Friday, October 13, 2006

An attempt to turn a tremendous disappointment upside-down...

` All day yesterday, I had been really looking forward to watching a student play of Riley's - er, ah, Reverend J. Bongwater's... uh, whatever. That Penaluna boy. It's a comedic Buck Rogers parody, as you might glean:

` Isn't that a wonderful poster? During our phone conversation about it, Bongwater even played me the intro music (stolen from The Robot King) and the announcer's intro ('What will our hero do now?'). My thought; "That's it! I'm definitely going!"
` So he made me reservations for two! Such a sweetie, that Riley is!
` Besides enthusiasm, however, I'd had much itchiness, muscular pain, and my head has been full of intrusive thoughts of stressful things for some stupid premenstural reason. So, to get things going right again, I took a refreshing trip to a garbage dump with Lou and threw a bunch of garbage in a huge pit, which as you may know, is one of my favoritest things ever!
` It was nice along the way, too. This was somewhere near the sewage treatment plant....

` Unfortunately, sitting still, riding in a car was making my guts seize up, despite the fact that I was desparately trying to move around anyway by pushing my legs against the floor.
` I was still pretty bummed, so, trying to get myself to feel better, I made a post about some of my meager accomplishmentsand subsequently accomplished some laundry as well as (after months of threatening) Lou's procuring for me of some shiny, brown barettes to keep my vision unobscured.
` A little later, I expended a lot of energy running in and out of the bedroom, kicking our propped-up mattress with each pass. After that, at least, I was ready to sit in a car for an hour and a half so that we could see... Crash Crandell in the 21st Century!
` ...But see we did not! Partly thanks to Lou's cooking dinner when I said we needed to be going out the door (though it was awfully nice of him!), we got there a half hour late.
` Wandering aimlessly through the hallway, I was surprised to blunder into some creatures, including Crash himself! And in the twenty-first century, no less!

` They offered to sneak me into the auditorium after the first play, but no, on second thought, the house was absolutely packed and our reservations had no doubt been given away due to our lateness!
` (To further the agony, Riley has just informed me:
"That is a total bummer. I'm sorry. I was quite sad when Pete told me he had to send you away. We probably could have squeezed you in there." Aaarrrrrgh!)
` Of course, we could had just waited two hours for the next showing, but we specifically tried (not very hard, apparently) to get to the earlier one because Lou had to get up for work in the morning. He said; 'Well, we'll just see it next time it's playing.' I said, 'This is the only night!'
` I wish I had remembered to call someone and ask if they could have driven out to Bellingham to see the play with me and then drive me home, but I was so irritated that I forgot all about that plan until we had turned back already.
` Instead, I called people to ask what they wanted to do in Everett. (Cheshire was somewhat flabberghasted.) My most promising prospect, X-Dan , I called repeatedly from 9 to 9:30, and finally got a hold of him. Though I had just been riding in my car for three hours straight with my guts seizing all the while - also, my gas tank had gone from just below half a tank to almost empty - I decided to gas up and drive him to his mom's house where I played piano in the quite-cold Massage Um, Parlor. *ahem*
` Eventually, TallGuy woke up, got my phone message and wound up coming over to bear witness as I drank myself under the table....

` And then, after we temporarily became Muslim women, I decided to lie down on the massage table and try to keep warm while TallGuy hid underneath of it and proceeded to irritate me... which escalated into much physical contact/tickling/wrestling. All of which are tasty with men. Much like strawberries.
` Indeed, X-Dan's reaction was quite understandable.... Though, eventually, X-Dan and I became tired enough to disperse our little party, and on my way home I was thinking to myself how much I would have liked to drive to TallGuy's house, rip off his clothing, and fall asleep with against his quite-warm body.
` Because I was so freakin' cold, damn it! And cranky, and I wanted to go to bed!!
` Unfortunately, on the way back home I saw some aliens abducting him, so I don't know when the next time I'll see him will be.

` I was just recovering from both losses today when I found that someone had apparently 'retrieved' my PIN number for my eligibility for financial aid for school next winter! Seriously - I went to check it out, and got this message:

A PIN can only be retrieved once. This is to protect you from unauthorized use of your PIN by others. We have found your PIN in the PIN database, but our records show that your PIN has already been retrieved. If you believe security of your PIN has been compromised, you can disable your PIN and request the PIN be changed.
` Rargh and rargh! Luckily, there's no time to mope - I have a date with Cheshire at the YMCA to be getting to! Ciao!


Galtron said...

I think you might have turned it sideways, but not all the way upside-down.

And here I thought you saw that play all along. You sounded so organized. But at least you have a picture of Crash Crandell all your own!

The Leonard Files said...

an evening out with you s e e quine does seem to me to be varied and entertaining. Also - I may have mis-understood the last bit, but you have a date at the YMCA?!

S E E Quine said...

` Yes, for exercising.

` Indeed, Galtron, at least I got a CDP out of the whole deal.

Anonymous said...
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