Saturday, December 30, 2006

Showdown: 7.1 Megapixels vs. 2.0 Megapixels!

` You've wondered about it before; just how does my new Fabulous Digital Camera (a.k.a Mega Shichi-chobo-ichi) compare to my year-long companion, the Crappy Digital Camera (Dos Megapíxeles)?
` Now, live on 100BrainCellDeath-Per-View, you can see just how amazing 7.1 Megapixels really are!

` Round 1: My eye on Cephalopodmas morning.
` A great start for Mega Shichi-chobo-ichi san! Looks like the FabCam captures it all; pores, crusty eye goop, and even reflections and veins in my eyeball! It's... well... so detailed it's almost unflattering!

` Now let's see how... Oh! Dos Megapíxeles, you are a disgrace! That is the sorriest, blurriest photo of an eye I ever did see! I can't even make out the individual eyelashes!

` Perhaps the blurriness has something to do with the fact that instamatics are always focused at infinity. In that case, let's even the playing field by bringing on a comparison of photos at a distance!

` Round 2: That mountain over there! Mega Shichi-chobo-ichi is lookin' nice! Each and every tree branch is visible - you can click on this image to get a closer look!

` Now, as for... whoa! That 2.0 is just a bunch of pixellated crap! Can you even believe that is the same view? Dos Megapíxeles, I am glad you finally have an owner who appreciates you!

` I guess there is no need for Round 3 - Mega Shichi-chobo-ichi is the undisputed champion!

` And, to celebrate, another disembodied piece of the first picture! Get a good look at my flannel bathrobe sleeve, my chapped lips, my clogged pores and that annoying mole that kind of looks like a pimple.

` Textures-a-bundant! What a luxury! Just think of all the scrumptious textures I can capture at a moment's notice! ...And while I'm at it, here's a textureful photo of an adorkable guy's midsection! (Clicky for larger.)

` Whoa, scary! The Boeing 7E7, the glow stick, the Hawaiian shirt... reminds me of Phil! Yeee! And just whose shirt is that? Find out next time, same bloggy time, same bloggy place!

` Have a Safe and Flappy New Year!


Dan said...

The lips photo is my favorite. Very cool. Thank God you weren't drooling. That would have been so not cool.

S E E Quine said...

` I try not to. Sometimes it's really hard.

Galtron said...

Woah! Such a striking comparison! Viva Mega Shichi-chobo-ichi!

Joey M. said...

I must say, Spoony, you have the purdiest eyes.

S E E Quine said...

` Aw, shucks! *bats eyelashes*

Anonymous said...

沒有!! 醜惡的眼睛!

Wormbrain said...

Everyone knows that all mollusks are Jewish by birth. Thus you should be celebrating Cephalopodnukkah, not Cephalopodmas. Sheesh!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the lips and the eye very much, Miss Quine. I am glad to see the technology of today being put to such good use.

I see from the comments that you have an anonymous admirer from Asia, who enjoys exclamation marks. He may however only be after you for your camera. I say beware.

Happy New Year, and I hope you keep producing spurious brainchildren for a long while to come, married or not.

S E E Quine said...

` Anonymous: 您沒有陰莖!

` Well, Wormbrain, I guess that's lucky for them as they're also born without foreskins.

` Thanks, Winters! I'm glad you don't think the photos as a waste if disk space.
` Yes, Those pesky Asians. Always wanting our superior... Kodak cameras. Uh. Wait... I think I got that backwards.
` Thanks again! Lucky for me, it doesn't hurt at all to keep giving birth to the little suckers!

` Happy This Year!

Anonymous said...
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