Friday, January 19, 2007

Finally, I've rejoined the World of the Stressing

` I bet you're wondering how my cruise was? Let me tell you, it was absolutely spectacular, and I promise I will write all about it later on! We had gourmet dinners, we got to go horsey riding in the mountains, plus I even got the pleasure of attempting to snorkel with a wet suit that was way too small for me. (Might as well have just tied me up and thrown me in the water face-down!)
` It was really exciting and full of seagulls, and I took lots of pictures! However, since then it's sort of gone downhill. You see, we have finally gotten into Lou's mom's house tonight and discovered that - as with right before we had left - I had to call the cops about my car again, also during a shift change no less!
` You see, this morning we took off early at least, though despite the fact that we were delayed 2 1/2 hours by a toll booth, managed to get here at a decent hour. ...After almost being forced into a line full of stopped cars at 55 mph because this guy riding my bumper wasn't giving me enough room to change lanes along with him.
` Not the ideal situation to cut someone off.
` So yeah, I almost got in several accidents but somehow successfully navigated to this tollbooth (which we did not encounter on the way down!) where we paid the four dollars.
` I've finally gotten parked at Lou's mom's house, no thanks to the neighbor with five cars who he insists must be parked in front of all his neighbor's houses. If, god forbid, they should try parking in front of their own house, he will do something stupid such as drive over their trash cans. In fact, just earlier today there was a petition going around to get him evicted!
` Well, guess who hit my car while Lou, his mom and I were chit-chatting? Here's what happened:
` Lou saw it happen, I hear the sharp crack of his car hitting mine and Lou jumps out the door, runs into the street and points at the guy. Then the guy turns around, floors it to well over the speed limit right at Lou, who had to jump out of the way to avoid becoming the next roadkill victim.
` Then the guy said, "Oh, I wouldn't hit any car with mine!" and sped off. Well then, is that's so, then what is this?
` Luckily, many of the neighbors heard the crack and saw his car speeding away when they looked, and they converged into one spot in the landlady's lawn (next door) talking about it.
` So then the guy comes back home and walks to the door, bangs on the bars (everyone has bars in front of their doors to keep people like him out) and demands to see Lou, who is peeing at the moment.
` When Lou comes out, the guy starts harassing him, saying 'go ahead and call the cops, you'll be arrested for fraud,' and starts laughing while Lou is repeating over and over, 'please get off the property.'
` Finally, the cops get here, the guy tells him that Lou was harassing him and that nothing happened. Since they couldn't find any damage on his car, they couldn't do anything.

` Anyway, I've got to finish my dead sweet and sour shrimp and then watch a movie. Work, work, work! I expect I'll be back home tomorrow night.
` I'll write more then!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fine time was had, Miss Quine.
I look forward to one of your special "one hundred photo" posts which I guess is upcoming.

S E E Quine said...

` Indeed. I probably would have made one today if I was a) able to get to my computer and b) not so drugged that I couldn't wake up.

Galtron said...

Thank goodness nothing worse happened and you got home okay!

Denny said...

Sounds like you have intersting neighbors

S E E Quine said...

` We got rid of my interesting neighbors, remember?
` That was Lou's mom's house. All I can say is that I'm sure glad I don't have to put up with him.
` ...However, someone does seem to be stealing my gas!

Anonymous said...
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