Saturday, September 02, 2006

The Adventures of Me and My Mommy

` I can thank my Crappy Digital Camera for granting me only fourteen whole Crappy Digital Photos (this time!) for the past three days. You know why? On Thursday, I picked up a very special visitor from the airport...

` ...My Mommy!

` I drived her around and showed her all the crazy things... where I used to live, the crazy cartoon house, etc. And then we went to a park and looked out over the water.

` Isn't it nice?

` But, soon we were both tired (she had been awake since midnight our time) and at around seven thirty or so, I dropped her off at The Zombie Bear motel....

` On Friday, while my laundry was in the dryer, we went to see the protestors.... Apparently the Republicans had killed and eaten the Democrats!

` After laundry, we went down to a place where the trees and ferns are uncommonly blurry....

` ...It's the place near a beach. And then we went over the bridge and onto the beach! She took a picture of me in my conservative bathing suit. (My other bathing suit is broken.)

` She was also nice enough to start out a fresh video tape of me swimming from the far distance and crawling up the beach - taking about two minutes - ending with my pointing skyward and saying... "It's...."
` There's some cultural significance to that.
` I got all tired swimming around and eventually fell asleep.

` Today, my mommy took me clothes shopping! Finally! I have been able to assuage my bra shortage and get a couple of pairs of hiking pants to boot!
` It was really tiring and she eventually collapsed....

` Later on, I was really tired so Lou drove us to the little town of Mukilteo, which is trapped between Everett, Lynwood and Edmonds. Having to delete my other pictures of the trip, here is the view as we approached the ferry docks:

` A building somewhere under the bridge to the right is where we went next... a little brewery called the Diamond Knot.

` We went in and ate some nice beer and salad. In fact, Mom even managed to harness the power of the sun and developed the ability to glow!

` Hey, isn't that a leprechaun back there, holding up the reddish lantern? Crazy. Well, that's the Diamond Knot! A place where there's a genuine diamond knot in every table and a... what's that back there?

` Oooh! Shiny!

` After much eating, we went outside and ran into a bunch of people who were watching this big, firy ball as it crashed into Whidbey Island.

` Craving a closer look, we went out onto the floaty dock....

` Isn't it pretty? After that, I drove us to our apartment where Lou and I entertained her with much song, and at the point of exhaustion, I took her back to the Zombie Bear.
` ...So that's what I've been doing all this time. Plus, I'm currently dying of dry eyes. If only Ben Stein were here, he could help me!


wed-nes-day said...

Ah, how nice; now I will know what your mother looks like should I see her on the streets of Medina.

BTW, she's very attractive and I can see where you get your looks.

Interesting how my cursor when placed over a word not only repeats the 'English' word, but gives me the Italian version, too!

Gee, I wish I could remember how I did that.


Galtron said...

Yes, I'm sure you will be quite youthful as you get older.

There's a knot in every table... ha! I never noticed that! And I think you're right, that is a Leprechaun. Those things are everywhere in that place.

S E E Quine said...

` Well, I'm back from sending my mommy on her way. That's right, Weds, you never did meet her in person, did you?
` And I don't know how to do that with one's cursor, but that sounds neat.

` I shall have more pictures up soon enough, perhaps sometime today.

` And then... more artwork!

cassie d said...

your mom is so pretty!

I can see the resemblance!

looks like you had a fun time! So - you live in everett? it's so pretty there!

i will have to come out for a visit! Especially to stay at the Zombie Bear Inn! I never noticed how true that is of that logo!


more pictures! More Pictures!

crabcake said...

You wore her out. LOL!

Your Mom is very pretty. You look like her.

S E E Quine said...

` Thanks ;) I do look like my mom, though I have bigger, scarier teeth.

` And Cassie, if you ever come out here, beware of the night creatures! The Zombie Bear Motel is precariously close to Denny's....