they may have a music-based future involving high income!
` Anywho, before my computer exploded, I installed this thing on Mozilla called StumbleUpon, which takes you to really cool websites you would probably just love to go to if only you knew about them!
` And then my bookmarks were all mysteriously deleted. Fortunately, I had this draft cooking online, so many of them have been preserved.
` Now, for some reason the things I've 'Stumbled Upon' tend to have something to do with art, even though I have other interests. Even so, I'm not complaining, they're really cool! Check these out!

` The lost art of snowmen....

` Cool timelapse project!

` Pretty three dimensional kaleidoscope!

` Weird art and movies! (I thought that the slow-motion world of rocks vs cavemen was really creative!)

` Draw a picture, then see a drawing someone else did! I don't really understand the point of this, but it's cool! (I've contributed heavily, too, so you might run into something I did!)

` Oh, shoot! I have to get outta here! I'll finish my next post really soon, I promise!


Gareth said...

I drew a basic little house with no door or windows or garden or chimneys or window ledges or curtains or a sun for a background for a drawing and received a very detailed drawing of a ship in return. Someone is going to be a little pissed at my drawing. LMAO.

locomocos said...

I did the same....haha! a stick cow, swapped with a fast food cashier!

Those were fun links!

Galtron said...

Finally broke down and went through this post today... I got a couple of really lame drawings, thanks to people like YOU GUYS!!! lol ;)

I didn't really look at the videos, but I did notice a statue of a guy killing babies. WTF?

So, Spoony, is the evil Lord HoemWurk ruling your days now?

Anonymous said...
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