Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Which elicits more revulsion?

` I will have more vacation photos (and stories) up eventually, as well as science-oriented posts. In the meantime I am drifting along slowly as I've been hit hard by various things. (In fact, the other day I was hit hard in the head and it was bleeding everywhere and my teacher excused me from class!)
` I thought I'd dredge up another draft from long ago... one that will make you squirm - with delight.
` I hope.
` You see, I keep coming across many different obscene cartoon strips on the internet, and I have decided to select two for my readers to vote which they find more repulsive! Here they are:

` This panel from a The Bean Men cartoon (it's about all one can take, really)....

` ...Or this Purple Pussy comic? (That's Poopy Puppy, who eats poop.)

` Which is more disgustipating? Please cast your vote in the comments section below!

` So, if you like bodily functions, swear words, and blood and guts, don't forget to visit Purple Pussy and The Bean Men websites!
` Oh, and tell the kids!


Galtron said...

Charming. I think the first one is more disturbing because of its death, destruction and use of swear words.

The second one is kinda funny.

I hope your head is okay, though I have a feeling it's not -- otherwise you may not have even thought of this post!!

Dan said...

For some reason the first one isn't loading for me. But the second one reminds me of a John Waters movie ... which can't be good, right? ;)

S E E Quine said...

` I know what you mean. John Waters movies killed my real parents and replaced them with dysfunctonal ones.

` Did you click on the first image?
` It's one guy standing next to a decapitated body, wearing the severed head as a hat; behind him is an upturned toilet with blood and urine spilled everywhere; then there's another guy in the background, yelling 'Fuck!'
` I mean... it's kitty cats and rainbows!

` Perhaps it's best you couldn't see.

Anonymous said...
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