Wednesday, September 27, 2006

My new Weird Al disc is here!

` The mailman has just now handed me my new Weird Al DualDisc, Straight Outta Lynwood! It's in an extremely spiffy box that I thank the music gods for letting me open without breaking it.
` In celebration, I command you to watch Al's new video, White and Nerdy! Why? Because it's the best damn Weird Al music video I've ever seen! (Considering, it's freakin' rap - not my favorite!)
` That video, another one, and a couple other songs - including an unreleased song called You're Pitiful, which is one of his best songs ever - can also be found on Weird Al's MySpace account. There is also a great song called The Hardware Store, but his usage of the term 'automatic circumciser' tends to make me wince.
` I am going to be playing the disc a bunch, now, and I am thankful that the construction in the street has finally stopped. And so, I'm sure, is B-Dizzle, who's trying to get some sleep.
` BTW, Lou had stopped by the apartment for a few minutes earlier and was saying; "I don't hear anything, Brad!..."
` ...Then he walked over to the window and said; "Oh, you mean that large, yellow machine that's pounding through the asphalt?" He's so funny.


Galtron said...

That's such a cool video! Haa! I'm fluent in JavaScript as well as Klingon! And then when he was getting it on with the bubble wrap, I laughed so hard!

That's white and nerdy! And if I was a gangsta, I think I would be extremely freaked out.

I'm assuming that one is on the dual disk, isn't it? I'm jealous,,, grrrr!

The other vid I thought was just - WEIRD. Especially at the end with all the wolved and sharks and stuff, dancing.

Winters said...

I received nothing in the post today, Miss Quine.

I am happy for you, yet slightly jealous.

This being said, I wish you a lovely day.

S E E Quine said...

` Aww, poor Winters' post box is empty. I wish I could fill it with gremlins....

` Unfortunately, Galtron, the White and Nerdy video was apparently made after the DualDisc, so I don't have it!!
` However, I do rather like the claymation Weasel Stomping Day video.

` ...Put your Viking helmet on!
` Spread that mayonnaise on the lawn!
` Don't you know it's Weasel Stomping Day?
` All the little girls and boys
` Love that wonderful crunching noise....'

` The poor Claymation Weasels! (But it's tradition, that makes it okay! Put on your boots, it's Weasel Stomping Day!)

` And by the way, I've had quite the night! Please stand by for an exceptionally good post in the near future. You won't be disappointed!

Anonymous said...
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